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"Build 'em up, Break 'em down."

Real Name
Torbjörn Lindholm
Sweden Swedish
Weapons designer
Chief engineer (formerly)[1]
Gothenburg, Sweden
SST Laboratories (formerly)
Ironclad Guild (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Ingrid Lindholm (wife)
Brigitte Lindholm (youngest daughter)
Unnamed children and grandchildren[2]
Keith Silverstein (English)

José Luccioni (French)
Stefan Gossler (German)
Mario Scarabelli (Italian)
Binbin Takaoka (Japanese)
Lee Jae-beom (Korean)
Mauricio Berger (Brazilian Portuguese)
Arturo Mercado (American Spanish)
Carlos Ysbert (European Spanish)

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Torbjörn is a Damage hero in Overwatch.


Torbjörn’s extensive arsenal includes a rivet gun and hammer, as well as a personal forge that he can use to build turrets.


Rivet Gun

Weapon 1 (Primary Fire)

Icon Stats Official Description

Arcing projectile
70 per shot
Projectile speed
70 meters per second
Rate of fire
0.6 seconds recovery
~1.67 shots per second
Reload time
2 seconds

Torbjörn fires rivets at long range.


  • Automatically reloaded if Torbjörn has his Forge Hammer equipped for 2 seconds.
  • Turret will target enemy hit by primary fire if within range and line of sight.


Rivet Gun

Weapon 1 (Secondary Fire)

Icon Stats Official Description

Shotgun projectile
3.15 - 10.5 per pellet
31.5 - 105 per shot
Falloff range
10 to 20 meters
Spread angle
Constant: 4.15 degrees
Projectile speed
120 meters per second
Num. of pellets
Rate of fire
0.6 seconds recovery
~1.67 shots per second
Ammo usage
3 per shot
Reload time
2 seconds

Torbjörn ejects molten metal from his gun in a short, close-range burst.


  • Automatically reloaded if Torbjörn has his Forge Hammer equipped for about 2.1 seconds.


Forge Hammer

Weapon 2

Icon Stats Official Description

50 per hit (repair turret)
Max. range
2.5 meters
Rate of fire
1.2 swings per second

This multipurpose hammer repairs turrets and, in a pinch, can also be used as a weapon.



Deploy Turret


Icon Stats Official Description

Arching projectile (deploying turret)
Hitscan (auto-aim)
14 per round
(56 per second)
Projectile speed
17 meters per second
Max. range
15 meters (deploying turret)
40 meters (attack range)
Rate of fire
4 rounds per second
Casting time
3 seconds
Until destroyed
5 seconds
10 seconds if destroyed while in combat

Torbjörn deploys a self-building turret which automatically tracks and attacks enemies.


  • Turret deploy can be thrown to a maximum distance of 15 meters on ground level.
  • Turret automatically attacks the closest enemy within line of slight and continues attacking that enemy until it is either dead or out of sight.
    • Target can be changed if the player damages said enemy with Rivet Gun's primary fire.
  • Turret can be manually destroyed using the Interact key, which instantly inflicts 10,000 damage to it, regardless of distance.
    • Cannot be done while the Turret is building itself.
  • Turret cannot be redeployed if it dealt or received damage within the last 3 seconds. The Deploy Turret key will appear colored to indicate this.
    • If the Turret is destroyed during this time, including by the Interact key, Deploy Turret will go on a 10 second cooldown.



Icon Stats Official Description

+100 armor
Move. speed
7.15 meters per second (+30%)
Rate of fire
5 seconds
12 seconds

Torbjörn gains additional armor as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed for a brief period.


  • Increases reload speed by 30%

Molten Core

Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description

Arching projectile
Area of effect
Impact: 25
DoT: 160 per second
DoT against armor: ~250 per second
Projectile speed
40 meters per second
Area of effect
2.5 meter interact radius
6 seconds casting time or until ammo is depleted.
10 seconds per magma pool.
Ultimate cost
2380 points

Torbjörn creates pools of molten slag that deal massive, sustained damage (plus bonus damage to armor), and can prevent enemies from moving through key locations.


  • Torbjörn passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 4.76 seconds.
  • Each shot will bounce until it hits the floor, at which point it will turn into a small magma puddle that deals damage over time.
  • If an enemy has armor while touching the pool, that enemy will take ~250 damage per second until the armor is gone, then the normal 160 damage is applied. (The damage per second against armor is supposed to be 190. It being more is likely a bug caused by the armor reworks.)
  • Damage doesn't stack with other pools, meaning it's better to cover a large area instead of focusing a small place and wasting potential damage output.

Console Differences

Built Turret:

  • Damage: 12 per round


Torbjörn is the tool-tip damage dealer that has most abilities being useful for zoning area. His Rivet Gun is a very dangerous weapon due to it high damage, but its main weakness is arcing in mid- to -long range. Turret is his main tool for zoning area as he can deploy it anywhere and let it automatically build itself to help him in a fight. Forge Hammer can be used to deal damage at close-range or repair his damaged turret. Overload is all power-up to himself, giving more maximum health with armor and enhancing offensive powers. Molten Core is a great area-denial ultimate that can make the enemies to walk back before being burnt onto high-damage magma floor. Giving all these, he stills has major weaknesses. Other than Overload, he lacks all source of increasing his mobility. When unable to deploy Turret to help him in a fight, his full power will be greatly reduced. Despite having shortest model of all heroes, he possess one of the largest hitbox of its class, making him vulnerable from a weapon with large spread. He is best at zoning, but weaker when come to flanking and aggressively.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Rivet Gun: Torbjörn's primary weapon. This gun is an arcing weapon but packs a punch. Rivet Gun has two firing modes: a single arc projectile, and a shotgun fire. Both modes can headshot.
    • The primary fire has a bit of a slow fire rate. Try to aim for body shots to maximize accuracy.
    • The secondary fire sends a burst of ammo out. While there are 10 bullets per shot, it costs only 3 rounds.
  • Forge Hammer: Torbjörn's secondary weapon. The hammer is a useful tool as it heals turrets 50 health per swing. As a last resort, this can be used as a weapon.
    • The Forge Hammer can only heal Torbjörn's own turret, it can't heal other turrets than the player's.
    • Swing speed is relatively low, so it is not recommended to use as a weapon.
  • Deploy Turret: Torbjörn builds a turret that automatically locks on to enemies.
    • Turret takes a bit to fully deploy, it can be destroyed while deploying.
    • The turret can only be healed via the Forge Hammer.
  • Overload: Torbjörn gains armor as well as attack, reload, and movement speed.
    • Use to save yourself with temporary armor or body block your turret from damage.
    • Although increases reload speed, preferably reload before activating to better utilize the attack speed.
    • Small increase in movement speed that could save you from certain Ultimates
  • Molten Core (Ultimate): Torbjörn's Ultimate ability. Torbjörn throws multiple orbs of molten lava that spread out when they hit the floor.
    • Torbjörn can place up to 10 pools of molten lava that do not add up in damage so spread out as much as possible either in one large area or multiple choke points.
    • Does extra damage against armor so works well against tanks and Brigs Ultimate.

General strategies

  • Players are advised to know the map well, in order to deploy his gear the most effectively.[3]
  • Torbjörn is most commonly used on Defense because of his ability to cover choke-points so effectively. One option on Attack is to deploy your turrets on top of a payload, effectively creating a mobile turret.
  • While many players focus on Torbjörn's turret, it should be noted that Torbjörn himself deals a considerable amount of damage - his shotgun alt-fire does massive damage at close range, and his ordinary fire has solid range and does a not-inconsiderable amount of damage, especially with a headshot. It is important to make full use of both Torbjörn himself as well as his turret; focusing too much on using your turret will result in a lesser contribution to the team.
  • When using Molten Core, try to spread it out as much as possible as over lapping pools dont add extra damage. Does more damage against armor than other forms of health.
  • A common mistake players make is they will sometimes stay by their turret and constantly use the Forge Hammer. This can be a good idea to use for making sure the turret survives. However, it can leave you vulnerable to Pharah's or Junkrats, as their explosives will damage you and the turret.
  • Remember that Deploy Turret has a very quick cool-down. Change your turret's position often to catch enemies off guard.


"Build 'em Up, Break 'em Down."

Torbjörn Lindholm (called "Torby" by his friends)[4] is one of the greatest weaponsmiths and engineers in the world.[5] He has a low opinion of omnics, believing them to be incapable of empathy, instead acting purely on logic,[4] and disagrees with giving them the same rights as humans.[6]

The Omnic Crisis

Torbjörn during the Omnic Crisis

Before the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn had gained notoriety for designing weapons systems used by countries around the world. However, his belief that technology must serve a better vision for humanity put him at odds with his employers, who desired to control his weapons using networked computer intelligence.[7] At some point he worked with the Ironclad Guild, where he worked in R&D.[7] He also helped design the E54 Bastion unit.[8]

Torbjörn had a deep mistrust of sentient robotic intelligence, and while many of his peers wrote this off as paranoia, his worst fears were realized when the robot populations of the world turned against their human creators during the Omnic Crisis. Because of his engineering genius, he was recruited to join the original Overwatch strike team, and his many inventions proved integral to ending the conflict.[7]

Operation White Dome

I told him that you would have to agree to any name he chose, so let’s hope it's a good one (though I fear that may be beyond his abilities, given some of the ridiculous names he gives the characters in his "true stories"). I'm getting sick of this hospital, so I am hoping to return soon.
~ Part of Torbjörn's letter to his wife

During or after the Omnic Crisis, Torbjörn took part in Operation White Dome, where he and other Overwatch members were deployed to Istanbul to deal with entrenched omnic forces. As soon as they landed, the omnics opened fire, and while the robots were defeated, Torbjörn was seriously injured,[1] losing his left arm and right eye.[9] Reinhardt Wilhelm was able to save his life however.[1]

After the battle, Torbjörn was taken in for medical treatment. Young family friend Angela Ziegler was able to visit him, which pleased him greatly. On the other hand, Reinhardt stayed by his bedside, being a source of constant irritation. Half in jest, Torbjörn told him that if he shut up, he would be allowed to choose the name of his upcoming daughter, and that Ingrid would agree to it. In truth, Torbjörn had already considered naming Reinhardt as his daughter's godfather, but that aside, Reinhardt agreed to the terms. After this, Torbjörn wrote to his wife, assuring her that he was okay, and that he would design a prosthetic arm to replace the one he lost in Istanbul. He told her of the deal he had made with Reinhardt, hoping that it would be okay with her. He further hoped that he would be home in Gothenburg before she gave birth.[9]


Torbjörn in a viking costume with Mercy on Halloween

In the years that followed, Overwatch became an international peacekeeping force, and Torbjörn remained a critical resource for all of its technological needs and signature weapons systems. At its height, Overwatch possessed one of the most advanced armaments on the planet, which could be traced to Torbjörn's work.[7] This included the development of biotic technology, including the biotic rifle, which was intended to heal Overwatch medics in the field. This device led to some disagreement with now Overwatch agent Dr. Ziegler, who warned that the rifle was setting Overwatch on a dangerous path to weaponizing biotic technology.[10]

During his Overwatch years, he once dressed as a viking for Halloween.[11]


Torbjörn en-route to London during the King's Row Uprising

Seven years before the present day, Torbjörn was part of an unsanctioned mission authorized by Strike Commander Jack Morrison to end the King's Row Uprising in London, England. While preparing to board an aircraft, Torbjörn gruffly remarked that "the cavalry's here" after seeing Cadet Lena Oxton blink in front of him. Tracer liked the phrase, and decided to keep it.[12]

Some time after that, Reinhardt, whose Crusader armor Torbjörn maintained and got along well with, was faced with mandatory retirement from combat operations, having served into his late fifties. Torbjörn, only four years younger than him, was particularly incensed that the organization simply "pushed Reinhardt out" after giving everything of himself in years of service. The Swede would not forget the incident, and related the unfairness of it all to one of his youngest daughter, Brigitte.[13]

The End of Overwatch

In the aftermath of Overwatch's fall, many of Torbjörn's weapons were stolen or stashed away around the world. Feeling responsible for his creations, Torbjörn was determined to stop them from falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on the innocent.[7] Round about the same time, Reinhardt (who had been forced to retire from Overwatch) declared that he would become a knight-errant on a quest to bring justice. Brigitte asked to join him and Reinhardt accepted.[14] Torbjörn knows that his daughter shared his stubbornness, and while his bigger concern was that Reinhardt and Brigitte were in over their heads, he ultimately supported their decisions. Plus, there was no-one better to look after his daughter in his mind.[15]


What I've done, old friend... is topple the destroyer of worlds.
~ Torbjörn to Sven
Torbjörn deals with the Titan's internal security

Torbjörn received word that a single omnic had attacked the city of Boklovo. He thought little of it at the time, but when he arrived the following day, he saw that it was nothing to scoff at. The omnic was a Titan; one that was rampaging through the city, and shrugging off everything the Kurjikstani military threw at it. He was bitterly reminded that the Titan was a device he had originally designed to aid in city construction, before it had been hijacked by the omnics during the Omnic Crisis and turned into a city-destroyer. But despite the alterations, it was still his design, and that allowed him to bypass its infrared detection systems and gain access to the walker's interior. Once inside, it was revealed that Sven, an old friend of his, was piloting the mech. The two verbally sparred as Torbjörn fought his way up to the walker's cockpit. Sven presented himself as some kind of arbiter of justice, but Torbjorn claimed that he was nothing but a war profiteer. Upon reaching the cockpit, he easily incapacitated him. He subsequently shut down the mech.[4]


When Winston issued a recall of Overwatch agents, Torbjörn was in northwestern Russia.[16]


Rifles? Bah! Might as well throw rocks at the thing.
Who said that?
That would be me...who's going to take care of this beast for you.
~ Torbjörn announces himself
Torbjörn, ready to hunt a Bastion

With the report of a Bastion unit in northern Sweden, Torbjörn attended a meeting of locals who were discussing the incident. While the Swedish government believed the reports to be a hoax, a speaker at the event declared that they should take matters into their own hands. Torbjörn interrupted the meeting, pointing out that the rifles they had would be useless against the automaton. He pointed out that as the unit hadn't attacked anyone yet, its self-repair function was probably damaged. A broken bot was something that he could handle. He told the townsfolk to give him a few days, and to stay put while he sorted out the unit.

Torbjörn headed out into the forest. Despite his earlier words, he was followed by an official, who wanted to make sure the job was done by the book. He revealed to Torbjörn that he'd done some digging, and had discovered that Torbjörn had helped design the E54 Bastion before the Omnic Crisis. They successfully lured the robot out, but a bird landed on their intended bait. Sighting the Bastion, the official opened fire, and the Bastion retreated. Torbjörn was skeptical as to the official's claims that the Bastion had been scared off, for in his experience, Bastions didn't retreat. The official headed off into the forest alone, confident that he and the police could handle it, despite Torbjörn's warnings. Torbjörn went his own way, mulling over what he'd just seen. Before long, he found the robot again, helping beavers build a dam. Perplexed, Torbjörn tried to goad the robot into attacking, but it just stared at him before offering some wood. Torbjörn realized that this Bastion was different from the automatons he'd fought in the past.

The moment was interrupted by the official and the police he'd brought with him, who opened fire on the unit. Torbjörn told them to stop firing, that the Bastion wasn't aggressive, and that they had to call off the hunt. The official was having none of it, and ordered the police to restrain him. Torbjörn was one step ahead of them, and incapacitated the guards using the device he'd originally intended to trap the Bastion with. He headed off into the forest. Eventually, he found the Bastion again, and the two headed off together. Torbjörn warned that they weren't friends, that if it pointed a gun at him, it would be slag. And that it had to stop playing with every animal it came across.[8]

At some point afterwards, Torbjörn made Bastion a new set of armor.[17]


Torbjörn's family at Christmas

Torbjörn spent Christmas with his family and Reinhardt.[18][19]

Blizzard World

Alongside Bastion, Winston, and Tracer, Torbjörn watched an ad for Blizzard World. After Tracer rushed off (presumably to visit the park), Torbjörn let out a "for the Horde" exclamation.[20]


Name Icon Description Reward

Armor Up!

Ability-torbjorn4.png Absorb 500 armor damage with Torbjörn's Overload without dying in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Torbjörn Pixel.png


Raid Wipe
Ability-torbjorn5.png Kill 4 enemies during a single use of Torbjörn's Molten Core in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Torbjörn Cute.png



The Torbjörn Nendoroid figure
  • A Torbjörn Nendoroid figure will go on sale in Q2 2019.[21]
  • "Torbjörn" is a modern Swedish, Norwegian and Danish form of the Old Norse name Þórbjörn, meaning "thunder" (from the name Thor) and "bear". Similarly, Lindholm is a Swedish surname meaning "Tiny Linden Island". Torbjörn is also the name of a model of chair in the Swedish shop IKEA.
  • Torbjörn bears resemblance to dwarves as they're usually portrayed in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft universe, in terms of appearance and mechanical proficiency. Other similarities include Rory Swann from StarCraft (appearance, abilities, mechanical proficiency) and the Lost Vikings in their cybernetic forms. His Viking costume in Junkenstein specifically harkens to the character of Baleog.
  • The achievement "Raid Wipe" that involves eliminating 4 players with the Molten Core ultimate could be a reference to the Molten Core zone beneath the Blackrock Mountains, where a 40-man raid instance exists that involves defeating Ragnaros, a firelord elemental that rules the Molten Core zone. The term "wipe" involves a party or group being obliterated entirely, which is, though rare, used in terms of Player vs Player combat in the game of World of Warcraft. Given that Ragnaros is a highly powerful fire elemental and the raid involves a 40-man setup, the achievement bears many similarities with the game, effectively describing the scenario of the failure of the said raid. Ragnaros also rules over the Dark Iron Dwarves in this area.
  • Torbjörn's abilities and turret bear a resemblance to the Engineer from Valve's Team Fortress 2, with both of them revolving around building turrets and hitting them with their melee weapon to upgrade and repair them. Both their turrets gain double firing speed at level 2 and rockets at level 3.
  • In a video by Ars Technica Videos, Jeff Kaplan said that Torbjörn is listening to Survivor by Destiny's Child.[23]
  • A Nerf replica of Torbjörn's blaster will go on sale in late 2018.[24]


Concept art
  • Torbjörn's design originated from the playable Engineer class from the cancelled Project Titan, which wielded a nailgun and sledgehammer and had abilities named Large Sentry and Teleporter. Early in the development of Overwatch he was briefly named Ironclad and was invisioned with a Grav Hammer weapon and abilities named Slam and Bowling Ball, while his Teleporter would be given to Symmetra.[25]
  • Torbjörn's old claw trap Concept
    Santaclad Torbjorn skin concept art
    Viking Torbjorn skin concept art
    Zhangfei Torbjorn skin concept art
    Surf 'N' Splash Torbjorn skin concept art
    Surf 'N' Splash Torbjorn gun skin concept art
    Torbjörn was the first character modeled for the game.[26] He was implemented before Junkrat, where it was anticipated that Junkrat's grenade launcher would be a natural counter for Torbjörn's turrets.[27]





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