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Atlas News
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News network

Atlas News is a news network. It provides televised services[1] and prints newspapers.[2]

Known Reports[edit | edit source]

The Oslo Incident[edit | edit source]

Eight years before the present day, Atlas News reported on an attack on Overwatch's Oslo facilities, and Commander Jack Morrison's response to the incident.[3]

Doomfist[edit | edit source]

When Winston defeated Doomfist in Numbani, Atlas News ran a newspaper article on the event.[2]

Overwatch Disbanded[edit | edit source]

Atlas News reports the end of Overwatch

When Overwatch was shut down, Atlas News ran a newspaper article on the event.[4]

Soldier: 76[edit | edit source]

Years after the end of Overwatch, Atlas News reported on a string of recent attacks by an unknown assailant, including on a former Overwatch watchpoint in Colorado.[5] It later reported on the attacker's identity.[6] Continuing on with this story, they later reported that the fugitive had reportedly crossed into Mexico, while also touching on Los Muertos and LumériCo's new power plant in Dorado.[7]

Synaesthesia[edit | edit source]

Atlas News interviewed Lúcio prior to the release of his first album, Synaesthesia Auditiva.[8]

Second Omnic Crisis[edit | edit source]

Atlas News reports on the Second Omnic Crisis

Atlas News reported on the Second Omnic Crisis in Russia, and the unwillingness of the international community to intervene.[1] It also interviewed Volskaya Industries CEO Katya Volskaya in regards to its increased rate of Svyatogor production, after new attacks from the Siberian omnium.[9]

Overwatch Returned[edit | edit source]

In the day after an incident in the Overwatch Museum, where former Overwatch agents Tracer and Winston fought off Reaper and Widowmaker, Atlas News reporter Olympia Shaw wrote an expose on the UN's response to the actions of the further agents. Simultaneously, Atlas conducted a flash poll on what people thought of Overwatch's possible return. The results indicated that there was a large amount of anger towards the possibility of Overwatch agents having gone rogue, but on the poll's final question, nearly three out of every four respondents said they were "uncertain" what Overwatch's return would mean for the world.[10]

The Sombra Collective[edit | edit source]

When Sombra leaked LumériCo emails and documents to the press, pointing to corruption from its CEO, Guillermo Portero, Atlas News reported on the incident and fallout within Mexico. It referred to Sombra as the "Sombra collective."[11] It subsequently reported that Portero had stepped down as CEO.[12]

Winter Storm in England[edit | edit source]

Climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou spoke to Atlas news about the Winter storm that hit England over Christmas. [13]

Efi Oladele interview[edit | edit source]

In their "Spotlight on Numbani" feature, Atlas News interviewed the young inventor Efi Oladele who recently won the "genius grant" of the Adawe Foundation.[14]

Horizon[edit | edit source]

Years after the Horizon Lunar Colony went dark, Atlas News reported on Lucheng Interstellar's announcement that the colony's databases and monitoring systems were still operating. It further shared the colony's last logs. It later released an image of the colony's still-operating integrated monitoring systems. A Lucheng spokesperson told Atlas News that the connection was unstable, but that company was working around the clock to gather new information.[15]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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