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United KingdomBritish
Lab technician (formerly)
The Underworld, United Kingdom

Iggy is an omnic that lives in the Underworld, an omnic city beneath King's Row.

Story[edit | edit source]

Iggy is a fan of English pop music. Her favorite bands are the Stooges, the Ramones, and the Beatles. She is far less appreciative of omnic music, not even sure if it could be called such a thing.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Iggy in the lab

Iggy worked in a lab with a technician who introduced her to human music with the song Lust for Life by Iggy Pop. Over time she developed an interest in music and moved to the Underworld, rooming with a pair of other omnics who shared her appreciation for music, Lizzy and Lady.[1]

London Calling[edit | edit source]

Iggy meets Tracer

Iggy met Tracer while attempting to steal a modulator from a vendor that refused to sell to omnics. The two quickly bonded over their shared love of classic English rock music, and Iggy took her to the Underworld to listen to old records. As she left, Tracer offered to do what she could to help Iggy and the other omnics living in the Underworld, and promised Iggy that they'd meet again.[1]

Discussing Kace and culture

Iggy bringing Tracer into the Underworld didn't go unnoticed, as she was confronted by Kace and his followers. Tracer stumbled upon the confrontation. Kace left, but not without warning Iggy that humans had no honor, and that one day, Iggy would see this truth. Iggy was despondent, but was cheered up when Tracer revealed that she'd brought an Iggy Pop record with her. In her quarters, Iggy explained that there were omnics who feared losing themselves if they embraced human culture. Iggy explained that she didn't believe her love of human culture didn't require her to forsake being omnic. Tracer headed off, explaining that she only needed a few more parts to fix the grid.

That night, Iggy was once again confronted by Kace. Iggy explained that Tracer had promised to help get parts to fix the grid, but Kace was unconvinced, asking what good music would do them in the next blackout. On cue, the Underworld was plunged into darkness. Kace, losing patience, led his followers out of the Underworld, determined to acquire the parts they needed through theft. Despite the grim situation, Iggy refused to give up hope.

Iggy tells Tracer that Mondatta is looking for her

The next day, Iggy met Tracer in the street. She'd managed to acquire a regulator, but Iggy explained that the grid needed a new transformer, and that without it, the grid would continue to fail. Furthermore, she told Iggy that Tekhartha Mondatta, leader of the Shambali, wanted to contact her. Tracer explained that they'd met during the King's Row Uprising, but didn't know why Mondatta would want to see her. Iggy didn't know either, but told Tracer that his followers were trying to get in touch. That he was giving a speech at King's Row tonight, and wanted to see her before giving it.

Iggy wonders where Tracer has gone

Iggy went to the gathering and was overjoyed at seeing so many humans and omnics present, including omnics that she thought would have never come. She met with Tracer in the crowd, and listened to Mondatta as he began to speak. However, Tracer suddenly headed off. An omnic pointed out that Tracer was a former member of Overwatch, and Iggy reflected that if Tracer had headed off like that, maybe something was wrong. Iggy headed to the rooftops and saw Tracer engaged in a firefight with an assassin. She watched as the assassin fired her rifle, and Tracer blinked to avoid the bullet...which allowed said bullet to hit Mondatta instead, killing him. Iggy, distraught, reflected that Tracer could have saved Mondatta, but hadn't.

Iggy headed back to the street, telling her fellow omnics that Tracer had blinked out of the way, allowing Mondatta to be killed. And that she didn't know why.[2]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Iggy is possibly named after the English rock star Iggy Pop.

References[edit | edit source]