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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Quote Audio
Biotic Rifle

Ana hakhod bali menna.

Arabic: أنا هاخد بالي منك
English: I will look after you.

Get back in the fight. ▶️
Get in there, I'll keep you patched up. ▶️
I have you covered. ▶️
I have your back. ▶️
I've seen worse. You're going to live. ▶️
It's just a scratch, you'll be fine. ▶️
Take your medicine. ▶️
Restoring your health ▶️
Watching your back. ▶️
You're going to be ok. ▶️
Sleep Dart Go to sleep. ▶️
Sleep. ▶️

Nām. (vs male hero)

Arabic: نام
English: Go to sleep.


Nāmī. (vs female hero)

Arabic: نامي
English: Go to sleep.

Lights out. ▶️
Oh, you look tired. ▶️
Feeling sleepy? ▶️
It's quiet time. ▶️

(used on enemy Pharah) Bedtime, ḥabībti.

Arabic: ḥabībti = حبيبتي
English: Ḥabībti (female) or ḥabībī (male) means "love" or "dear". Form of endearment for close friends and family.

(used on enemy Pharah using Barrage) I think justice could use a little nap. ▶️
Biotic Grenade This will help. ▶️

Dah hayfīdak.

Arabic: ده هيفيدك
English: This will help you.

Walk it off. ▶️
This will only hurt for a minute. ▶️
Heal up. ▶️
This is going to hurt. (used on enemy) ▶️

Dah haykūn mu'lim

Arabic: ده هيكون مؤلم
English: This is going to hurt

The pain is coming. (used on enemy) ▶️
Nano Boost

Warīhum quwitak! (Male Hero)(hostile)

Arabic: !وريهم قوتَك
English: Show them your strength!


Warīhum quwitik! (Female Hero)(hostile)

Arabic: !وريهم قوتِك
English: Show them your strength!

Nano Boost administered. (friendly) ▶️
You're powered up, get in there. (self and target) ▶️

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected Never stop fighting for what you believe in. ▶️
During Set Up There's nothing I haven't seen before. Stick together. We will complete our mission. ▶️
Stick to the plan, and if you get into trouble, I'll bail you out. ▶️
Use your heads out there, we'll get through this. ▶️
Look after yourselves out there, I'll get us home safe. ▶️
Respawn I wasn't cut out for retirement anyways. ▶️

Lisah fī nās lāzim aḥmīhum.

Arabic: لسه في ناس لازم احميهم
English: There are still people that I need to protect.


Al-tikrār yʻalim al-shuṭār.

Arabic: التكرار يعلم الشطار
English: Repetition teaches the smart.

It'll take more than that to keep me out of the fight. ▶️
Old soldiers are hard to kill. ▶️
Huh, I've come back from worse. ▶️
This is much better than a cabana on the beach. ▶️
Health Pack Patched up. ▶️
Healed up.
That's much better.
On Fire I'm on fire, better stay out of my way. ▶️
My shots find their marks. ▶️
I'm on fire. ▶️
I'm on fire! Keep out of my way!
Damage Boosted Correct choice. ▶️
I'm feeling young again. ▶️
I'll make quick work of them. ▶️
You made the right decision. ▶️
Discord Orb Received Damn.
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Someone needs to show how it's done. ▶️
You made the right decision. ▶️
That's how it's supposed to be done.
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) A vintage performance.
When I was younger, we'd call this routine. ▶️
I don't do speeches.
Enemy Resurrection Enemies reengaging.
Resurrected Hah, back again.
I'm in your debt.
Thank you, Angela. ▶️

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Ana checking in. ▶️
Sniper Sighted Sniper, keep moving. ▶️
Enemy Sighted Enemy in my sights. ▶️
Enemy contact. ▶️
Turret Sighted Enemy turret sighted. ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Locate their teleporter. ▶️
They have a teleporter. Find and destroy it. ▶️
Enemy Has a Shield Generator They're using a shield generator. ▶️
Teleporter Sighted Enemy teleporter at my location. ▶️
Shield Generator Sighted I found the shield generator. ▶️
Ally Damaged Behind you! ▶️
Watch your back! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) They're almost out of time! We'll stop them here and now! ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) There's no more time to waste. We need to attack now! ▶️
We're running out of time! Everyone, attack! ▶️
Nano-Boosted I feel like I could take on the world! ▶️
I cannot be stopped! ▶️

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense)
Point Being Captured (Defense) They're taking the objective. Focus our defenses! ▶️
Capturing Point I'm securing the objective. Anyone want to join me? ▶️
Locking down the objective. ▶️
Point Lost
Payload Stuck Someone get that payload moving. ▶️
Why has the payload stopped?
Escorting Payload (Attack) They're moving the payload. Push them back! ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) We can't let them move the payload! Focus our defense! ▶️

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow You need adult supervision. ▶️
Who taught you to fight like that? ▶️
Enemy down. ▶️
Back off. ▶️
Experience always wins in the end. ▶️

'Itelm min al'alam.

Arabic: إتعلم من الألم.
English: Learn from the pain.

(vs Pharah) Mother knows best. ▶️
(vs Soldier: 76 or Reinhardt or Torbjörn) Settle down old man... ▶️
(vs Reaper) I don't even know you anymore... ▶️
(vs Tracer or Genji or Lúcio) Speed isn't everything. ▶️
(vs Widowmaker) One shot, one kill. ▶️
(vs Reinhardt) Someday Reinhardt, but not today. ▶️
(vs Winston) Sorry Winston, you're a big target. ▶️
Solo Elimination Youth is wasted on the young. ▶️
Kill Streak How many is that? I stopped counting a long time ago.
Turret Elimination Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Hands off. ▶️
Witness Elimination (Friendly Pharah eliminates enemy) Like mother, like daughter ▶️
(Friendly Pharah is eliminated) Fareeha! My daughter! ▶️
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminates enemy) Reinhardt, you haven't lost a step. ▶️
(Friendly Reinhardt is eliminated) Reinhardt! ▶️
(Friendly Soldier 76 eliminates enemy) Nice shooting, Jack.
(Friendly Soldier: 76 is eliminated) Jack, I was supposed to protect you. ▶️
(Friendly Torbjörn is eliminated) Torbjörn, your luck ran out! ▶️
Revenge I didn't forget about you. ▶️
Team Kill

Communication[edit | edit source]

Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hello. ▶️


Arabic: أهلاً
English: Hello.



Arabic: أزيك؟
English: How are you?


ʻAmil 'ayh?

Arabic: عامل إيه ؟
English: How are you Doing?

Hello there. ▶️
Thanks. ▶️


Arabic: متشكرة
English: I am thankful.



Arabic: شكراً
English: Thanks.


Jārá al-tanfīz.

Arabic: جارى التنفيذ
English: Under enforcement.


Uʻlim wa yunafadh.

Arabic: عُلم وينفذ
English: Acknowledged and implemented.

Understood. ▶️
Acknowledged. ▶️
Need Healing I need healing. ▶️
Need healing. ▶️
Group Up Group up.
Group up at my position. ▶️
Group up with me. ▶️
Rendez-vous at my position ▶️
Ultimate Status (0-90%) My ultimate is charging. ▶️
Nano boost is charging. ▶️
Ultimate Status (100%) Nano boost is ready to deploy. ▶️
My ultimate is ready. ▶️

Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio
Default Justice delivered. ▶️
25 Credits Children, behave. ▶️
Everyone dies. ▶️
Go on, I can wait. ▶️
It takes a woman to know it. ▶️

Al-aʻdālah nāzlah min fūq.

Arabic: العدالة نازلة من فوق
English: Justice comes down from above.

Mother knows best. ▶️
No scope needed. ▶️
Need someone to tuck you in? ▶️
What are you thinking? ▶️
Witness me. ▶️
You know nothing. ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Learn from the pain. ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 75Credits This is much better than retirement. ▶️
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Are you scared? ▶️
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Don't be scared! ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits

ʾAna ḥaḥmīk

Arabic: أنا حاحميك
English: I'll be watching out for you.

Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits I'm too old for surprises. ▶️
Year of the Rooster Exclusive 25Credits More gloss than the moon in winter. ▶️
Year of the Dog Exclusive 75Credits I make my own luck. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits

Mish mumkin

Arabic: اففف، مش ممكن
English: Damn.

The Ghost watches. ▶️
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits Lucky for you we're not keeping score ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Follow me, if you want to live. ▶️
Shh. The adults are talking. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 75Credits You need to learn to relax. ▶️

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
  • Doomfist: The world decided it didn't need you anymore.
  • Ana: (no response)
  • Doomfist: Ana Amari. I hate to see your talents wasted.
  • Ana: That's the story of my life.
  • Ana: *sighs* Youth truly is wasted on the young.
  • D.Va: Oh c'mon, Ana! I bet you got up to all sorts of trouble when you were my age!
  • Ana: Staying out of trouble, Genji?
  • Genji: On my best behavior, Captain.
  • Hanzo: Why did you abandoned the assassin's art?
  • Ana: I never was an assassin. I killed only because it was necessary.
  • McCree: It's an honor fightin' by your side, ma'am.
  • Ana: Heh, you always were a charmer.


  • Mercy: You know, Ana... there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye.
  • Ana: You're very kind, but I'm comfortable with who I am now. It's a good reminder.


  • Mercy: Ana. I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology.
  • Ana: I'm sorry you feel that way, but it suits my purposes now.


  • Ana: I'll be watching your back out there, Fareeha.
  • Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
  • Pharah: I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.
  • Ana: Wanting a better life for you is all I ever dreamed of.


  • Pharah: Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch; but it's still what I want.
  • Ana: I didn't want that life for you, but I know that it's your decision, and I will support it.


  • Pharah: Mum, don't you think it's time you let Sam know you're alive?
  • Ana: You let me worry about what your father needs to know.
  • Reaper: Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.
  • Ana: What happened to you, Gabriel?


  • Reaper: I shouldn't be surprised you took his side.
  • Ana: You never gave me much choice.


  • Reaper: Just like old times.
  • Ana: Right. Except for the part where you became a homicidal murderer.


  • Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you are looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
  • Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.
  • Reinhardt: Ana! How can this be!? I thought you were dead...
  • Ana: I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened? I needed time.


Soldier: 76
  • Ana: What are you going to do when the fighting's over, Jack?
  • Soldier: 76: I'm a soldier Ana, retirement doesn't suit me.


  • Ana: For a man of your years, you're looking pretty good, Jack.
  • Soldier: 76: Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something.


  • Soldier: 76: Ana, we all thought you were dead...why didn't you tell me?
  • Ana: You of all people are going to ask me that?


  • Ana: Seems like neither of us like being dead very much.
  • Soldier: 76: Old soldiers are hard to kill.


  • Soldier: 76: Admit it Ana, this is better than retirement.
  • Ana: You haven't been to Kauai, have you?


  • Soldier: 76: You know, I still owe you for saving my life that one time.
  • Ana: That one time? You mean Egypt? Or the time in Russia? Or Brazil?


  • Ana: *sighs* Youth truly is wasted on the young.
  • Tracer: At least statistically, I've wasted less than most.
  • Torbjörn: Ana..!? We all thought you were dead!
  • Ana: Well, I had to come back. I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.


  • Widowmaker: You were once a legend... but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
  • Ana: I take it you don't want my autograph, then?


  • Ana: Gérard was a fool to love someone like you.
  • Widowmaker: You don't know anything about him.
  • Ana: Seems I was wrong about you Amélie.
  • Widowmaker: I thought you'd have gotten used to that feeling by now.

Map-Specific[edit | edit source]

Map Quote Audio
Temple of Anubis It feels good to be home. ▶️
Volskaya Industries I shouldn't overstay my welcome, I'm probably still on the watchlist here. ▶️
Watchpoint: Gibraltar I never thought I'd see this place again. ▶️

Skin-Specific[edit | edit source]

Skin Quote Audio
Captain Amari or Horus (Hero Change) Captain Amari, reporting for duty. ▶️
(Elimination) Age and beauty. I have you on both.
Corsair (Hero Change) Ana, at the helm.
(Hello) Ahoy, matey!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The voice line "It's just a scratch, you'll be fine" is a possible reference to a line from the 1975 comedy film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Black Knight character ironically insists that "Tis but a scratch" after having his arms chopped off by King Arthur.
  • The voice line "Youth is wasted on the young" is directly quoted from playwright George Bernard Shaw.