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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Quote Audio
Biotic Rifle

Ana hakhod bali menna.

Arabic: أنا هاخد بالي منك
English: I will look after you.

Get back in the fight.
Get in there, I'll keep you patched up.
I have you covered.
I have your back.
I've seen worse. You're going to live.
It's just a scratch, you'll be fine.
Take your medicine.
Restoring your health
Watching your back.
You're going to be ok.
Sleep Dart Go to sleep.

Nām. (vs male hero)

Arabic: نام
English: Go to sleep.

Nāmī. (vs female hero)

Arabic: نامي
English: Go to sleep.

Lights out.
Oh, you look tired.
Feeling sleepy?
It's quiet time.

(used on enemy Pharah) Bedtime, ḥabībti.

Arabic: ḥabībti = حبيبتي
English: Ḥabībti (female) or ḥabībī (male) means "love" or "dear". Form of endearment for close friends and family.

(used on enemy Pharah using Barrage) I think justice could use a little nap.
Biotic Grenade This will help.

Dah hayfīdak.

Arabic: ده هيفيدك
English: This will help you.

Walk it off.
This will only hurt for a minute.
Heal up.
This is going to hurt. (used on enemy)

Dah haykūn mu'lim

Arabic: ده هيكون مؤلم
English: This is going to hurt

The pain is coming. (used on enemy)
Nano Boost

Warīhum quwitak! (Male Hero)(hostile)

Arabic: !وريهم قوتَك
English: Show them your strength!

Warīhum quwitik! (Female Hero)(hostile)

Arabic: !وريهم قوتِك
English: Show them your strength!

Nano Boost administered. (friendly)
You're powered up, get in there. (self and target)

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected Never stop fighting for what you believe in.
During Set Up There's nothing I haven't seen before. Stick together. We will complete our mission.
Stick to the plan, and if you get into trouble, I'll bail you out.
Use your heads out there, we'll get through this.
Look after yourselves out there, I'll get us home safe.
Respawn I wasn't cut out for retirement anyways.

Lisah fī nās lāzim aḥmīhum.

Arabic: لسه في ناس لازم احميهم
English: There are still people that I need to protect.

Al-tikrār yʻalim al-shuṭār.

Arabic: التكرار يعلم الشطار
English: Repetition teaches the smart.

It'll take more than that to keep me out of the fight.
Old soldiers are hard to kill.
Huh, I've come back from worse.
This is much better than a cabana on the beach.
Health Pack Patched up.
Healed up.
That's much better.
On Fire I'm on fire, better stay out of my way.
My shots find their marks.
I'm on fire.
I'm on fire! Keep out of my way!
Damage Boosted Correct choice.
I'm feeling young again.
I'll make quick work of them.
You made the right decision.
Discord Orb Received Damn.
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Someone needs to show how it's done.
You made the right decision.
That's how it's supposed to be done.
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) A vintage performance.
When I was younger, we'd call this routine.
I don't do speeches.
Enemy Resurrection Enemies reengaging.
Resurrected Hah, back again.
I'm in your debt.
Thank you, Angela.

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Ana checking in.
Sniper Sighted Sniper, keep moving.
Enemy Sighted Enemy in my sights.
Enemy contact.
Turret Sighted Enemy turret sighted.
Enemy Has a Teleporter Locate their teleporter.
They have a teleporter. Find and destroy it.
Enemy Has a Shield Generator They're using a shield generator.
Teleporter Sighted Enemy teleporter at my location.
Shield Generator Sighted I found the shield generator.
Ally Damaged Behind you!
Watch your back!
Time Running Out (Defense) They're almost out of time! We'll stop them here and now!
Time Running Out (Attack) There's no more time to waste. We need to attack now!
We're running out of time! Everyone, attack!
Nano-Boosted I feel like I could take on the world!
I cannot be stopped!

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense)
Point Being Captured (Defense) They're taking the objective. Focus our defenses!
Capturing Point I'm securing the objective. Anyone want to join me?
Locking down the objective.
Point Lost
Payload Stuck Someone get that payload moving.
Why has the payload stopped?
Escorting Payload (Attack) They're moving the payload. Push them back!
Payload Moving (Defense) We can't let them move the payload! Focus our defense!

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow You need adult supervision.
Who taught you to fight like that?
Enemy down.
Back off.
Experience always wins in the end.

'Itelm min al'alam.

Arabic: إتعلم من الألم.
English: Learn from the pain.

(vs Pharah) Mother knows best.
(vs Soldier: 76 or Reinhardt or Torbjörn) Settle down old man...
(vs Reaper) I don't even know you anymore...
(vs Tracer or Genji or Lúcio) Speed isn't everything.
(vs Widowmaker) One shot, one kill.
(vs Reinhardt) Someday Reinhardt, but not today.
(vs Winston) Sorry Winston, you're a big target.
Solo Elimination Youth is wasted on the young.
Kill Streak How many is that? I stopped counting a long time ago.
Turret Elimination Enemy turret destroyed.
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed.
Melee Final Blow Hands off.
Witness Elimination (Friendly Pharah eliminates enemy) Like mother, like daughter
(Friendly Pharah is eliminated) Fareeha! My daughter!
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminates enemy) Reinhardt, you haven't lost a step.
(Friendly Reinhardt is eliminated) Reinhardt!
(Friendly Soldier 76 eliminates enemy) Nice shooting, Jack.
(Friendly Soldier: 76 is eliminated) Jack, I was supposed to protect you.
(Friendly Torbjörn is eliminated) Torbjörn, your luck ran out!
Revenge I didn't forget about you.
Team Kill

Communication[edit | edit source]

Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hello.


Arabic: أهلاً
English: Hello.


Arabic: أزيك؟
English: How are you?

ʻAmil 'ayh?

Arabic: عامل إيه ؟
English: How are you Doing?

Hello there.


Arabic: متشكرة
English: I am thankful.


Arabic: شكراً
English: Thanks.


Jārá al-tanfīz.

Arabic: جارى التنفيز
English: Under enforcement.

Uʻlim wa yunafadh.

Arabic: عُلم وينفذ
English: Acknowledged and implemented.

Need Healing I need healing.
Need healing.
Group Up Group up.
Group up at my position.
Group up with me.
Rendez-vous at my position
Ultimate Status (0-90%) My ultimate is charging.
Nano boost is charging.
Ultimate Status (100%) Nano boost is ready to deploy.
My ultimate is ready.

Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio
Default Justice delivered.
25 Credits Children, behave.
Everyone dies.
Go on, I can wait.
It takes a woman to know it.

Al-aʻdālah nāzlah min fūq.

Arabic: العدالة نازلة من فوق
English: Justice comes down from above.

Mother knows best.
No scope needed.
Need someone to tuck you in?
What are you thinking?
Witness me.
You know nothing.
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Learn from the pain.
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 75Credits This is much better than retirement.
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Are you scared?
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Don't be scared!
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits

ʾAna ḥaḥmīk

Arabic: أنا حاحميك
English: I'll be watching out for you.

Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits I'm too old for surprises.
Year of the Rooster Exclusive 25Credits More lost than the moon in winter.
Year of the Dog Exclusive 75Credits I make my own luck.
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits

Mish mumkin

Arabic: اففف، مش ممكن
English: Damn.

The Ghost watches.
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Lucky for you we're not keeping score
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Follow me, if you want to live.
Shh. The adults are talking.
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 75Credits You need to learn to relax.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
  • Doomfist: The world decided it didn't need you anymore.
  • Ana: (no response)
  • Doomfist: Ana Amari. I hate to see your talents wasted.
  • Ana: That's the story of my life.
  • Ana: *sighs* Youth truly is wasted on the young.
  • D.Va: Oh c'mon, Ana! I bet you got up to all sorts of trouble when you were my age!
  • Ana: Staying out of trouble, Genji?
  • Genji: On my best behavior, Captain.
  • Hanzo: Why did you abandoned the assassin's art?
  • Ana: I never was an assassin. I killed only because it was necessary.
  • McCree: It's an honor fightin' by your side, ma'am.
  • Ana: Heh, you always were a charmer.

  • Mercy: You know, Ana... there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye.
  • Ana: You're very kind, but I'm comfortable with who I am now. It's a good reminder.

  • Mercy: Ana. I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology.
  • Ana: I'm sorry you feel that way, but it suits my purposes now.

  • Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
  • Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
  • Pharah: I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.
  • Ana: Wanting a better life for you is all I ever dreamed of.

  • Pharah: Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch; but it's still what I want.
  • Ana: I didn't want that life for you, but I know that it's your decision, and I will support it.

  • Pharah: Mum, don't you think it's time you let Sam know you're alive?
  • Ana: You let me worry about what your father needs to know.
  • Reaper: Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.
  • Ana: What happened to you, Gabriel?

  • Reaper: I shouldn't be surprised you took his side.
  • Ana: You never gave me much choice.

  • Reaper: Just like old times.
  • Ana: Right. Except for the part where you became a homicidal murderer.

  • Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you are looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
  • Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.
  • Reinhardt: Ana! How can this be!? I thought you were dead...
  • Ana: I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened? I needed time.

Soldier: 76
  • Ana: What are you going to do when the fighting's over, Jack?
  • Soldier: 76: I'm a soldier Ana, retirement doesn't suit me.

  • Ana: For a man of your years, you're looking pretty good, Jack.
  • Soldier: 76: Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something.

  • Soldier: 76: Ana, we all thought you were dead...why didn't you tell me?
  • Ana: You of all people are going to ask me that?

  • Ana: Seems like neither of us like being dead very much.
  • Soldier: 76: Old soldiers are hard to kill.

  • Soldier: 76: Admit it Ana, this is better than retirement.
  • Ana: You haven't been to Kauai, have you?

  • Soldier: 76: You know, I still owe you for saving my life that one time.
  • Ana: That one time? You mean Egypt? Or the time in Russia? Or Brazil?

  • Torbjörn: Ana..!? We all thought you were dead!
  • Ana: Well, I had to come back. I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.

  • Widowmaker: You were once a legend... but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
  • Ana: I take it you don't want my autograph, then?

  • Ana: Gérard was a fool to love someone like you.
  • Widowmaker: You don't know anything about him.
  • Ana: Seems I was wrong about you Amélie.
  • Widowmaker: I thought you'd have gotten used to that feeling by now.

Map-Specific[edit | edit source]

Map Quote Audio
Temple of Anubis It feels good to be home.
Volskaya Industries I shouldn't overstay my welcome, I'm probably still on the watchlist here.
Watchpoint: Gibraltar I never thought I'd see this place again.

Skin-Specific[edit | edit source]

Skin Quote Audio
Captain Amari or Horus (Hero Change) Captain Amari, reporting for duty.
(Elimination) Age and beauty. I have you on both.
Corsair (Hero Change) First Mate Amari at the helm.
(Hello) Ahoy, matey!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The voice line "It's just a scratch, you'll be fine" is a possible reference to a line from the 1975 comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Black Knight character ironically insists that "Tis but a scratch" after having his arms chopped off by King Arthur.
  • The voice line "Youth is wasted on the young" is directly quoted from playwright George Bernard Shaw.