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Casino MEKA.png

Real Name
Jae-eun Kwon (권재은)
South KoreaKorean
Racing driver, Formula One (formerly)
Mech Pilot
Busan, South Korea
Mobile Exo-Force

Casino, real name Jae-eun Kwon, is a member of South Korea's Mobile Exo-Force.

Story[edit | edit source]

Jae-eun and his squad in the press conference

Jae-eun was formerly an F1 racecar driver with a flashy personality before he joined D.Va's MEKA squadron.[1][2] Recently, he helped to defend Busan from a Gwishin omnic attack, but was injured in the battle. During the following press conference, he was seen with bandages on his face and his right arm in a sling. Afterwards, he went on leave with the rest of the squad (bar Hana Song).[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Casino's mech is named La Princesse Sereine[4], and is sleek and angular, with a green and black paint-job.[3]
    • Casino's username, as well as his mech's name could be both be references to Monaco. The country is known for its casinos, and its royalty is officially referred to as their Serene Highness. This also ties into his history as a professional racing driver, as Monaco is also known for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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