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For the similar craft used by Overwatch, see MV-261 Orca.
Possible image of a Talon dropship

Dropships (a.k.a. hover carriers) are aircraft used by Talon to transport and deploy troopers.[1] Distinguished by their telltale red and black color scheme and their bird of prey-like design,[2] they are kept aloft through rotary blades.[1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The dropship is possibly seen in Alive or McCree: Train Hopper, though neither quite fit the description in What You Left Behind. The craft Widowmaker uses in the former is bereft of rotary blades (instead using thrusters to stay airborne), while in the latter, the Talon troopers appear to be using standard helicopters. Valkyrie implies that the Alive craft is a dropship, establishing that Talon dropships are distinguished by their black and red color scheme, and resemble birds of prey, matching the imagery of Alive.

References[edit | edit source]