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"Death walks among you."

Real Name
Gabriel Reyes
United States military (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Various, including Talon (mercenary status)
Keith Ferguson (English)

Jérémie Covillault (French)
Oliviero Corbetta (Italian)
Ryôta Takeuchi (Japanese)
Duda Ribeiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
José Luis Orozco (American Spanish)
Iñaki Crespo (European Spanish)

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Reaper is an Offense hero in Overwatch.


Reaper is a deadly assassin that can move like a ghost through the battlefield, dispatching enemies and draining the life from their corpses, disappearing before their allies can catch him. Reaper is most effective at close quarters, and uses his movement abilities to get close to vulnerable targets. He is at his best when ambushing and swiftly silencing targets before slipping back into the shadows.[1] With his Death Blossom turning him into a deadly whirlwind, Reaper can be devastating in confined spaces, turning an enemy charge into a massacre.

Official tips

Reaper specializes in flanking his opponents, moving alongside the edges of the map to reach your opponents unaware is ideal.

  • Reaper is a powerful, short range ambusher with a pair of shotguns.
  • Use Wraith Form's invulnerability to move in for a kill or to escape afterward.
  • Ambush the enemy team with Death Blossom to turn the tide of battle.


The Reaping

Passive Ability

Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

50 per Globe
Area of effect
5 meter radius

Collect Soul Globes to restore health.

The Globes are generated whenever an enemy player dies. The kill does not have to be by Reaper for a Globe to spawn.


Hellfire Shotguns


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

2-7 per pellet
Falloff range
11 to 20 meters
Num. of pellets
20 per shot
Rate of fire
2 shots per second
Reload time
1.5 seconds

Reaper tears enemies apart with twin shotguns.

The shotguns are extremely lethal at close range, but ineffective at medium or long range. Reaper is most effective when he jumps into or outflanks his enemies. Large and slow enemies (like Roadhog) take more damage as more pellets can hit them, while small and fast targets (like Tracer) take relatively less damage.



Wraith Form


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Movement speed
7.1 meters per second
3 seconds
8 seconds

Reaper becomes a shadow for a short period of time. While in this form, he takes no damage and is able to pass through enemies, but cannot fire his weapons or use other abilities.

Reaper is able to completely avoid deadly attacks and escape otherwise overwhelming situations. Reaper can use his invincibility to charge into enemy fire, however he'll need to react fast once he becomes tangible again. It can also be used as a minor speed boost.


  • The ability cannot be used then the player is under effects of crowd control, such as Steel Trap, Flashbang or Mei's freeze, but it will prevent such effects from being applied if the ability is already active.


Shadow Step


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Maximum range
35 meters
Casting time
2.5 seconds
10 seconds

After marking a destination, Reaper disappears and reappears at that location.

Reaper is highly vulnerable while casting, making it more of an ability used to move around the map rather than get into combat. Its long range and ability to teleport to locations above you gives Reaper flexibility in where he can go into. This allows Reaper to confuse opponents, find good hiding spots and position himself in areas perfect for ambushing.


  • Reaper can still take damage when using the ability.


Death Blossom

Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

170 per second
510 total
Movement speed
3 meters per second
Area of effect
8 meter radius
3 seconds
Charge required
1850 points

In a blur of motion, Reaper empties both Hellfire Shotguns at breakneck speed, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

The ability is most deadly when the opponents are stacking or in conjunction with other ultimates such as Graviton Surge or Earthshatter.




Reaper is a short-ranged flanker and one of the deadliest heroes in the game up close, with even Tanks like Reinhardt and Roadhog melting under the power of his Hellfire Shotguns. Reaper's relative simplicity makes him a good hero for new players, while still remaining deadly in experienced hands. Despite his power, he's not without his weaknesses, with his lack of in-combat mobility and medium or long-range damage options being the most noticeable.

Weapons & Abilities

  • The Reaping (Passive): Whenever Reaper eliminates an enemy, they spawn a red Soul Globe near their body, which Reaper can walk on top of to restore 50 Health.
    • This provides Reaper with a steady stream of healing, so long as he's successfully killing his opponents. This can help him to survive for long periods of time in areas without many Health Packs.
    • This can provide Reaper with valuable in-combat healing. If up against multiple opponents, aim to kill the targets with the lowest Health first to maintain your own Health.
  • Hellfire Shotguns: Reaper's primary weapon. The primary fire will cause Reaper to alternate shooting his two shotguns. These shotguns have a wide spread and deal high damage at short range, but have high damage falloff past that range.
    • Hellfire Shotguns deal extremely high damage at short range, allowing Reaper to quickly kill targets that he gets the jump on.
    • As the shotguns have high damage falloff, aim to get up close to your enemies so that you can deal the most damage possible.
  • Wraith Form: When activated, Reaper assumes a gaseous purple form for a short period of time. While in this form, he is invincible and untargetable by any enemy weapons or abilities and ignores enemy collision. He also moves faster for the duration. However, he cannot attack or use any abilities during this time.
    • This is Reaper's main method of escape. If you suddenly find yourself surrounded by enemies, activate Wraith Form and make a break for the safest location you can find.
    • When timed properly, Reaper can avoid potentially deadly attacks with this ability, such as Roadhog's Chain Hook or McCree's Flashbang. Try to anticipate your enemy's attacks and use Wraith Form before they hit.
    • Using Wraith Form will remove Zenyatta's Orb Of Discord as well as Tracer's Pulse Bomb. It will also remove the effect of Ana's Biotic Grenade
  • Shadow Step: When activated, Reaper will switch to a targeting mode, allowing him to select a point within his line of sight to Shadow Step to. Once he finds a suitable point, he can press the primary fire button to teleport to the target location after a short delay.
    • This is Reaper's main method of flanking. Use Shadow Step to get to higher ground or behind enemy lines without having to travel there directly.
    • Note that Reaper is immobile and cannot use weapons or abilities while using Shadow Step. Try to only Shadow Step from and to a safe position, as you otherwise make an easy target.
  • Death Blossom (Ultimate): Reaper's Ultimate ability. When activated, Reaper begins to fire his shotguns in a large area-of-effect (AoE) around himself, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies that are within his line of sight for a short period of time. His movement speed is slowed for the duration, and he cannot use normal attacks or abilities. This is a channeled ability, and stuns will immediately end Death Blossom's effect.
    • One of the deadliest Ultimates in the game against a stacked enemy team. Look for opportunities where your opponents are clumped together and where you can silently approach to unleash Death Blossom.
    • Death Blossom's damage is treated in much the same way as Hellfire Shotguns, meaning that it will be blocked by barriers and solid surfaces. Try to make sure that your opponents don't have a corner they can duck behind when you activate Death Blossom, or you may end up wasting your Ultimate.
    • Remember that heroes like McCree and Roadhog can interrupt your Ultimate. Be cautious about using Death Blossom around them if their stuns are still available.

General Strategies

  • Reaper's high damage output makes him a great counter to durable characters like Winston or Roadhog. Consider using Reaper if up against multiple Tanks.
  • Reaper is usually not effective as a straightforward Assault hero like Pharah or Soldier: 76. Instead, use a combination of Shadow Step and side routes to carefully maneuver behind your opponents so that you can ambush them with your Hellfire Shotguns. Having good knowledge of each map and learning where Reaper can use Shadow Step effectively greatly increases his usefulness. Don't be afraid to spend time in a Custom Game on each of the maps finding out where Shadow Step can take you.
  • Try to focus your gameplay around Wraith Form's cooldown. When Wraith Form is off cooldown, you can afford to play more aggressively, since you have it available to escape if needed. When Wraith Form is on cooldown, play more defensively and don't take unnecessary risks.
  • Reaper can still pick up Health Packs while using Wraith Form. Keep in mind where the Health Packs on each map are so that you can plan your escape with Wraith Form if you start losing a fight.
  • When flanking, look to pick off lone targets rather than charging straight into a group (unless Death Blossom is available). While Reaper is more durable than other flankers, his lack of in-combat mobility means that he relies solely on Wraith Form to escape, and its short duration means that enemy heroes can follow and kill you easily if you're too far away from your own team.
  • It can be tempting to use Death Blossom when at low health, since this would remove the sources of the damage you're taking. Never do this. The enemy team will focus on you as soon as you use it, and Death Blossom ends immediately when Reaper dies.
  • When ambushing with Death Blossom, look for ledges or other raised areas that you can leap off of to get into the middle of the enemy team before activating your Ultimate. Always use the element of surprise in your favor.
  • When Reaper reloads, his magazine refills upon button press meaning you don't have to finish the animation. Tapping the reload button then immediately activating Wraith Form or tapping the melee key will cancel the animation but still reload your Hellfire Shotguns. This can prove useful in extended fights against tanks such as Roadhog who can kill you while you are vulnerable reloading.

Hero Match-ups

Offense Heroes

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-genji.png: Genji can easily stay out of Reaper's effective range and if he ends up too close he can use his Deflect to send Reaper's shots back at him. However, he doesn't necessarily have the killing power to put Reaper down, and can't get into point-blank range for long enough to use Fan of Blades for obvious reasons.

Icon-reaper.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-mccree.png: McCree destroys close range heroes with his infamous Flashbang + Fan the Hammer combo, and the primary fire on his Peacekeeper far exceeds that of Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns. Sneak around McCree and try to deal with him with point-blank headshots.

Icon-reaper.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-pharah.png: Pharah can stay far out of Reaper's reach and fire rockets down on him. Reaper will be forced to retreat unless Pharah drops to the ground, where he will have a much better time dealing with her.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-reaper.png: Reaper vs Reaper simply comes down to who kills who first. Aim for the head and be ready to activate Wraith Form should the fight go sour.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Soldier76.png: Soldier: 76 will win if he maintains his distance and fires in short, quick bursts, using his Helix Rockets to quickly finish Reaper off before he has a chance to escape with Wraith Form. Up close though, Reaper is much more likely to win, as 76's damage doesn't increase up close unlike his.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-sombra.png: Sombra can keep Reaper on ground without Wraith Form to flee from her and her team. Her Hack and EMP will stop his Death Blossom mid-use, blinding his action in the team fight. However, Reaper has more fire power to use against Sombra without needing of mobility. His higher health than her can receive more of her bullets than usual. She must engage Reaper with caution, as she doesn't have the ability to finish him off. Use Translocator once it gets worse, as Reaper can't track down Sombra with his low mobility.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-tracer.png: Tracer and Reaper both thrive in close-range combat, but while Tracer has the mobility, Reaper has the firepower. Just one good shot will kill Tracer if immediately followed by a quick melee, and Tracer's Recall won't serve her much good due to how quickly Reaper can put out damage coupled with his 250 health. But if you wish to pick Reaper to counter Tracer, it isn't a good idea as she is far more mobility than Reaper. He will only win if Tracer keep fighting in a close-range with poor Blink engagement. With evasive superior, Tracer can stand a fair-match if she keep blinking and attack him on a blind spot.

Defense Heroes

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-bastion.png: As with most heroes, Bastion will tear apart Reaper if caught out in the open. However, Reaper can use Shadow Step to very easily get behind Bastion and unload into it.

Icon-reaper.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-hanzo.png: While Reaper can quickly dispatch Hanzo if he can get close, Hanzo's Scatter Arrow can kill Reaper in one shot. At any sort of significant range, Hanzo has the clear advantage, as his arrows work just fine at range while Reaper's damage rapidly declines. Worse, Hanzo's Sonic Arrow can reveal Reaper as he tries to sneak around. While it is often the case that Reaper can survive an encounter with Hanzo by using Wraith Form, it is best for Reaper to avoid engagement with Hanzo unless he can get the drop on him.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Junkrat.png: A lot of Junkrat's strategies are foiled by Wraith Form, such as flooding chokepoints with grenades, his Steel Trap and his Total Mayhem, all of which Reaper can phase right through, albeit at the cost of his escape mechanism. Up close, Reaper will likely win, unless Junkrat has his Concussion Mine off cooldown, which can cause problems.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-mei.png: Mei struggles to deal with Reaper, who can avoid getting frozen with his Wraith form and tear her apart when within range of her Endothermic Blaster. However, Mei's walls can both spoil Reaper's approach as well as prevent him from retreating with Wraith Form, and if Reaper has to use Wraith Form to avoid being frozen, he can't readily get away after the fight. At range, Mei has a clear advantage, as her icicles work just fine on him at range. Mei also has Cyro-Freeze to save herself when at low health or to stall and wait for her allies to arrive, though Reaper's heavy damage can sometimes kill her before she realizes she's in danger, particularly with a close-range head shot.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-torbjorn.png: Torbjörn, much like Reaper, has a powerful shotgun-like attack with his Rivet Gun. His Turrets can annoy Reaper, who will be able to do little to them while at long range. A well-placed turret is more than capable of completely shutting Reaper down, as if Reaper has to use his Wraith Form to approach, he loses his escape ability and his ability to reset a fight that is going badly. Torbjorn's Molten Core can also save him and his turret from Reaper's Death Blossom. If Reaper can flank Torbjorn and his turret, however, Reaper's higher damage and ability to use Wraith Form to escape can be problematic.

Icon-reaper.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-widowmaker.png: Widowmaker is capable of staying far outside Reaper's range and picking him off in one headshot. She can use her Venom Mine to check for flankers and her Grappling Hook is just as much a tool for getting her out of danger as it is getting her into it. However, if she is caught off guard, Reaper can very easily dispatch her in more than a point-blank headshot.

Tank Heroes

Icon-reaper.png Strong.png VS. Icon-dva.png: D. Va struggles to kill Reaper, but she can be annoying to deal with. Her Defense Matrix will force him to either waste shots or waste time, and can block all the damage from Death Blossom, but he still has greatly superior firepower and and a strong escape mechanism. However, D. Va can easily escape with her Boosters should the fight turn against her, making her difficult to kill. Her pilot form is easily dispatched at close range, but at long range can cause significant damage with her very accurate pistol.

Icon-reaper.png Strong.png VS. Icon-reinhardt.png: Reaper deals massive damage at close range, making Reinhardt's usual methods of engagement very risky for the tank - despite his lower hit point total, Reaper will outrace Rein's damage and kill him first, and can still deal considerable damage from just outside of hammer range. Reaper's Wraith Form can be used to approach Rein and force him to drop his shield by blasting him in the back, or can be used as an escape mechanism after an assassination. The greatest threats to Reaper from Reinhardt are an unexpected charge or Reinhardt's Ult, which can stun Reaper and result in his death before he can recover and Wraith Form away.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Roadhog.png: With the Hook 2.0, Roadhog is much more of a threat to Reaper than he was before. Roadhog's hook combo can kill Reaper, and even if Reaper manages to survive with a marginal amount of health, Reaper must retreat. Roadhog can also totally shut down Death Blossom with a well-placed hook. However, if Reaper can bait out Roadhog's hook, Roadhog serves as Ultimate charge fodder with a very large hitbox and slow movement, and Reaper can easily escape if things go bad. Roadhog's sustain, Take a Breather, isn't powerful enough to heal up the huge damage Reaper can put on him at close range either. However, be aware that Roadhog's scrap gun can do a lot of damage; avoid taking a point-blank shot, as it can prove fatal if you're not at max health.

Icon-reaper.png Strong.png VS. Icon-winston.png: Much like Mei, Winston will find Reaper at close range most often, which is a bad situation to find a Reaper in. With just 100 armor, Reaper can tear though Winston and slip past his Projected Barrier with no issues. Winston's best defense is to either activate Primal Rage or retreat using jump pack; this can make Winston difficult to kill, but easy to chase off.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-zarya.png: Reaper can use his Wraith Form and time his shots to wait out Zarya's energy barrier, but Zarya's ability to throw barriers up on her allies at will can save them from Reaper. He can burst down Zarya's barriers instead of waiting them out, but this puts Reaper at risk as can put Zarya at high energy levels, significantly increasing Zarya's damage output when engaging Reaper. One-on-one, Reaper is capable of dealing with Zarya, but if Zarya is with a group, Reaper shouldn't engage without support, as there's a good chance he'll die without taking anyone with him or simply be forced to retreat without killing someone.

Support Heroes

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-ana.png: Ana will normally be far out of Reaper's range, and can use her Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade to keep Reaper away should he get close. However, she doesn't have a reliable escape much like Widowmaker, and will often get herself killed if she misses the Sleep Dart. Bear in mind her Biotic Grenade stop's Reaper's passive ability from working, and her team can use that time to finish Reaper off. Note that Sleep Dart can interrupt a Death Blossom and shut it down before it kills anyone.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Lucio.png: Lúcio can keep Reaper away from his team with his Soundwave, severely dampening his damage potential, and if things get rough he can speed boost himself and his allies away from Reaper. Sound Barrier can also be used to mitigate a large portion of the damage from Death Blossom. However, since Lúcio relies on keeping his teammates close, this often makes them unwitting fodder for a Death Blossom.

Icon-reaper.png Strong.png VS. Icon-mercy.png: Mercy is practically defenseless against Reaper, aside from Guardian Angel which can be used as an emergency escape if Mercy is quick. Resurrect can however negate the effects of Death Blossom easily if Mercy is left alive.

Icon-reaper.png Strong.png VS. Icon-symmetra.png: Symmetra's Photon Projector locks onto Reaper which allows her to focus more on dodging, but as Symmetra only has 200 max health by default, she can very easily be killed with just two or three good shots. Her turrets are also vulnerable to Reaper, even at long range, and at short range Reaper can phase through turrets nests with Wraith Form. However, 1v1 with her becomes more complicated when Symmetra puts down her Shield Generator as she takes an extra shot to kill, which can potentially give her enough time to kill Reaper.

Icon-reaper.png Fair.png VS. Icon-zenyatta.png: Zenyatta is very much a 50/50 against Reaper. While his mobility is low, he has a significant range advantage, the extra damage Reaper will take from the Discord Orb is noticeable, and while he can get rid of it with Wraith Form, Zenyatta can easily re-attach it as soon as it ends. Try to surprise Zenyatta before he has a chance to call allies for support. Also, Zenyatta's Transcendence can completely negate all the damage from Death Blossom.


"Death Walks Among You."

Reaper's cells simultaneously decay and regenerate at a hyper-accelerated rate.[2] Even after the complete destruction of his body, Reaper has been observed to retain some kind of form as a black mist, apparently able to regain physical form at a later point.[3]


Reyes during the Omnic Crisis

The man who would later be known as Reaper was originally known as Gabriel Reyes. He was born in Los Angeles. Prior to the Omnic Crisis, he joined the United States military, where he achieved a senior officer position. He achieved veteran status, and was highly respected.

Reyes earned a coveted position in the government's controversial and still-classified (but widely acknowledged) "soldier enhancement program." Military scientists shaped Reyes and other inductees into the perfect soldiers, blessed with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.

Reyes and his fellow augmented soldiers would soon put their abilities to use with the advent of the Omnic Crisis. As governments tried and failed to neutralize the omnics, the United Nations was busy forming an international task force called Overwatch. This small, experimental group would bring together the best and brightest from around the world to wage asymmetrical warfare against the robots. Overwatch's short list of prospective agents included two members of the soldier enhancement program: Reyes and Jack Morrison, whose work ethic and courage caught the eye of the military brass back home. Reyes and Morrison became fast friends, despite their different backgrounds, and decided to join Overwatch together. Reyes was given leadership of the group, but it was Morrison who would have a greater impact on the group in the long term. He brought out the best in the people around him and helped mold Overwatch's diverse (and sometimes conflicting) agents into a cohesive fighting force. In unity, they found the strength to defeat the robots and end the Omnic Crisis.[4]

Morrison, because of the key role he played in shaping the group, was given the position of strike commander by the UN, the first, official commanding officer of Overwatch. Reyes was passed over in the process, which created a rift between the two men.[4] At least for a time though, he remained on good terms with the rest of the team. On one Halloween, he dressed up as a pumpkin-headed monster, bursting through the door as Reinhardt was telling a Halloween story. Mercy and Torbjörn gave praise to his costume, with Mercy asking him if he'd be open to designing their official uniforms. He responded "that'll be the day."[5]

At some point, Reyes was part of Overwatch's Blackwatch unit.[6]

As time went on, the tension between Reyes and Morrison worsened. Overwatch met its end through a combination of accusations that tainted the organization's reputation, and Reyes himself. Officially, Reyes and Morrison were killed in the blast that destroyed Overwatch's Swiss headquarters, an event the UN ruled as an accident. In reality, Overwatch had become split down the middle, with Reyes leading a rebellion against Morrison's leadership. As a battle was waged within the base, their fighting triggered an explosion that destroyed the facility, and apparently took Reyes and Morrison into the inferno with it. To this day, Reyes's true agenda remains unknown.[4] It is speculated[7] that he had indeed died in the blast but that he was then resurrected by Mercy's un-perfected system (possibly used in haste due to her drive to save lives[8]), leaving him heavily disfigured[9] and granting him his supernatural abilities. He blamed Morrison for what had happened to him, and he didn't believe that his former friend had perished in the blast. He set out on a personal crusade to find Morrison and finish what had begun in Switzerland.[9]


"Some speak of a black-robed terrorist known only as the Reaper. His identity and motives are a mystery. What is known is that where he appears, death follows."
Reyes, now known as "Reaper"

Reyes resurfaced as a volatile mercenary known as "Reaper." His identity and motives remained unknown. Now a ruthless and remorseless killer, he was responsible for terrorist attacks throughout the world. He fought in many armed conflicts throughout the 6 years since the blast, showing no loyalty to any cause or organization. Survivors described him as a black shadow ghosting unscathed through the most hellish battlefields. The few bodies recovered of his victims were pale, empty husks drained of life, their cells showing signs of intense degradation. It was speculated that Reaper was a byproduct of failed genetic alteration which forced his cells to simultaneously decay and regenerate at a hyper-accelerated rate.

Those attempting to track his movements began to see a pattern in his appearances. They believed that Reaper was hunting former Overwatch agents and systematically eliminating them.[2]

Watchpoint: Gibraltar

I'll be sure to send them your regards, monkey.
~ Reaper to Winston
Reaper accesses the Overwatch database

Alongside Talon operatives, Reaper entered Watchpoint: Gibraltar in an effort to gain a list of Overwatch agents. The Talon soldiers kept Winston occupied long enough for Reaper to begin downloading the agent database, but soon found themselves overpowered, forcing Reaper to enter the fray. He quickly incapacitated Winston, and mocked the ape that he'd send his fellow agents his regards. Winston stunned Reaper by activating a shield device that detonated, and then used his Tesla Cannon on Reaper, incinerating him. Yet despite this, a cloud of black mist was seen leaving the base awhile later.[3]

Doomfist's Gauntlet

~ Reaper
Reaper advances on Winston

Apparently having regained physical form, Reaper teamed up with Widowmaker in order to steal Doomfist's gauntlet, but was hampered by former Overwatch agents Tracer and Winston. While he initially held the advantage, breaking Winston's glasses was enough to send the ape into a berserk fury, and Reaper and Widowmaker were forced to retreat without the device, having been used by a bystander to punch Widowmaker which ended up damaging the gauntlet, their foes hot on their heels.[10]

Old Soldiers

They left you to die. They left me to suffer...Never forget that.
~ Reaper's parting words
Reaper gets the drop on Morrison

Reaper was present in Egypt while Hakim was trying to set a trap for Morrison, now waging a one-man war as "Soldier: 76." Hakim's compound came under attack by Morrison, though Reaper managed to get the jump on his old nemesis, shooting him in the back. Before he could finish off Morrison, he was interrupted by Ana Amari, another former Overwatch operative. She healed Morrison through her biotic rifle, and Reaper and Morrison engaged in a fist fight. Reaper was again able to incapacitate Morrison, and engaged in a dual with Ana, bitterly commenting that he shouldn't be surprised, that Ana had always taken Jack's side during their days in Overwatch. In the fight, Ana pulled off his mask, revealing his identity as Gabriel Reyes, and his disfigured face. Reaper faded away, commenting that Overwatch had left him to die, and that Ana should never forget what happened to him.[9]


Going in guns blazing

Reaper worked with Widowmaker and Sombra in a mission to assassinate Katya Volskaya, the CEO of Volskaya Industries. Sombra hacked the site's systems, allowing Reaper to bypass the factory's defenses and get within striking distance of the target, though it would be Widowmaker who would take the shot. The operation went awry when an alarm was sounded, and Widowmaker missed her shot in the commotion. Reaper ordered her to hold the perimeter while he entered the factory, guns blazing, killing numerous guards. He was confronted by a mech, which temporarily incapacitated him, and he ordered that Sombra take out the target. Reaper was able to reduce the mech to a pile of scrap, but Sombra reported that Katya had escaped. Furious, Reaper ordered that the agents return to the ship. He walked off, throwing away his shotguns in frustration.


Name Icon Description Reward
Waste Not, Want Not
Ability-reaper1.png Get 3 Solo Kills with a single clip of Reaper's Shotguns in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Reaper Pixel.png
Die Die Die... Die
Ability-reaper4.png Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Reaper's Death Blossom in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Reaper Cute.png


See Reaper/Cosmetics


The Reaper statue
  • A statue of Reaper was present at GamesCom 2015.[11]
  • Reaper bears resemblance to the Grim Reaper, from various real-world cultures.
  • A Funko Pop Reaper figurine was released in June, 2016.[13]
  • A 12" Reaper statue will be made available in 2017.[14]
  • It is possible for Reaper to one hit kill every hero except Bastion and tanks.
  • Reaper's reload animation is possibly a reference to the lobby shootout scene from The Matrix.
  • Reaper's guns actually have different words on them for each set of skins such as:
    • Default sets say RPNT
    • Blackwatch Reyes say Blackout
    • Plague Doctor and Nevermore say Crowned
  • Death Blossom might be a reference to
    • a weapon used in the 1984 movie The Last Starfighter named Death Blossom.
    • Katarina from League of Legends, whose ultimate "Death Lotus" behaves similarly.
    • Strafe, an ability for the Demon Hunter class from Diablo III, another Blizzard title.
    • the art of Gun-kata from the movie Equilibrium.
    • a military term used to describe a group of men firing wildly in all directions surrounding the group.
  • The "Crowned" written on Plague Doctor and Nevermore skins' guns might be a reference to "crowning", a technique from the game Left 4 Dead that involves focusing the devastating fire of a shotgun in point blank range on the Witch, a very high health enemy, essentially killing her before she can react - this being a reference to Reaper's tank busting abilities.
    • It may be a play on the gaming term "owned", crossed with the skins' "crow" theme ("crow-ned", rather than "crown-ed").


Reaper was one of the first three characters designed for Overwatch, alongside Tracer and Widowmaker.[15] The character of Reaper was inspired entirely by concept art for the game—his actual character was developed after his appearance was presented.[16] Under Overwatch's original leveling system, Reaper's wraith form would give him healing abilities once he reached a certain level.[17]





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