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Hanna is a young girl.

Story[edit | edit source]

Hanna grew up in a village that came under the control of the Dragons. One day, she beheld a pair of strangers. One of them was Brigitte, the other was Reinhardt Wilhelm, a former Overwatch operative. Hanna walked up to him, commenting on his size, and asked him if they were here to save them from the Dragons. The Dragons themselves were in the midst of extortion from the mayor, and as Reinhardt tried to intervene, one of the Dragons put an arm around Hanna, holding her hostage in a bid to keep Reinhardt pacified. That didn't stop them from proceeding to beat him into the ground. A sorrowful Hanna was led away from the scene.

Hanna's faith in Reinhardt was validated however, as the following night, he drove the Dragons from the area. Brigitte gave Hanna's stuffed lion an 'upgrade' in the form of a suit of armor, taken from scrap at the Dragons' base. Hanna declared that she loved it.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before it is repaired by Brigitte, Hanna's lion has its left eye scarred, just like Reinhardt himself.

References[edit | edit source]