Overwatch: First Strike

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Overwatch: First Strike
Overwatch First Strike Front Cover Art.jpg

Micky Neilson
Ludo Lullabi (pencils & inks) & Ryan Odagawa (colors)
Release date

Overwatch: First Strike[2] (previously titled Overwatch: The Omnic Crisis[3]) was to be a Overwatch graphic novel. Written by Micky Neilson, penciled and inked by Ludo Lullabi, and colored by Ryan Odagawa, it would have detailed the formation of the Overwatch strike team.[4]

First Strike was expected to be released digitally in November 2016, with a physical release to follow in April 2017.[5] However, on November 18, 2016, it was announced that the project had been cancelled due to the decision to take the story in a different direction, a result of the continued development and expansion of the Overwatch setting in the years since the comic's conception.[6]

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