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Hit points represent how much damage you can take before dying. There are four kinds of hit points: health, armor, shields, and barriers.

Health[edit | edit source]

All heroes have at least 50 health. It takes damage after all other hit points are depleted, and receives healing before all other hit points do.

When a player has less than half of their health remaining, a critical health icon is visible on their location to all of their teammates that are healers.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Whenever armor takes damage, it reduces the damage by half, but not by more than 5 damage per individual hit. This makes weapons that deal more than 10 damage per hit more effective at damaging armor, because more gets through with each attack. Critical hits double damage before any armor reduction.

Characters that have armor[edit | edit source]


  • 100 starting armor


  • 200 starting armor (Mech only)


  • 200 starting armor


  • 200 starting armor


  • Armor Pack: Creates an armor pack that grants 75 armor to allies when picked up
  • Molten Core: Grants Torbjörn 300 armor for 12 seconds


  • 100 starting armor

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields don't reduce damage (even if you also have armor), but regenerate 30 points per second after no damage is taken for 3 seconds.

Characters that have Shields[edit | edit source]


  • 200 starting shields


  • 100 starting shields
  • Can grant 75 shields to allies within the range of her Shield Generator ultimate


  • 150 starting shields

Barriers[edit | edit source]

Barriers don't reduce damage (even if you also have armor), don't regenerate, and can't be healed.

Lúcio's ultimate ability grants 500 barriers to himself and allies within range, which immediately begins decaying 83 points per second until empty.
Doomfist's passive ability grants him 30 barriers per enemy hit with an ability. or 75 per enemy hit with ultimate ability. They begin decaying after a 1 second delay, at a rate of 3 per second.

Taking Damage[edit | edit source]

When you take damage, it applies in a specific order to each type of hit points until that type is empty.

  1. Barriers
  2. Shields
  3. Ability-granted armor
  4. Armor
  5. Health

Each instance of damage can only be reduced by armor once.

When the player's hit points drops to 75 or lower, a gasp sound effect is played and blood appears around the borders of the screen.

Healing[edit | edit source]

When you receive healing, it applies equally to all types of hit points, but in a specific order until each type is full:

  1. Health
  2. Armor
  3. Shields

Barriers and ability-granted armor can't be healed.

Ally Healing[edit | edit source]

The following heroes can heal allies. They also have some way to heal themselves, noted afterward.

  • Ana's Biotic Rifle can heal an ally for 75 over 0.9 seconds. Biotic Grenade also heals all allies for 100 and boosts other sources of healing by 50% with an area effect of 4 meters.
    • She can hit herself with the grenade, receiving its positive effects.
  • Lúcio's Crossfade, when toggled to healing mode, passively heals allies and himself within 30 meters (as long as line-of-sight is maintained) for 12.5 hit points per second, or 36 hit points per second during Amp It Up.
  • Mercy's Caduceus Staff can heal an ally for 60 hit points per second while they remain within 15 meters and maintains line of sight.
  • Soldier: 76's Biotic Field heals allies within 5 meters for 40 hit points per second.
    • Biotic Field also heals Soldier: 76 at the same rate if he is within range.
  • Sombra's Hack causes Health Packs to respawn 4x faster, with healing from Hacked Health Packs being credited to Sombra as healing done.
  • Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony heals the targeted ally for 30 hit points per second. Transcendence heals all allies within 10 meters for 300 hit points per second (duration 6 seconds).
    • Transcendence also heals Zenyatta in addition to making him invulnerable to damage.

Self-Healing[edit | edit source]

The following heroes can heal only themselves or have special self-healing.

  • Bastion's Self-Repair heals him for 75 hit points per second while held (0.5-second delay before healing, can't attack during use).
  • Mei's Cryo-Freeze heals her for 37.5 hit points per second for its duration.
  • Mercy passively heals for 20 hit points per second, after 1 second of not taking damage.
  • Reaper heals for 20% of damage dealt.
  • Roadhog's Take a Breather heals him for 300 hit points over 1 second (2 second total animation duration, can't move or attack during use).
  • Tracer's Recall functions similarly to a heal, reverting her health to its highest point of the last 3 seconds. This appears to have the effect of healing all damage taken during the previous 3 seconds.

Other Healing[edit | edit source]

  • Small health pickups heal 75 hit points (respawning after 10 seconds).
  • Large health pickups heal 250 hit points (respawning after 15 seconds).
  • On Escort, the payload heals heroes on the attacking team for 10 hit points per second while they are within 5 meters (the same distance necessary to move the payload forward).
  • The spawn room heals heroes inside for 400 hit points per second.

List of hero hit points[edit | edit source]

Hero Role Health Armor Shield Total
Doomfist portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 250 0 0 250
Genji portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 200 0 0 200
McCree portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 200 0 0 200
Pharah portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 200 0 0 200
Reaper portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 250 0 0 250
Soldier76 portrait.png
Soldier: 76
OffenseIcon.png Offense 200 0 0 200
Sombra portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 200 0 0 200
Tracer portrait.png
OffenseIcon.png Offense 150 0 0 150
Bastion portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 200 100 0 300
Hanzo portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 200 0 0 200
Junkrat portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 200 0 0 200
Mei portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 250 0 0 250
Torbjörn portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 200 0 0 200
Widowmaker portrait.png
DefenseIcon.png Defense 200 0 0 200
D.Va portrait.png
D.Va: Mech
TankIcon.png Tank 400 200 0 600
D.Va portrait.png
D.Va: Pilot
TankIcon.png Tank 150 0 0 150
Orisa portrait.png
TankIcon.png Tank 200 200 0 400
Reinhardt portrait.png
TankIcon.png Tank 300 200 0 500
Roadhog portrait.png
TankIcon.png Tank 600 0 0 600
Winston portrait.png
TankIcon.png Tank 400 100 0 500
Zarya portrait.png
TankIcon.png Tank 200 0 200 400
Ana portrait.png
SupportIcon.png Support 200 0 0 200
Lúcio portrait.png
SupportIcon.png Support 200 0 0 200
Mercy portrait.png
SupportIcon.png Support 200 0 0 200
Symmetra portrait.png
SupportIcon.png Support 100 0 100 200
Zenyatta portrait.png
SupportIcon.pngSupport 50 0 150 200