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Assault, sometimes referred to as Two Capture Point (2CP), is a game mode in which the attacking and defending teams must attempt to take or defend capture points across the map. Defenders always have the same spawn point, whether defending the first or second point, while the attacker's spawn changes depending on the point they are attempting to capture. It should be noted that every Assault map has an almost-immediate choke point, and that the defenders' spawn is just behind the second point, making the second push just as difficult as breaking the choke.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Part of the following Hybrid maps[edit | edit source]

Capture times[edit | edit source]

Capture time speed up to 3 players, even if the game display player number until 6 unlike the payload where it stops at 3.

Tables below display the number of seconds required by X players to capture each tick of Point A and B.

Point A[edit | edit source]

1p 2p 3p
Tick 1 11 7 5
Tick 2 19 13 10
Tick 3 30 20 15
Full Point 60 40 30

Point B[edit | edit source]

1p 2p 3p
Tick 1 6 4 3
Tick 2 12 8 6
Tick 3 18 12 9
Full Point 36 24 18