HAL-Fred Glitchbot

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HAL-Fred Glitchbot
Hal-Fred glitchbot jpg.jpeg
HAL-Fred Glitchbot in Hollywood as the Payload objective.

Film director
Hollywood, USA
Quotation page

HAL-Fred Glitchbot is a famous[1] omnic[2] film director, producer, and screenwriter. Among his works is the film They Came From Beyond The Moon.[3]

While in Hollywood, Glitchbot came under assault by anti-omnic forces. Overwatch was brought in to protect him.[1]


  • Glitchbot can be heard as a voice inside the car payload on the Hollywood map.[2]
  • His name is a possible wordplay on English director Alfred Hitchcock and/or HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


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