Abdul Hakim

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Hakim runs a criminal organization that has strangled Cairo. The police and government either turned a blind eye or they're being paid off by him. Food supplies aren't being distributed to people who need them. Medical care is almost impossible to get. Look me in the eye and tell me you can leave without doing anything.
~ Ana Amari to Jack Morrison
Abdul Hakim

Egypt Egyptian
Crime Boss
Cairo, Egypt
Talon (associate)

Abdul Hakim is a crime boss with ties to Talon who operated out of a compound in Cairo, Egypt.

Story[edit | edit source]

Hakim ran a criminal organization in Cairo that profited off of the people after the Anubis Project was shut down by Overwatch. He paid off the government and police to turn a blind eye to his syndicate.[1]

Hakim provided Reaper with intel regarding an incident involving Helix Security International, and placed a £70,000,000 bounty on a masked bounty hunter who had been sabotaging Talon operations in an attempt to lure her into a trap at his compound. The gambit inadvertently drew out both Ana and Jack Morrison, causing Reaper to reveal himself and battle the pair before being forced to retreat. Hakim escaped detection.[2]

He grew more cautious following the raid on his palace. He moved between his various safe houses as his associates were being targeted and taken out by a mysterious guardian named Bastet. Eventually, he too was apprehended by the guardian. Egypt's media reported on Hakim's apprehension and the extent of his crimes, forcing the government to act.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hakim (Pronounced: Hak-eem (حكيم)) is an Arabic name meaning "wise."

References[edit | edit source]