Damage amplification

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Damage amplification increases the damage dealt or taken by a hero.

Abilities that amplify damage dealt[edit | edit source]

Multiple damage amplification effects that increase damage dealt can apply simultaneously, and unlike damage reduction, there is no maximum multiplier. If a hero is being damage boosted, their projectiles are only amplified if the hero was being damage boosted when it was released.

Abilities that amplify damage taken[edit | edit source]

These are applied separately from amplification effects that increase damage dealt.

Abilities that cannot be damage boosted[edit | edit source]

If a hero is being damage boosted, the following abilities do not have their damage amplified. They will still do more damage if their victims are affected by Orb of Discord.

Calculation[edit | edit source]

If two or more damage amplification effects for damage dealt are applied simultaneously, they are added together. For example, Orisa's Supercharger and Ana's Nano Boost will result in a +100% damage increase for a total of 200% damage.

Zenyatta's Orb of Discord amplifies damage taken; therefore, it is applies its multiplier separately. Orb of Discord and Mercy's Damage Boost will result in 162.5% damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]