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"I'll be watching over you."

Real Name
Angela Ziegler
Field Medic
First Responder
Zürich, Switzerland
Overwatch (formerly)
Lucie Pohl (English)

Sybille Tureau (French)
Chiara Francese (Italian)
Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)
Cristiane Louise (Brazilian Portuguese)
Circe Luna (American Spanish)
Adelaida López (European Spanish)

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Mercy is a Support hero in Overwatch.


Mercy is capable of dealing damage, but is best played by following friendly heroes and healing and buffing them.[1]

Official tips


Angelic Descent

Passive Ability

Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

20 health per second after not taking damage for 1 second

Propelled by her Valkyrie suit, Mercy slows the speed of her descent from great heights.

While airborne, Mercy can press and hold the jump button to begin slowly falling to the ground. Letting go of the jump button will end Angelic Descent.

Mercy will also passively regenerate health after a few seconds of not taking damage.



Caduceus Staff


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Target Locked Beam
+30% damage boost
60 health per second
Maximum range
15 meters
Until cancelled
Ult. charge gain
4 points per 5 healing
2 points per 3 damage done by the target

Mercy engages one of two beams that connect to an ally. By maintaining the beams, she can either restore that ally’s health or increase the amount of damage they deal.

Primary fire creates a healing tether on the ally closest to Mercy's crosshairs, which remains for as long as Mercy holds down the primary fire button.

Secondary fire creates a damage tether that works similarly to the healing tether but boosts damage instead of healing.


  • Tethering to an ally do not require you to continue to look at the tethered ally to maintain the tether.
  • The tether will break if they move out of range or line of sight.
  • Just after tethering to an ally there is a brief moment (~1.4 seconds) where the tether cannot be broken by either distance or by breaking line of sight.


Caduceus Blaster


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Linear projectile
Projectile speed
40 meters per second
Rate of fire
5 rounds per second
Reload time
1 second

Mercy shoots a round from her sidearm. It's best reserved for emergency personal defense.

Mercy shoots a fast moving projectile.


  • It is automatically reloaded if not equipped for approximately 1.4 seconds.

Guardian Angel


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Maximum range
30 meters
2 seconds

Mercy flies towards a targeted ally, allowing her to reach them quickly and provide assistance in crucial moments.

The ability can be used on both living and fallen allies, and can be cancelled mid-flight.


  • Guardian Angel can be cancelled mid-flight by pressing the hotkey once more.



Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Restores full health to fallen allies
Maximum range
15 meters
1 second cast time
Charge required
1625 points

Mercy radiates restorative power, bringing nearby dead allies back into the fight with full health.

Mercy revives nearby dead allies at full health and with a brief moment of invulnerability. Resurrect has a short cast time during which Mercy can still move.


  • Also refreshes the cooldown on Guardian Angel.
  • Fallen allies are highlighted on the player's screen and the number of available targets are shown on their tooltip.
  • Resurrected players are able to move in 2.25 seconds after the ability is activated.



Mercy is the most healing oriented of the Supports, capable of rapidly bringing her team back up to full Health and even using her Ultimate to bring them back from the dead. When not healing, she is able to boost a single ally's damage, allowing them to blast apart foes and tear through barriers. She is easily the most team dependent of the Supports: her personal damage is weak, and the powerful effect of her Ultimate makes her a prime target for the enemy team, forcing her to rely on her team for protection.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Angelic Descent (Passive): While airborne, Mercy can press and hold the jump button to begin slowly falling to the ground. Letting go of the jump button will end Angelic Descent. An unstated secondary benefit is that, after not taking damage for 1 second, Mercy will begin to slowly regenerate her Health.
    • Angelic Descent is useful for evading enemy fire. Leap off of a ledge and vary your falling speed with Angelic Descent to throw your opponents' aim off.
    • The passive Health regeneration allows Mercy to stay on the front lines to continue healing her allies. When you see your Health beginning to drop, find cover and allow it to regenerate.
  • Caduceus Staff: Mercy's primary weapon. The primary fire creates a healing tether on the ally closest to Mercy's crosshairs, which remains for as long as Mercy holds down the primary fire button. The healing tether will continually restore the tethered ally's health up to the target's maximum. The secondary fire creates a damage tether that works similarly to the healing tether, boosting damage instead of healing.
    • Both of the tethers do not require you to continue to look at the tethered ally to maintain the tether. Use this to your advantage by checking behind you frequently for flankers like Reaper or Tracer.
    • The tether will break if an ally moves out of your direct line of sight after a few seconds, such as moving behind a wall, or if they move outside the tether's maximum range.
    • Alternate between the healing tether and damage tether as the situation requires.
    • Damage tether is applied as the enemy takes damage. A healing tether changed to a damage tether while a Pharah's rocket is mid-flight, the damage multiplier will apply.
    • Pharah is one of the best targets for Mercy's damage boost; Pharah's rockets can one-shot a Tracer with a direct hit while boosted, and the splash damage means that the damage bonus will apply to multiple enemies.
    • Damage boosting characters like Soldier 76 and Roadhog while they are using their ultimates allows them to deal a great deal of additional damage.
  • Caduceus Blaster: Mercy's secondary weapon. The primary fire shoots a stream of fast-moving projectiles, similar to D.Va's Light Gun. The Caduceus Blaster will automatically reload while Mercy has the Caduceus Staff equipped.
    • Do not underestimate the Caduceus Blaster. While fairly weak at long ranges due to the ease at which the projectiles can be dodged, the Caduceus Blaster can be deadly at close ranges, especially if you headshot with the bolts.
    • The perfect accuracy of the Caduceus Blaster can be used to safely destroy Torbjörn's Turret from out of its attack range.
    • Be careful about pulling out the Caduceus Blaster on a whim as you cannot attack or create a tether during the weapon switch animation.
    • It is often better to boost an ally's damage rather than pull out the Caduceus Blaster; while the damage boost is only 30%, typically less than the damage you deal with the Caduceus Blaster, you don't need to aim while damage boosting, allowing you to pay more attention to dodging and checking on the status of your allies and general battlefield awareness.
  • Guardian Angel: When activated, Mercy will fly towards the targeted ally, whether they are alive or dead. This ability auto-targets the ally closest to Mercy's crosshair if she is not tethered to a teammate with the Caduceus Staff. When tethered, this ability takes Mercy towards the tethered teammate even if her crosshair is pointed elsewhere. (Guardian Angel's preference for tethered teammates over crosshaired teammates can be set in the Mercy-specific game control settings.)
    • Use this ability to jump between allies to quickly heal them, or to escape from a dangerous enemy.
    • Continually using this ability on an allied Pharah, in combination with Angelic Descent, allows Mercy to follow Pharah around through the air (even staying airborne longer than Pharah can). Use the Caduceus Staff's damage tether to enhance her already high damage output.
  • Resurrect (Ultimate): Mercy's Ultimate ability. When activated, Mercy will return all nearby dead allies back to life. They revive at full Health at the position where they died. All revived allies gain a brief moment of invulnerability, during which they can move but cannot attack or use abilities.
    • This is an incredibly powerful Ultimate that can easily swing a fight around if you are able to bring multiple allies back. But it can also act to feed the enemy team ultimate charge if used when they are ready for it.
    • Resurrect has a brief cast time, during which time Mercy is mobile, but cannot take other actions. You must decide whether healing your living allies is better than casting Resurrect.
    • Use Guardian Angel on a dead ally to position yourself for Resurrect.
    • Mercy will continue to fly towards the target of Guardian Angel while casting Resurrect. Use this to dart past a group of dead allies, casting Resurrect on the way, in order to reduce your vulnerability while using it.
    • Be careful when using this ability in plain view of enemies as the bright golden vertical beams can act as beacons for incoming enemy fire the moment the invulnerability wears off.

General Strategies

  • Mercy is a potent healer that can easily fit onto most teams. She is especially good when paired with allies who have no means of self-healing, or allies capable of dealing a lot of long-ranged damage like Pharah or Junkrat. When up against opponents with consistent, long range damage (such as Soldier: 76 or Hanzo), Mercy is an excellent pick for keeping her team alive.
  • Mercy is almost always a priority target for the enemy team due to the power of Resurrect. Keep your eyes on your surroundings constantly and watch to see if the enemy team starts bringing out heroes like Widowmaker or Genji to try and kill you. Whenever possible, try to heal allies from behind cover.
  • Playing Mercy is by nature a selfless endeavor... but don't forget to protect yourself. After all, a dead healer heals no one. Mercy has an amazing ability to heal herself automatically by just not taking damage for a while. Be sure to duck out of combat or find a health pack when your health gets low.
  • While it can be tempting to simply leap to an injured ally with Guardian Angel as soon as you see them, try to pay attention to where that will take you. You can easily end up flying into the line of fire of your opponents, making you an easy target for Widowmaker or Roadhog. Try to cancel Guardian Angel slightly before you arrive at the target to stay out of enemy fire. (Guardian Angel can be canceled by activating the ability again while in the air).
  • Mercy can either stick with her team, or she can "pocket" a single hero (usually Pharah), following them around providing them with both healing and a damage boost. While this can be a potent pairing, it's best to stay with the rest of your team if they have no other source of healing (such as from Soldier's Biotic Field or another Support).
  • One of the best skills to learn as Mercy, is when your team mates are likely to use a heavy damage dealing ultimate such as Reaper, Roadhog, Pharah or even Soldier: 76. Holding a damage boosting blue beam on a hero during their ultimate can significantly increase the potency and result in devastating damage to the enemy team. Get to know the audio call outs for each of these ultimate abilities so that you can instantly switch to them with your damage boosting beam.
  • Mercy isn't much of a fighter, with her only damaging weapon (the Caduceus Blaster) sporting a slow rate of fire and projectiles that require you to lead your target. Let your allies do most of the fighting for you. Try to keep your Caduceus Blaster holstered unless you're face-to-face with an opponent you cannot escape from. At the same time, don't be afraid of pulling it out if you're confident it will let your team take down a major threat. Using the blaster is more of a trade off - damage from your own weapon, or increased damage to an allies abilities. Learning when to use the blaster is key.
  • Knowing when to use Resurrect is a key part of playing Mercy. If a single ally dies in a fight, it may be better to hold on to Resurrect in case two or more of your allies die, rather than using it on a single target. In other cases, getting that ally back up might be critical, such as if they have their own Ultimate available or if they form a core part of your team (such as Reinhardt). Assess each situation and use your best judgment before using Resurrect. Using the ability is a very tactical decision - you want your team to gain something from it, rather than using it in plain view of a turret or Bastion who will just kill them the moment their invulnerability wears off.
  • A somewhat good way to use Resurrect is when your team is leading a push, it is best for you to hide in a spot (but still provide buffs and heals) for your team. The enemy team will most likely start using their ultimate abilities. If they aren't smart enough to seek you out or you are in a good position to hide, you can use Guardian Angel to glide towards your dead team and resurrect all of them, hopefully leading to a successful push or a win.

Hero Match-ups

Mercy obviously isn't a fighter, and this, combined with how valuable she is, makes her a high-value target to the enemy team. A lone Mercy is prey to virtually anybody, but those capable of killing her quickly before she has a chance to fly away are good picks.

Offense Heroes

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-genji.png: Genji fills much the same role as Tracer. He can get behind enemy lines and quickly kill Mercy, slipping anyway before anyone can catch him. Mercy can sometimes outheal her ally who being attacked by Genji. As Genji only has Swift-Strike to perform a chase in horizontal movement, your Guardian Angel has far shorter cooldown. You are capable of fleeing from Genji if he doesn't have Swift Strike, but it also needs your allies to track with.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-mccree.png: McCree can easily dispatch Mercy with a few shots from long range, and her ability to fly around to her allies is less useful against ranged characters like McCree, as the relative movement isn't as large and can be more predictable. In close quarters, McCree can stun Mercy with his flashbang and then shoot her to death. Mercy cannot heal allies through McCree's Deadeye combo, and is very vulnerable to it if she is healing a character who is out in the open, such as Pharah.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-pharah.png: Pharah's long range allows her to dispatch Mercy from a distance, and makes it easy for her to harass Mercy even when she has a tank protecting her. Pharah is an excellent flanker, can dump missiles down on Mercy's head all day with little repercussion, and her Missile Barrage ultimate will quickly kill Mercy. Pharah's flight also makes Mercy's escape mechanism much less useful, and if Mercy hides in a building, Pharah can launch missiles in after her without much recourse from Mercy. Mercy's blaster is little defense against Pharah, though if Pharah is at low health it might be worth shooting her down, bear in mind that the projectile speed is so slow to catch on dodging Pharah.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-reaper.png: Mercy's healing cannot save weaker characters from Reaper's damage, and will only modestly slow him down even when he's attacking a tank. He can dispatch Mercy with two shots from close range and his Death Blossom ability cannot be interrupted by Mercy and will quickly kill her. He can use his abilities to attack from unusual angles and is likely to gun for Mercy in an ambush situation. The only saving grace is that Reaper's range is quite poor; Mercy can flee from the encounter with Guardian Angel to catch-up her teammate which force Reaper to retreat or riskily engage more targets. Mercy can potentially kite Reaper from range with her blaster, and can even kill him if he uses his Death Blossom ability when Mercy is out of range of the attack.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Soldier76.png: Soldier 76, like McCree, can attack Mercy from range, which makes her mobility and escapes much less useful. His high damage means he can kill her in under a second with his Helix Rockets and his primary fire if she's caught out in the open, and his high damage can outdamage her healing on frailer allies. His ultimate ability also makes it much easier for him to hit her, and further weakens the usefulness of her mobility. She must hide behind a barrier or around a corner to avoid being picked off by Soldier 76.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-sombra.png: Despite Sombra's Hack doesn't effect Mercy's Caduceus Staff, it does effects on her Guardian Angel, which is the only method of escape. Mercy is an easy target to Hack, as she naturally tends to healing/boosting her ally. Without Guardian Angel, Mercy can't escape from her and easily fall to Sombra when she can track Mercy movement. Sombra can deal lots of damage from close range and attack from unexpected angles thanks to her abilities. However, Sombra's attack range is very limited; if Mercy can use her Guardian Angel ability to escape to a more distant ally, Sombra is unable to follow like other mobile heroes instantly. The spreading from Sombra's Machine Pistol makes it hard to land full shots on a hero who has small hitbox like Mercy. You should avoid moving out on your own when facing a Sombra, and when damaged, should stick close to your allies rather than running off into a corner to heal. Stay out of her Hack or EMP ranges as far as possible when you have Resurrect, as the long duration of those skills will stop you from using the ultimate and becomes an easy target to kill without any chance to use.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-tracer.png: Tracer can make quick work of Mercy, killing her then using Recall to escape any enemies who may have noticed her. She can use Blink to catch up to Mercy or to dodge fire from either the Caduceus Blaster or any enemies. Mercy's Guardian Angel has less viable when using it against Genji, since Tracer is far too mobile in horizontal mobility with stacked Blink. Try not to stay too far from your teammates; if you still being caught by Tracer, use Guardian Angel to flee from her immediately.

Defense Heroes

Icon-mercy.png Fair.png VS. Icon-bastion.png: Bastion's stationary allows Mercy to stay far enough to use Caduceus Blaster's high firepower to kill it. Bastion's Sentry mode is greatly countered from her only when it is sitting in some uncovered area while she has. In a wide-open, Bastion can shoot down Mercy less than few seconds. Even in Recon mode, Mercy has no match to fight against it. Try to use Caduceus Blaster when it is unnoticed, or else, tell your teammate about its spot.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-hanzo.png: Hanzo can kite you at long-range, more predicting when you are focus on healing ally. Mercy can be killed silently with some good-shot. Hanzo's quiet nature makes him hard to notice his position, pressuring you to duck behind a cover or friendly barrier. As long as you notice his position and tell your teammates to hunt him, you can expose on battlefield with less worrying.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Junkrat.png: Junkrat's Steel Trap renders your Guardian Angel unavailable for duration, making you an easy target for him. Although it is unlikely for you to be trapped, as Mercy's players will usually stay behind her teammates while your teammates are pushing forward for you. You can't outheal your ally through his high damage output, so your teammates must play safe to ensure safety and get healing in time. In some cases, if you can track friendly airborne heroes (such as Pharah), he will have a hard time to hit you with grenades as suffering from arcing. Resurrect it a great tool to revive most allies back from Rip-Tire, especially when your teammates lure him and his teammates to waste more ultimate.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-mei.png: Mercy has less tools to use as a counter to Mei. When Mercy's Guardian Angel is on cooldown or no teammates to track with, she is a prime and easy target for Mei (especially when being blocked by Ice Wall). Without teammates provide another support, Mercy can quickly fall to Mei. Although Mercy's Caduceus Blaster has high firepower and no damage falloff, the slow speed projectile and slow fire rate make it hard to use against Mei. One headshot from Mei can bring Mercy's health to critical instantly. Try to keep Guardian Angel active when you know that Mei is chasing you, as her freezing effect doesn't work on Guardian Angel movement speed, ensuring your safety. If your ally is being attacked from Mei's beam, using your Caduceus Staff's healing to the ally immediately. The healing is overwhelming the damage from Mei's beam damage, enough for your ally to survive the combo followed by Icicle. Try not to stay in a lone place without teammates, you are one of the primary target for Mei.

Icon-mercy.png Fair.png VS. Icon-torbjorn.png: Torbjörn's turret will always target the nearest enemy, making it easy for Mercy to avoid being targeted while healing the turret's target. Mercy's healing tethering is powerful enough to heal her ally withstand his Turret's damage while firing to destroy the Turret. Mercy's sidearm has high firepower, enough to tear down his Turret by herself. However, if she doesn't stay far enough from the Turret's attack range, she will receive some fires from it. Torbjörn himself is very dangerous to Mercy in close quarters, and while in molten core mode his high damage output will overwhelm Mercy's healing, but he is much less of a threat at a distance. Torbjörn's armor packs can be situational problematic against Mercy, as Mercy's contribution to her team's overall damage output is poor.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-widowmaker.png: Widowmaker needs only a single headshot to kill Mercy. Even if she misses, the threat of a sniper will likely force Mercy to either retreat or waste time firing back with her blaster. Mercy needs to stay behind a tank's barrier or keep in cover and zoom from ally to ally quickly while under fire from a Widowmaker.

Tank Heroes

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-dva.png: D. Va can dive onto Mercy with her boost, and Mercy's only defense is to fly to an ally; if D. Va manages to isolate Mercy from her allies, Mercy will die. D. Va's slightly awkward ult can sometimes be countered with resurrection.

Icon-mercy.png Fair.png VS. Icon-reinhardt.png: Reinhardt struggles to kill Mercy if Mercy has a distant ally she can fly away to; if she lacks one, however, she's very vulnerable to Reinhardt if he closes with her - and his wide swings can make him dangerous to her via splash damage on whoever she is healing. However, his poor damage means that Mercy can almost entirely counter his attacks with her healing. Mercy should try to keep out of Reinhardt's reach while healing her ally, and can even use her damage boost to increase damage against him to bring him down more quickly. Reinhardt's greatest threat to Mercy is his ultimate; Mercy often is relatively close to her allies while healing them, which makes her vulnerable to the AoE stun, and Reinhardt will often target her first to ensure she isn't alive to Resurrect her allies afterwards.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Roadhog.png: Roadhog can snatch Mercy away from her teammates and kill her with one point-blank shot, and can completely ruin a Mercy's plan to swoop in on her allies and Ressurect them. Roadhog is also bulky enough to take on any patients Mercy may be healing, and his damage is high enough that he can kill someone who is being healed by a Mercy pretty easily - indeed, he can one-shot 200 hit point characters at close range, rendering her healing entirely useless in such cases, and the large head hitboxes of tanks like Winston, D. Va, and Reinhardt can leave even those characters vulnerable to being killed while being healed. Mercy's tendency to be in the thick of things can leave her dangerously close to Roadhog, a character she wants to keep her distance from as much as possible, and Roadhog will often gun for her if he can. The one saving grace is that Roadhog cannot do anything to her of value at a range of greater than 20 meters or if his hook is down or otherwise unable to hit her; as he is a relatively large and easy to hit target, he can also be shot at with her pistol from a distance to build up ult charge.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-winston.png: Winston can (and preferentially will) leap on top of Mercy quickly and fry her with the Tesla Cannon; her only defense is to fly away to a character who can protect her from him, preferably someone like Reaper or Roadhog. However, Winston's ultimate is fairly bad against Mercy; it deals little damage and Mercy can quickly reposition herself with her team if she or they are knocked away.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-zarya.png: In principle, Zarya's poor mobility makes her relatively easy to outrun. However, Zarya's beam can penetrate barriers, making it very dangerous for Mercy to stand anywhere near the front line while her teammates are confronting a Zarya, as Zarya can fry Mercy to death with her Beam Cannon quite quickly. While Mercy can get away from Zarya fairly easily, Zarya can be a big problem in close quarters.

Support Heroes

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-ana.png: Ana's biotic grenade completely shuts down Mercy's healing, and her Sleep Dart can knock out a Mercy in a crucial moment, or knock out one of Mercy's allies, leaving Mercy herself vulnerable to attack. Ana can also quickly dispatch Mercy with a few shots from her extremely long range, highly-accurate gun. Mercy should avoid leaving cover or the safety of barriers while facing Ana to avoid being sniped to death.

Icon-mercy.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Lucio.png: Lucio's poor damage and Mercy's regeneration makes it hard for Lucio to kill her, and Mercy can fly back up to allies on-map if Lucio boops her off a cliff. Mercy can heal allies through Lucio's damage as well, and her pistol is quite accurate and has reasonably rapid fire, allowing her to at least pose some threat to Lucio. As neither character is particularly well-suited to offense against the other, however, generally the two just sort of coexist.

Icon-mercy.png Fair.png VS. Icon-mercy.png: It's extreme rare to see Mercy engaging each other. They tend to heal their allies rather than wielding a gun to engage each other. Mercy's primary role is to healing ally, so it apply to other Mercy. Focusing the enemy's Mercy should be other heroes's priority. In very rare engagement, if they wish to fight each other; her gun is powerful in close-combat which they will usually meet up against. However, if one of Mercys takes too much damage; she will begin to use Guardian Angel to track her ally and flee. With the automatic-regeneration, she will comeback at full health within seconds. So it is encouraged to focus as a healer instead of engagement each other.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-symmetra.png: Symmetra's turrets will target the closest target; however, this can lead to the unfortunate situation where Mercy follows an ally she's healing out through an arch, only for the turrets to all redirect themselves at her very weak frame as her ally moves further ahead. Her Guardian Angel ability can save her from the turrets, but often at the cost of abandoning whoever she's healing at the moment. Symmetra herself is extremely dangerous to Mercy in close quarters, and the ramp-up on Symmetra's damage makes it impossible for Mercy to heal through for very long.

Icon-mercy.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-zenyatta.png: Zenyatta, like McCree and Soldier 76, is a long-ranged character for whom Mercy's mobility matters little; additionally, his Orb of Discord makes Mercy even more frail than usual, and makes it much harder for Mercy to heal someone through taking damage. Zenyatta himself has shields and can retreat from Mercy's pistol to self-heal, and his charged-up shot will kill Mercy if it hits. As with Soldier 76 and McCree, Mercy should avoid exposing herself to Zenyatta's fire.


"Heroes Never Die."

A guardian angel to those who come under her care, Dr. Angela Ziegler is a peerless healer, a brilliant scientist, and a staunch advocate for peace.[2]



Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.

Because her parents had been taken by war, Ziegler was opposed to the organization's militaristic approach to keeping global peace. Ultimately, she recognized that Overwatch offered her the opportunity to save lives on a much larger scale. As Overwatch's head of medical research, Angela sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The result was the Valkyrie swift-response suit, which Ziegler herself piloted on many Overwatch missions.[2]

During her Overwatch years, she once dressed as a witch for Halloween.[3]

Despite her contributions to Overwatch, she was often at odds with her superiors and the organization's overarching aims.[4] One example was the development of the biotic rifle by Torbjörn. Torbjörn provided assurances that the device was only intended for healing, but Ziegler maintained that this was setting Overwatch down a road that could lead to the weaponization of biotic technology, and that she had only conducted research in the field on the condition that it would not be used for offensive purposes.[5]

When the group was faced with a series of allegations, Ziegler was interrogated in the hearings conducted by the United Nations. In light of the fight between Overwatch members Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, Ziegler admitted that the outcome had been inevitable. They had drifted further and further apart ever since Morrison had been chosen over Reyes for the position of strike commander, and that rift had widened despite her efforts.[4]


Mercy helps the innocent

When Overwatch dissolved, Ziegler dedicated herself to helping those affected by war. Though she spends most of her time caring for the broken and dispossessed in crisis areas around the world, Dr. Ziegler can be counted on to don her Valkyrie suit whenever innocents are imperiled,[2] hoping to make a more peaceful world.[6]


When Winston issued a recall of Overwatch agents, Mercy was in the Middle East.[3] Mercy was unsure if Overwatch should be restored.[7]


Name Icon Description Reward
Group Health Plan
Ability-mercy1.png Restore 200 health for 5 players without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Mercy Pixel.png
Huge Rez
Ability-mercy5.png Resurrect 4 players at once with Mercy in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Mercy Cute.png


See Mercy/Cosmetics


Mercy in a witch costume with Torbjörn on Halloween
  • The official website used to state she's 34 years old, but in Winston's files in Recall she was shown to be 37.[9] Value on the site has since been changed to match the one from Recall.
  • A magazine image of Mercy could be found in an outhouse on Route 66. The magazine was removed in a later patch.[10]
  • Mercy's voice actress was changed during the beta to one who could speak fluent German and provide German voice lines. The developers feel this better captures the essence of her character. So far she is the only character in the game that has been recast.[11]
  • The Witch's voice line when casting resurrect, "My servants never die!", was added for Mercy's Witch skin due to fan request.[12]
  • In reply to a support ticket, Blizzard jokingly stated that Mercy's heart "belongs to Roadhog.[13]




Patch Notes History

For more information, see Patch Notes

December 13th, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mercy from using Resurrect in rare situations on King’s Row

November 30th, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to receive Ultimate charge when using her Cadueus Staff to increase teammates’ damage when they’re not damaging enemies

November 15th, 2016

Hero Balance Change
  • Ultimate costs have been increased by 25% for all heroes
Developer Comment
Game-changing ultimate abilities were coming up a bit too frequently. This change helps keep them in check while still allowing them to be powerful.
  • Passive health regeneration now activates when Mercy avoids taking damage for 1 second (formerly 3 seconds)
Developer Comment
This change allows Mercy to survive more easily by evading enemy fire.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mercy’s staff from showing up in the “Guardian Angel” highlight intro with her Cobalt skin equipped

September 13th, 2016

General Update
  • Players should now see fewer Plays of the Game featuring Mercy’s Resurrection ability

September 1, 2016

General Updates
  • When activating the "Needs healing" communication while targeting a teammate, Ana, Lúcio, Mercy, and Zenyatta will now tell allies to group up to receive healing. A marker will also appear above the player's head, allowing teammates to locate the healer more quickly
Hero Balance Update
  • Ultimates that consume the ultimate meter when activated will now drain the meter more quickly (.25 second instead of 1 second)
  • Reverted a recent change that reduced the size of heroes' projectiles
  • Most hero abilities will no longer interrupt quick melee attacks
  • Ultimate abilities will now interrupt quick melee attacks
Developer Comments
Altering the size of projectiles in flight had too many unintended side effects to keep in the game, at least in its current form. We will continue watching this and make additional changes if necessary. We’re also making quick melee more consistent when interacting with enemy abilities.
  • Caduceus Staff
    • Healing Beam
    • Healing-per-second has been increased by 20%
  • Resurrect
    • Resurrected allies will be able to maneuver after 2.25 seconds (reduced from 3 seconds)
Developer Comments
Resurrection now allows teammates to jump back into the fight more quickly, which should help Mercy survive after activating her ultimate. Mercy's healing is also getting a boost to solidify her role as a strong, single-target healer.

July 19, 2016

  • Self-healing abilities now charge ultimate abilities. As a result, some heroes’ ultimate costs have been adjusted (see below).
Hero Balance Change
  • Caduceus Staff
    • Damage Boost
      • Effect will no longer stacks with bonus damage provided by another Mercy
  • Resurrect
    • Ultimate charge cost increased by 30%
    • Movement is no longer prevented during activation
    • Guardian Angel instantly resets upon use
Developer Notes
Mercy's ultimate is one of the most powerful abilities in the game; however, players would often fly into the fray and die while using it. With this update, Resurrect will now take a bit longer to charge, but Mercy will be a lot safer when activating the ability in the middle of combat.
Bug Fixes
  • [PC Only] Fixed a bug that caused Mercy’s Caduceus Staff beam to disconnect from its target if the player a) quickly switched between healing and damage beams by holding down both mouse buttons and/or b) was facing away from the target at the time of the switch

June 21, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause projectiles to hit Reinhardt instead of his Barrier Field in "High Bandwidth" Custom Games

June 14, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to gain Ultimate charge whenever damage boosting an ally who was attacking a barrier or Ice Wall


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