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Efi Rotìmí Opèyèmi Oluwadaré Gabrielle Oladele

Efi Oladele.png

Bolaji Oladele (father)
Fola Oladele (mother)
Yewande (aunt)
Dayo (cousin)
Bisi (cousin)

Efi Oladele (full name: Efi Rotìmí Opèyèmi Oluwadaré Gabrielle Oladele)[1] is an inventor from Numbani with notable achievements in robotics and artificial intelligence, including the creation of Orisa.[2]

Story[edit | edit source]

Efi is very intelligent. She is exceptionally skilled in the field of robotics, but is also skilled in mathematics (including algebra, geometry, and calculus) and science (including physics). However, she has dreadful crafting skills, being much more at home with wire and circuit boards than glue and paper.[1]

She is an admirer of Overwatch, and is a fan of Lúcio's music,[2] with her favorite song of his being We Move Together As One. She similarly highly regards Gabrielle Adawe. She can read some Omnicode and is a skilled gamer, but drifted away from the hobby as she focused on robotics instead.[1]

Efi wears her hair naturally, in a ponytail. She originally had bangs, but they were caught up in one of her robots' motors.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

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Efi was interested in robotics from a young age. While other kids her age played with building blocks, she was already creating robots. As a toddler, while she'd initially been given gifts such as plushies and talking dolls, she ended up dissecting the toys, turning the electronics into actuators and sensors. Once she understood how they worked, she began creating her own devices. At first, her parents hadn't been happy about it (since the toys hadn't been cheap), but one day, they bought Efi her first plastic robotics kit for her fourth birthday. She used it to make Sparky Bot.[1] Moving on from there, Efi became obsessed with putting together little drones. When she started to get good at it, she tried to build robots to do her chores and help around the house[3] (such as Chore Bot), and also built drones to help her neighbors. Her cousin Bisi gave her carbon-steel tools as a gift further on down the line. She got on well with him and Dayo (Bisi's brother).

At school, her closest friends were Naade and Hassana; they became best friends after a science fair incident with a graviton beam. She'd asked them to serve as volunteers. However, she accidentally over-amplified the gravity field, and the result was that they were stuck on the floor of their school library for three hours before they were able to be freed.

When Efi began elementary school, she started taking advanced maths and science classes. Halfway through her first year, she was placed in junior-high classes. At the end of the following year, she'd taught herself algebra and geometry. She ended up taking International Baccalaureate classes after lunch, receiving instruction in calculus and physics. She managed to stay close with Naade and Hassana, but this resulted in an emotional as well as intellectual gap, as she was unable to share their experiences. Furthermore, she noted that while Naade and Hassana were her best friends, Naade and Hassana themselves only seemed to tolerate each other's company.[1]

The Hero of Numbani[edit | edit source]

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By the age of eleven, Efi had put together an impressive resume in robotics and artificial intelligence.[3] Most of her days were spent either in school or in her workshop. At school, she could rely on her cousin, Dayo, for support, but she was distant from the other IB students, as in her experience, teenagers didn't like being shown up by an eleven year-old who was still further along in the curiculum than they were.

While her mother was supportive of her, she wished Efi would spend more time in more traditional recreational activities. For Efi, the creation of robots was recreational in of itself, but for those around her, it appeared as if she was working herself to the bone.

Efi set up her own robotics business (of sorts) as she developed junior assistant (Junie) robots, advertising her services on HollaGram. Naade and Hassana helped her with the robots' construction. However, they had to work out the bugs, and Efi had a long list of customers who'd already put in orders. They managed to create twelve Junies, and Efi gave her friends one each. In part to help boost sales, in part to make it easier to keep up with her friends.

While on the tram, heading home, Efi went on the Free Thinkers website; the place where she obtained most of her source code. There, she stumbled across an advertisment for the Adawe Foundation Fellowship[1] (a.k.a. its "genius grant"),[3] which was a grant for robotics. She noted that the grant was for teachers only, and was disheartened. While she often came across ads for such grants on the site, she found that she never seemed to meet the qualifications for candidacy. However, just before she logged out, her inbox received a message from an anonymous source, telling her that she'd been nominated for the fellowship. She initially suspected that it was malware, but going through it, realized that the email lacked any hallmarkers of spam. It was too personalized for that, and following the link, it took her to the genuine Adawe Foundation website. Whoever "Anonymous088503" was, they were genuine in nominating her. Problem was, however, she only had until midnight to make her submission.

Arriving home, Efi had a quick dinner, told her parents about the grant, and began preparing her pitch. However, writing an essay got her nowhere, as while she was skilled in math and science, she'd only just started learning language arts. Still, the pitch didn't require to be in written form, so she instead made a video pitch, highlighting her past inventions and her current Junie design.[1]

She received the Adawe Foundation's prestigious "genius grant," in recognition of her many accomplishments. The following month, she was interviewed by Atlas News in their "Spotlight on Numbani" segment. When asked as to what she would do with her grant, she avoided answering the question, but did confirm that her parents would be taking her on a trip to celebrate, in what would be her first time flying.[3] However, the outing was seemingly cancelled when an unknown assailant (Doomfist) destroyed several OR15s at the Numbani international airport; Efi took a photograph of the damage, which was later circulated by Atlas News.[4] Having built robots all her life, Efi felt the need to build something greater than her original bots—a "true guardian of Numbani."[5]

Orisa is activated for the first time

Sometime later, Efi posted an image on her holovid channel, captioned "Time to get to work!", that showed a list of items she was gathering for an unknown purpose.[6] The parts were used to construct Orisa, an upgraded and advanced OR15 with the added touch of personality. Orisa was constructed from an OR15 chassis bought from the civil government with most of Efi's grant money, and the allowance of her open-minded parents. Efi sought to create a robot that would act as the hero Numbani needed, and fulfill the initial well-meant intentions of the OR15.[7]

At some point after Doomfist's escape, Efi was scheduled to appear at the Numbani Heritage Museum.[8]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

An ad for Efi's appearance
  • The Hero of Numbani indicates that Efi is of Yoruba heritage. The Yoruba people are a West African ethnic group centered in and around Nigeria.
  • Efi's surname, "Oladele", is Yoruba for "wealth has come home".
  • "Efi" can be a short form of the Classical Greek name "Efthemia".
  • Efi's username on HollaGram is 'BotBuilder11.'[1]

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