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"Imagination is the essence of discovery."

Real Name
Horizon Lunar Colony (formerly)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Overwatch (formerly)
Crispin Freeman[1] (English)

Frantz Confiac (French)
Fabian Körner (German)
Dario Oppido (Italian)
Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese)
Jorge Vasconcelos (Brazilian Portuguese)
Arturo Casanova (American Spanish)
Francisco Javier Martínez (European Spanish)
Sergey Chikachev (Russian)

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Winston is a Tank hero in Overwatch.


Winston wields impressive inventions—a jump pack, electricity-blasting Tesla Cannon, portable shield projector and more—with literal gorilla strength.[2]

Official tips

  • Winston is a highly mobile tank that leaps around, creating chaos.
  • Barrier Projector creates a protective sphere that blocks enemy fire.
  • Primal Rage heals Winston and transforms him into a bestial juggernaut.


Tesla Cannon


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Multitarget Beam
60 per second
3 per round
Maximum range
8 meters
Area of effect
6 meter width
Ammo usage
20 rounds per second
Reload time
1.5 seconds

Winston’s weapon fires a short-range electric barrage for as long as he holds down the trigger.

The Tesla Cannon is one of the weakest primary weapons in Overwatch and has a very short range. However because it can automatically lock onto its target, it can deal consistent damage against lightweight and agile enemies. Tanks can easily survive the weapon but there are few ways to block or avoid it if Winston is in range.



Jump Pack


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

1 upon activating
50 upon landing
Movement speed
20 meters per second
Maximum range
18 - 22 meters
Area of effect
5 meter radius
(landing damage)
6 seconds
2 seconds during Primal Rage

Assisted by his energy pack, Winston lunges through the air, dealing significant damage and staggering nearby enemies when he lands.

Winston's Jump Pack allows Winston to be a hit-an-run Tank; chase down fleeing enemies or escaping from dangerous encounters.



Barrier Projector


Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

Area of effect
5 meter radius
5 seconds
13 seconds

Winston’s barrier projector extends a bubble-shaped field that absorbs damage until it's destroyed. Allies protected by the barrier can return fire from within it.

Winston's barrier can allow Winston to protect both himself and his allies. This can allow Winston to charge at the enemy while keeping himself protected or to ensure a solid defense against approaching foes.



Primal Rage

Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description Behavior

+500 health and max health
40 per swing
Movement speed
7.1 meters per second
Maximum range
4 meter swings
Rate of fire
~1.6 swings per second
10 seconds
Charge required
1375 points

Winston embraces his animal nature, significantly boosting his health and making him very difficult to kill, strengthening his melee attack, and allowing him to use his Jump Pack ability more frequently. While raging, Winston can only make melee and Jump Pack attacks.

This Ultimate is noticeably low in its damage output but is able to toss enemies around; pushing them away from key locations or throwing them off a cliff. Winston's high health doesn't make him indestructible but still allows him to survive enemy assaults easily. The health boost can also be used to temporarily heal Winston if he's heavily damaged.


  • Also lowers the cooldown on Jump Pack to 2 seconds.
  • Resets Jump Pack cooldown on activation.



Winston is one of the game's most mobile Tanks, capable of crossing vast distances in a single leap to bring the fight to his enemies. His Tesla Cannon, combined with the agility provided by his Jump Pack, makes him a persistent menace that can easily disrupt any enemy team through constant harassment and the power of his Primal Rage. Much like Reinhardt, however, he is only capable of fighting at short range, and he is not nearly as consistently durable as the other Tanks.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Tesla Cannon: Winston's primary weapon. The Tesla Cannon causes continual damage in a cone in front of Winston as long as the primary fire button is held down.
    • The Tesla Cannon automatically targets any enemies who are within the cone. Even evasive targets like Tracer cannot avoid being damaged by Winston so long as they are within range of the Cannon.
    • The Tesla Cannon has fairly low damage compared to the weapons of other Tanks. It's best not to go head-to-head with other Tanks unless they're already low on Health.
    • Tesla Cannon is not blocked by barriers or Genji's Deflect.
  • Jump Pack: When activated, Winston performs a massive leap forwards. When he lands, he deals damage to all enemies in a small area and knocks them back.
    • With Jump Pack, Winston can easily reach distant enemies in a single bound. If your team is being harassed by Widowmaker or Hanzo, don't be afraid to leap onto them and take them out.
    • Jump Pack will immediately end if Winston collides with a solid object like a box or short wall when first activating Jump Pack. Make sure you have ample distance to vault over obstacles before using Jump Pack.
    • Once in the air, Winston has a small amount of air control, allowing him to curve around in the air. Use this to both evade enemy fire and to land on certain platforms.
  • Barrier Projector: When activated, Winston drops a small projector that creates a bubble-shaped barrier, absorbing a certain amount of damage from the enemy team before being destroyed. The bubble is hollow: an enemy inside the bubble can still hit Winston or his allies if they are also inside the bubble. The barrier will disappear automatically after a few seconds.
    • Barrier Projector does not inherit Winston's momentum. If he drops it while mid air with Jump Pack, it will fall straight downwards.
    • Winston can "dance" between the edge of the bubble in order to keep himself safe for its duration. When an enemy enters into the bubble, move outside of it so that the enemy has to exit the bubble to attack you. Once they do, move back into the bubble. This lets you deal constant damage while the barrier absorbs most of your enemy's damage.
  • Primal Rage (Ultimate): Winston's Ultimate ability. When activated, Winston transforms into a berserk ape, gaining a massive amount of maximum Health, greatly shortening the cooldown on Jump Pack, and changing his primary weapon into fast-hitting hand swipes that deal damage and knock enemies back a great distance. Winston cannot use Barrier Projector while Primal Rage is active. Winston returns to base maximum Health after Primal Rage ends.
    • Primal Rage causes Winston's Health to be immediately refilled to the new, higher value. Use Primal Rage when you're in danger of dying.
    • The hand swipes from Primal Rage are incredibly disruptive. Use your frequent Jump Packs to leap at enemies and knock them off an objective or into an open pit.
    • Jump Pack will immediately come off cooldown both when activating Primal Rage and when Primal Rage ends. This guarantees a safe entrance and exit to a skirmish.

General Strategies

  • Winston is a great Tank for new players. His Tesla Cannon automatically hits any enemies in front of him, minimizing the amount of aiming you need to do, and his Barrier Projector gives both him and his team extra survivability.
  • Winston is a fantastic counter to mobile enemies like Tracer or Genji. The autohit nature of Tesla Cannon prevents them from dodging the constant stream of damage from Winston, and Barrier Projector gives Winston more than enough Health to deal with them. When up against a good player using Tracer or Genji, consider switching to Winston.
  • Winston excels at bypassing chokepoints and attacking control points. He can force a defending team to fall back and defend the objective, allowing your team to pass through the chokepoint. Use Winston when you need to be able to get into an enemy's backline and break them up.
  • Barrier Projector is weaker than Reinhardt's Barrier Field, though still capable of absorbing a good amount of damage. When it comes to guarding a chokepoint or an objective, Reinhardt is the better pick.
  • Don't stay in one place as Winston, as he's squishier than he seems. Use Jump Pack to constantly engage and disengage, retreating when you get low on Health. Memorize the location of large Health Packs, as this will help you get back to fighting more quickly.
  • Primal Rage is best used in cases where you need to force an enemy team away from a position. If they've heavily entrenched themselves in an area, use Primal Rage to knock them back so that your team has an opportunity to move in. Remember that you gain a massive heal when Primal Rage is used, so try to delay using it until you are low on Health to maximize the amount of time you spend in the fight.
  • Although Winston may seem as an easy class to play, he is quite difficult to master. Winston can be eliminated rather quickly if he jumps into a new area headfirst without teammates. Consider sticking with teammates and launching at solo targets like Widowmaker, Genji, Tracer etc.

Hero Match-ups

Offense Heroes

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-genji.png: Genji can't Deflect any attacks from Winston. Tesla Cannon will automatically hit the target as long as he is aiming in cone shape vision, Genji will take some consistent damage from the electric. If Genji wishes to flee by perform Swift Strike, Winston can just use his Jump Pack to continue chasing. With Jump Pack's shorter cooldown, Genji will have a hard time fleeing from Winston. The best way for Genji is to try harassing Winston when he is far enough as he can't attack you back or randomly jump to your position without any warn. If he is during the Dragonblade and you have enough health to withstand several Dragonblade's attacks, attack him back with Tesla Cannon which will surely hit as he is now closer than usual to attack you in melee range.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-mccree.png: Despite McCree is able to attack Winston in mid-range, Winston's Jump Pack allows him to get close to McCree with less effort. McCree is strong in close-range with his signature skill; Flashbang, combo with Fan the Hammer to deal heavy damage in close-range. However, Winston has high health which is enough for him to withstand full-magazine of Fan the Hammer. Winston's Barrier Projector can protect himself from McCree's Peacekeeper, prevent enough damage when McCree is alone without any backup. McCree can use Combat Roll to retreat and return fire with full-magazine after rolling, but without Combat Roll, Winston can deal consistent damage to him. McCree has low mobility when compares to other offense heroes, as Combat Roll's main purpose is to reload to fight back. Be mindful of McCree's Peacekeeper, as it can deal a significant damage in close to mid range when he can score a headshot, even a tank like Winston can't withstand several of his bullets.

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-pharah.png: As Pharah maintains an airborne attitude, the only hope for Winston to attack is to use Jump Pack to jump at her location and deal some damage with Tesla Cannon. He can be mid-air around 1 or 2 seconds to deal some damage to Pharah, but still not enough to scare her as his skill has some cooldown to use it as a kiting tool. On ground, he can't fight back to Pharah as she is far away from his close-range attack. Barrier Projector is a good skill to protect himself and his teammates from Pharah, as she usually attacks from mid-air, it will mostly hit the barrier. Be wary of the low health of the Barrier, with Pharah's teammates provide more fire, it can't handle all damage source.

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-reaper.png: Reaper can tear through Winston's health pool with his Hellfire Shotguns, being such a huge gorilla makes Reaper easily land all bullets onto him. As Winston must maintain his close-range to make his weapon be effective, Reaper can fight Winston back at this close-range as well. With higher firepower than Winston, higher health than average heroes and reliable escape such as Wraith Form, Reaper will win in any direct fight even Winston has some supports to back him up. Barrier Projector can't soak Reaper's high damage as it has low health compare to Reinhardt's. Winston should engage Reaper when he has low health and his Wraith Form is on cooldown, Winston can win when Reaper is about to retreat. If you jump to an area where Reaper is going to ambush you; deploy a Barrier Projector and keep dancing inside and outside a barrier to prevent his shots, then wait until Jump Pack is off cooldown and use it immediately to flee to your friends. Try not to engage Reaper at all cost, instead focus his teammates who are more vulnerable.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Soldier76.png: Soldier: 76's attack range is so great, enough to deal some heavy damage to Winston due to his size is large to land more shots. Jump Pack closes the gap between you and Soldier: 76. Your Tesla Cannon can deal some continuous damage to force Soldier: 76 retreat to regroup with his team. However, as Tesla Cannon deals low continuous damage, it can be negated from his Biotic Field as it can heal Soldier: 76 per second high enough to withstand and fight Winston back with ease. As the size mentioned; Winston is an easy target to land Helix Rockets in close to mid-range, deplete some of his health instantly. Soldier: 76 can Sprint to flee from Winston's hunting and return fire once he is far enough to do so. While Winston can use Jump Pack to continuous chase him, try to save it as an escape plan should be recommended. Winston's Barrier Projector can protect himself and his teammates from Soldier: 76's shots and his Tactical Visor, but be mindful of the barrier's low health and short duration, it isn't last long enough to prevent every shots.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-sombra.png: Sombra presents a trouble to Winston especially he Jumps to some area and being hacked by her. Sombra's Hack disable his Jump Pack to use it as an escape tool or Barrier Projector to protect himself from her bullets and her teammates. However, Winston has constant mobility which allows him to get in Sombra's position. Although being hacked, the range between Sombra and Winston isn't far enough for Winston to deal consistent damage to her with Tesla Cannon. With a fast deploy of Barrier Projector, it can prevent Sombra's Hack to be completed in time. As the nature of his Tesla Cannon, he can stop her hacking almost instantly upon being fired, due to the Hack range mightn't be too far from him. If she begins to Hack, Winston can use Jump Pack once notice her Hacking effect to disengage. Hacking done under Primal Rage will not negate his ultimate, but disable him from using Jump Pack, makes him much less violent and disrupting. By far, Winston has an upper hand when fighting Sombra, but she has more reliable escape especially when plan a Translocator on a hacked health pack.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-tracer.png: Winston excels in fighting against mobility heroes due to the nature of his auto-targeting Tesla Cannon. Tracer is highly mobile but a close-range fighter like Winston. Tracer's constant mobility works less on his Tesla Cannon as long as he keeps tracking her in vision. Winston's Barrier Projector can protect himself from Tracer attempts to fire him from further range. His quick mobility; Jump Pack, allowing him to continue chasing Tracer who is trying to escape with Blink. Her Blink isn't infinite and has some limit, if she feels the fight isn't in her favor, she will activate Recall to recover her lost health to reengage or retreat. Keep in mind that Tracer stills has high firepower to fight you back. Your large hitbox will easily receive more hits from Tracer's Pulse Pistols. Try not to open her a chance to do fully shots on you with Barrier Projector, and keep attacking her in return.

Defense Heroes

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-bastion.png: Bastion will have no trouble gunning down Winston due to his large hitbox, and the Barrier Projector's low health will do little to stop the bullet rain. Even if Winston can get behind Bastion, the Tesla Cannon cannot headshot, giving Bastion plenty of time to react. Winston shouldn't engage Bastion when it setup in Sentry mode. In Recon mode, Winston can deal with Bastion after its armor is depleted, as the armor will reduce some significant damage from his low firepower. Avoid messing with Bastion as much as possible and let the other suitable heroes kill it.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-hanzo.png: As snipers, the problem for Hanzo is someone who has high health and mobility to get in his position. Winston is the answer for killing sniper. Winston's high health allows him to withstand Hanzo's arrow and Tesla Cannon will continue to deal consistent damage which Hanzo has more problem than Widowmaker, as he doesn't have in-combat escape mechanic like Grappling Hook. Winston should be careful for Hanzo's Scatter Arrow, as it will deal heavy damage to him due to his large size. Hanzo's arrow is deadly even at close range, so using Barrier Projector to defend yourself from his high firepower when need.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-Junkrat.png: Junkrat's Traps can be easily destroyed by Winston's Tesla Cannon. Jump Pack allows Winston to get into Junkrat's spot in very fast pace. Without Steel Trap to defend himself (As it is easily destroyed by Winston), Junkrat is forced to fight Winston in close-range. Winston's Barrier Projector is better than D.Va's Defense Matrix if he wishes to deal consistent damage to Junkrat without forcing him to stop firing. Deploy only once, Winston is now safe from several of Junkrat's grenades while still dealing enough damage to him to retreat. Barrier Projector forces Junkrat to stay far from it as his grenade's recoil will deal self-damage once it blast too close especially if he is shooting on a barrier, one-sided damaged. However, try not to engage Junkrat when you are without Barrier Projector, as his grenades will easily hit you due to the large hitbox. With several direct hits will melt your health away quickly, so try to fight Junkrat with Barrier Projector is active and make sure that his team can't provide support in time. If Junkrat retreats to his teammates, performs Jump Pack to disengage and regroup with your teammate as well; as you shouldn't engage in the center of their team unless your team provide backup.

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-mei.png: Despite Mei can't chase him due to his superior mobility, Winston is weak against Mei when fight in close-range. Barrier Projector can protect himself from both of her primary attack and secondary attack. But Winston can't kill Mei in time even if he is in a Barrier most of time due to his low damage against a hero who has higher health than most common heroes. Combines with Cyro-Freeze and Ice Wall, she can survive his low damage weapon with ease. When Barrier Projector timed out or destroyed, she can easily land her freezing to him and shoot his head, doing again if he doesn't escape with Jump Pack. Being a tank, you are capable of withstand several headshots from Mei, but as she is targeting you with her teammates, you will hardly survive from them. Save your Jump Pack to retreat after your Barrier is depleted, Mei can't hunt you on further range other than keep kiting with her Icicle. DON'T jump in horizontal vision, you might be blocked from her Ice Wall.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-torbjorn.png: Torbjörn's Turrt is weak against Winston's Barrier Projector. As Winston jumps to Torbjörn's Turret and deploy a Barrier Projector nearby, he can protect himself from Torbjörn's Turret and his Rivet Gun. Winston can shoot out electric from Tesla Cannon, not just on Turret, but also on Torbjörn who is likely to close enough as he attempts to repair his Turret. The repair from Torbjörn is enough to let his Turret survive from Winston's Tesla Cannon low damage without any support fires, but he will risk himself in an electric range. Without Barrier Projector, however, Torbjörn can outdamage you with alt-fire of his Rivet Gun. The large size of Winston soaks most of Torbjörn's secondary shots. Primary Fire from Torbjörn's Rivet Gun is a great tool to kite Winston who can't attack back at long range. Try not to fight him when your Barrier Projector is on cooldown, instead let your teammates provide support fires while you are drawing the attention of Torbjörn's Turret inside a barrier.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-widowmaker.png: With his Jump pack, Winston has no trouble getting to a Widowmaker's sniping position and either killing her or force her to retreat. Besides that, Widowmaker needs two fully charged headshots to kill a full-health Winston, which can be a problem if he's strafing left and right while shooting Widow with his tesla cannon. Her assault mode deals low damage and has a large spread, but it might be enough to deal some damage to Winston as he has a large hitbox to land more shots than usual. Grappling Hook allows her to escape from Winston when his Jump Pack is on cooldown, but keep in mind that Winston's Jump Pack has far shorter cooldown than hers.

Tank Heroes

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-dva.png: D.Va's mechless is the victim for Winston. But before she could be out of mech, D.Va in mech is far more powerful than Winston. His Tesla Cannon deals very low damage against D.Va's armor, it can't even deal more than half of her health when she has full health. Despite D.Va can't block his Tesla Cannon, her Fusion Cannons deal large amount of damage in shotgun-like to Winston's large hitbox. As they are fighting at close-range, D.Va with good aiming will have no trouble fighting him back no matter what. If the fight is in D.Va favor, Winston should perform Jump Pack to flee to your teammates, as she can chase you down with her Boosters. Much like Reinhardt's Barrier Field, Winston's Barrier Projector can defend him and his teammates from her Self-Destruct as the barrier can block all damage dealt from her mech, either the mech is in or outside of the barrier.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-reinhardt.png: Although Reinhardt's high armor makes him withstand Winston's Tesla Cannon's soft damage, the Barrier Field is ignored by the attack of Winston's attack. As it ignores his barrier, Winston can attack anyone who is close to Reinhardt's barrier, which will be vulnerable. With Jump Pack, Winston can disrupt Reinhardt's position or his teammates who stay behind his barrier. If Reinhardt wishes to attack Winston in return, it will force him to completely drop his barrier and let Winston's teammates push forward from the front. As long as Winston survives, he can continue his mission by disrupting Reinhardt's teammates and retreat once he is about to lose. Reinhardt has superior damage as his Charge serves as a great tool to reduce over half of Winston's health when he is too close. Predicting Winston's movement in close-range is pretty easy due to he has to attack Reinhardt in close-range due to the short range of Tesla Cannon. Reinhardt can finish the job with Charge, then followed by Fire Strike and some smashes, as Winston's Jump Pack is still unavailable. Keep in mind that attacking Reinhardt's Barrier Field will deal damage to him it goes through, this will allow his healers to heal him and gain ultimate charge. So try to let your team provide enough fires to completely destroy it and Jump to disrupt his teammates. This match-up's overall is fair to both, as Reinhardt's Barrier Field is countered by Winston's Tesla Cannon, and Winston one can be outdamaged by Reinhardt easily.

Icon-winston.png Weak2.png VS. Icon-Roadhog.png: Roadhog is Winston's worst enemy. Winston's huge hitbox and huge head hitbox makes him extremely vulnerable to Roadhog's Scrap Gun, which can potentially kill Winston in just two shots - and from greater range than on most heroes. Roadhog's enormous health total makes the Tesla Cannon do little more than tickle him, and Roadhog's hook can pull Winston in and allow Roadhog to take off most of Winston's health with a single combo. However, Barrier Projector can prevent Winston and his teammates from being hooked, and can even be used reactively in some situations to stop a hook, or to preemptively cover an advance that would otherwise be stymied by Roadhog's hook; the long cooldown of Barrier Projection, however, means that Roadhog can get off hooks more often than Winston can block them, and Roadhog can take down the barrier with only three shots of his gun. Try not to directly engage Roadhog and save your Jump Pack to flee from him; if hooked, use Jump Pack to disengage immediately. Avoid diving onto characters being protected by Roadhog, as it will often result in your death instead of the death of the dived-on character.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-winston.png: As Winston's Tesla Cannon deals low damage when use against tanks, it isn't a good idea to let Winston fight each other. In a team fight, both Winston will try to engage and disengage at almost the same distance. When confront to each other, the first Winston will push in and fire with Tesla Cannon to the other team, receiving some returned damage in process. And the other Winston will fight back to you and push you back to your team, receiving returned damage in process as well. Barrier Project does nothing against each other Tesla Cannon, so forget about it. Jump Pack will allow both of you to rush in or disengage. If one of the Winston has lower health and use Jump Pack to flee, the other Winston can use Jump Pack to chase the first one and finish the job if they don't come to support the lower-health Winston. Winston vs Winston's match-up is rare as one of the team will tend to pick another tank to protect his teammates from Winston.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-zarya.png: Zarya's softest health in tank class means that she won't withstand long enough like other tank. With the lack of armor, she doesn't have anyway to prevent some damage on her. Winston's Jump Pack allows him to hunt Zarya while she has low health. With the lack of constant mobility, she can't flee from his targeting. However, Zarya is one of the strongest tank in term of firepower. She can out damage Winston no matter how much Energy she has. Her Particle Barrier will force him to stop firing; otherwise increase some degree of her Energy. Zarya's weapon is far enough to hit Winston at mid-range, so try to get close or flee when you can't attack her back. With high Energy, Zarya can make a short work on you even if you are inside the Barrier Projector. Zarya is the most annoying hero when you are about to attack someone; Zarya can just throw Projected Barrier to Winston's target, saving her teammate and gain some Energy if you continue attacking the target. Try to attack Zarya when she has low health and low Energy, you can finish her as she can't flee from you or even chase your Jump Pack. Zarya's Gravity Surge goes through a Barrier Projector, so try to use it after she used her ultimate, you can prevent some damage as they are firing on your barrier.

Support Heroes

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-ana.png: As a sniper, Ana is countered well by Winston. He can constantly jump to Ana's position with Jump Pack and deploy a Barrier Projector to protect himself while continue firing inside a barrier. Ana is a support sniper, she doesn't possess any mobility to reach on higher ground like Hanzo or Widowmaker, maybe troublesome as she might stay close enough to her teammates to help in time. Anyway, Ana's Biotic Rile deals a good amount of damage even if headshot is not possible. She doesn't to pull a bowstring like Hanzo or scoping like Widowmaker to be effective. Ana's projectile when unscoped is easy to land on Winston's large hitbox. With Sleep Dart, when hit, completely stops his rage in both normal and Primal Rage (As long as her teammates don't wake him up). Ana's Biotic Grenade will heal herself along with disable Winston who is likely to be hit from close-range combat, risking himself as he can't be healed by his allies. Primal Rage's full-healing is countered by her Biotic Grenade as you will only get 500 healing up, so try not to use it under the effect except it is the situation. While not as deadly as Hanzo in close range, Ana is capable of withstand Winston longer than him.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-Lucio.png: Even if Winston has constant mobility which allows himself to chase Lúcio, he is the hardest support to take down. Lúcio can negate some of Tesla Cannon's damage from his automatic healing. Soundwave is a great tool to push Winston far away enough and escape with speed boost effect, which Winston can't chase him other than perform Jump Pack to continue the mission. Lúcio's Riding Wall is weak when Winston is focusing on him, makes it less performance. Amp It Up's healing can negate most of Winston's Tesla Cannon to his teammates and Lúcio himself, which is enough to force Winston to retreat as Lúcio's teammates will be ready to ganging on him. While Amp It Up's speed boost will let Lúcio's team retreats from Winston fast enough when his Jump Pack is on cooldown. Lúcio can't push Winston when he is inside a Barrier Projector, so he will retreat to lure you out of the barrier. Barrier Projector does nothing special to Lúcio's primary fire, as it deals low damage on it. Sound Barrier provides high barrier to withstand low-damage from Tesla Cannon. However, Primal Rage is a great tool to disrupt the positions of Lúcio's team when activate Sound Barrier. Winston can split some of Lúcio's teammates from sticking together and make them easy targets for Winston's side.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-mercy.png: Mercy is the top priority target among all support heroes. She doesn't have a good escape mechanic other than Guardian Angel to flee to her teammate (Even it is just a friendly corpse). Mercy can't protect herself when Winston engages her, as she only wish to regroup with her team as soon as possible to force him to retreat with Jump Pack. However, the victim of Winston will happily survive when Mercy is healing the victim. The Tesla Cannon's damage and Caduceus Staff's ally healing are 'LITERALLY EQUAL'. You shouldn't only focus the one who Mercy is healing, instead focusing on her who is more vulnerable within multitarget Tesla Cannon without leaving the previous target to freely attack you. Her Guardian Angel allows her to escape from environment kill if there is an ally to track with.

Icon-winston.png Strong.png VS. Icon-symmetra.png: Winston is a nightmare for Symmetra-his auto-lock on ability can destroy sentry turret nests in seconds and her Photon Projector has no hope of killing a full-health Winston before he kills her. Beyond that, Winston has an escape ability in his Jump Pack or he can activate Primal Rage if the fight goes sour. However, Symmetra's Shield Generator provides enough shield to her team that can withstand his gunfire more than usual. It is better to find the Shield Generator's position first as he will take more time to kill her team. Although his mobility will let him find the device with ease, his low damage may not enough to destroy it before she along with her teammates come to defend and kill Winston.

Icon-winston.png Fair.png VS. Icon-zenyatta.png: Zenyatta is one of the best tank killers in the game. His Orb of Discord will tear through Winston's high health, especially when landing headshots. Orb of Harmony will negate half of damage dealt on Winston's target. Winston can use Jump Pack to reach Zenyatta's position and activate a Barrier Projector to fight Zenyatta back. Without any escape tool, if Zenyatta keeps fighting Winston under the situation will guarantee to Zenyatta's fall. Zenyatta will try to stay back to his teammates and return fire to you with Orb of Discord attracted along. If you can't get close to him you will mostly fall from his firepower or his teammates that are attacking you. Transcendence will outheal his teammates from Tesla Cannon's low damage. However, Winston's Primal Rage is capable of disrupting your teammates nearby your overwhelming healing.


"Imagination Is The Essence Of Discovery."

A super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla, Winston is a brilliant scientist and a champion for humanity's potential.[2] Since a young age, he has shown limitless curiosity for the world around him, but also has a fondness for stories, especially those passed down from generation to generation.[3]

When Winston loses his temper, Winston becomes a raging ape. In his off-time, he enjoys peanut butter and bananas.[4]


Winston as an infant

The Horizon Lunar Colony was established as a first step for humanity's renewed exploration of space. Among its residents was a group of genetically enhanced gorillas that were intended to test the effects of prolonged habitation in space.

One gorilla displayed such rapid brain development from the gene therapy that he was taken under the wing of Dr. Harold Winston, who taught him science and inspired him with tales of human ingenuity. The young gorilla passed his days assisting with the scientists' experiments, watching the distant blue world outside his habitat window, dreaming of the endless possibilities that awaited him there.[2] Lexigrams were used as part of his education process,[5] and on one day on Lunar New Year, Winston challenged the young ape to read Journey to the West. The gorilla's imagination was captured by the heroic monk Tang Sanzang and his ragtag group of disciples' quest for redemption. As a result, the ape was reminded of his younger days every Lunar New Year; Dr Winston telling him the story remained one of his most treasured memories.[3]

But his life was thrown into chaos when the other gorillas led an uprising, killed the mission scientists, and claimed the colony for their own. Taking on the name of his beloved human caretaker, Winston built a makeshift rocket and escaped to Earth. There he found a new home with Overwatch, an organization that represented everything he had come to admire about humanity. Winston was finally able to live up to the heroic ideal that had been instilled in him.[2]


Winston designs the chronal accelerator

While with Overwatch, Winston fought and defeated Doomfist.[6] He was also responsible for designing the chronal accelerator, providing a solution to Tracer's chronal disassociation.[7]


Now with the fall of Overwatch, Winston again went into seclusion, once again cut off from the world he believed in, but longing for the days of heroism to return.[2]


While in his lab at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, pondering once again whether he should give Overwatch agents a recall order, the base came under attack by Talon operatives led by Reaper. With Winston distracted by Talon, Reaper infected his computer with a virus and attempted to download the Overwatch agent database, which would give the current location of any agent. Winston managed to best the operatives and Reaper, stop the download and quarantine the virus at the last moment. After the close call and restoring the system, he made his decision and initiated the recall. When Tracer received the signal she immediately called Winston, delighted to hear from him.[8]

Are You With Us?

With the intent of reforming Overwatch, Winston prepared a speech to try and get its former agents to come back to the organization. After spending most of his day trying and failing to deliver it, Winston delivered the frank truth that while the world had turned against them, the state of the world showed the need for Overwatch to return.[9]

Day at the Museum

"Alright, playtime's over. Get to cover."
Winston back in action

Sometime later, Winston got back in action when Reaper and Widowmaker attempted to retrieve Doomfist's gauntlet. Teaming up with Tracer however, he was able to stop the heist, and engaged in pursuit of the villains.[6]

Return to Gibraltar

As part of his intent to reform Overwatch, Winston returned to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, an old Overwatch outpost that had once stood guard over the Mediterranean. He intended to launch a satellite drone in an effort to restore Overwatch's communications network.[10]

The drone was successfully launched, and he looked on with pride.[11]

Holiday Season

Holidays are supposed to be a time for friends and family. But I'm short on both now. Still... I can't help but wonder how everyones's doing...
~ Winston

During the holiday season after Overwatch's recall, Winston invited Tracer to dinner with him in Gibraltar. Believing that Tracer had missed their gathering, Winston told Athena that they were likely alone again for Christmas. Athena sarcastically began "party mode," causing Winston to chuckle. He then reminisced over a photo of a young him and Dr. Harold Winston, and wondered how everyone else was spending the holidays. Before Winston began eating, Tracer arrived with her girlfriend Emily. Tracer endearingly apologized to Winston, calling him "big guy," before the three of them embraced in a hug. The three then began celebrating the holidays over a special meal.[12]


Name Icon Description Reward
Mine Sweeper
Ability-winston1.png Destroy 10 turrets or traps using Winston's Tesla Cannon without dying in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Winston Pixel.png
Anger Management
Ability-winston4.png Damage 6 enemies during a single use of Winston's Primal Rage in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Winston Cute.png


See Winston/Cosmetics


The Winston statue
  • Having written out his speech, on it Winston admits that he tends to overthink things, is a bit of a perfectionist and tends to ramble.[13]
  • Winston was one of the hardest characters to animate due to the numerous armor pieces he wears. His rage mode also presented problems due to the changes in movement animation.[14] His design was "top-down" (where developers start with story/art/flavor elements and develop abilities around those ideas afterwards).[15]
  • A statue of Winston was present at GamesCom 2015.[16]
  • A Funko Pop Winston figurine was released in June, 2016.[19]
  • A statue of a baby Winston holding the hand of Chris Metzen was presented to the latter as a gift to commemorate his retirement from Blizzard.[20]
  • If Winston goes into Primal Rage, gets a shield from Symmetra, gets armor from Torbjörn, and gets boosted by Lúcio's Sound Barrier, then his total HP reaches 1650 (the highest possible in the game).
  • Winston's Tesla Cannon gets it's name from the Tesla Coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891.




Patch Notes History

For more information, see Patch Notes

November 15th, 2016

Hero Balance Change
  • Ultimate costs have been increased by 25% for all heroes
Developer Comment
Game-changing ultimate abilities were coming up a bit too frequently. This change helps keep them in check while still allowing them to be powerful.

July 19, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused Winston’s Barrier Projector shield to ignore the “Sound Effects Volume” setting

July 19, 2016

Bug Fixes
  • [PC Only] Fixed a bug that caused Winston’s melee attack during Primal Rage to inconsistently hit targets in range


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