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A can of hogdrogen

Hogdrogen is a yellow pressurized chemical mixture that counteracts the effects of radiation exposure on those who inhale it.[1] It is usually seen contained in stout yellow inhaler cans that are compatible with some gas mask filters. In Junkertown, empty cans can be found for sale at Bruce's Wreckyard.[2] A specialized machine can be used to refill hogdrogen cans.

A can refilling machine.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A hogdrogen can is what Roadhog inhales for his Take A Breather ability. The appearance of the can changes when Roadhog equips certain skins.
  • Roadhog's discarded hogdrogen cans can be found in-game in the Banco de Dorado, Calaveras, and in the outskirts of Junkertown.
  • The text on the can reads: "HOGDROGEN, COMPRESSED, Please consult instructions before using. Improper handling of device and[sic] cause serious injury, death, or mass destruction."

References[edit | edit source]