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Gabriel Reyes (former)
Covert ops

Blackwatch was the covert ops division of Overwatch.[1]


Blackwatch's existence was kept a secret from the public, but there were always rumors of Overwatch carrying out black ops missions.[2] As Overwatch's influence waned, people within Blackwatch sought to bring down its parent organization and turn it to their own ends.[1]

Seven years before the present day, Blackwatch came under scrutiny after the Japanese government issued a complaint. The division and its agents were placed under suspension. While this was going on, the King's Row Uprising occurred. In violation of the suspension, Blackwatch agents, including Jesse McCree, scouted the area, and provided intel on Null Sector's fortifications.[3][4]

In Overwatch's final years, two decades after the Omnic Crisis, Blackwatch was revealed, along with allegations of corruption, weapons proliferation, assassination, coercion, kidnapping, and human rights abuses such as torture.[5] Eventually, governments called on the United Nations to put an end to the "aggressive and repeated violations of many countries' sovereignty."[2] This led a special UN committee to launch a lengthy and secretive investigation, which eventually led to the dismantlement of Overwatch, and therefore Blackwatch.[5]

Years afterward, McCree noted that tactics used by Talon seemed to be based on those used by Blackwatch, and one of the Talon soldiers recognized McCree, implying a connection between the two organizations.[6]

Known Members