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Crowd Control

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Crowd Control is an effect in Overwatch.

It comes from a weapon or ability that disrupts an opponent by either forcibly moving them, or inhibiting their ability to use their own weapon or abilities.

Knock Back[edit | edit source]

A Knock Back is an ability that forcibly moves a hero. All explosive weapons with the exception of Energy Ball apply knock back, and will not be listed below.

Weapons that apply Knock Back
Abilities that apply Knock Back

Knock Up[edit | edit source]

A Knock Up is an ability that changes a hero's momentum, as well as forcibly moving them a fixed amount. Typically, a player cannot control their movement until they land.

Abilities that apply Knock Up

Stun[edit | edit source]

A stun is an ability that prevents a player from making any input, as well as immobilizing them.

Abilities that apply Stun
Abilities that apply effects similar to Stun
  • Mei: Blizzard and Endothermic Blaster, primary fire. These both apply freeze, after a target has taken enough ticks of damage from the abilities. Can be cleansed.

Knock Down[edit | edit source]

A Knock down is similar to stun but also lowers the enemy's hitbox and changes certain states on them, such as Bastion's Configuration: Sentry

Abilities that apply Knock Down

Abilities that apply effects similar to Knock Down

  • Ana: Sleep Dart, puts the enemy to sleep. Ends upon the sleeping hero receiving any damage.
  • Reinhardt: Charge, pins a hero and moves them until the ability ends, or they hit a wall.
  • Roadhog: Chain Hook, grabs the hero and pulls them towards Roadhog.

Interactions that result in Knock Down

Slow[edit | edit source]

A slow is a weapon or ability that prevents a hero from moving at top speed. Slowing effects caused by enemies stack with each other, but do not stack with self-inflicted effects. Instead, the greatest slowing effect of the two will take effect*.

Weapons that apply Slow
Abilities that apply Slow
Weapons that apply a self-inflicted Slow
Abilities that apply a self-inflicted Slow

Graviton[edit | edit source]

An ability that pulls a hero towards a point. This may last over a duration.

Weapons that apply Graviton

Abilities that apply Graviton

Root[edit | edit source]

A root is an effect that prevents a hero from moving, but enables them to still fight back. Disables mobility abilities.

Abilities that apply Root

Non-Mobility Crowd Control[edit | edit source]

There are other forms of Crowd Control that do not affect a hero's movement capabilities.

Anti-Heal[edit | edit source]

An Anti-Heal prevents a hero from receiving any healing.

Abilities that apply anti-heal

Hack[edit | edit source]

A hack silences a hero, preventing them from using any abilities. This also disables most passives.

Abilities that apply hack