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"Justice ain't gonna dispense itself."

Real Name
Jesse McCree
USA American
Criminal (formerly)
Overwatch agent (formerly)
Bounty hunter
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Deadlock Gang (formerly)
Blackwatch (formerly)
Matthew Mercer [1] (English)

Boris Rehlinger (French)
Torben Liebrecht (German)
Alessandro D'Errico (Italian)
Jūrōta Kosugi (Japanese)
Kwak Yoon-sang (Korean)
Guilherme Lopes (Brazilian Portuguese)
José Arenas (American Spanish)
Gabriel Jiménez (European Spanish)

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McCree is a Damage hero in Overwatch.


Armed with his Peacekeeper revolver, McCree takes out targets with deadeye precision and dives out of danger with eagle-like speed.



Weapon (Primary Fire)

Icon Stats Official Description

Single shot hitscan
35 - 70
Falloff range
20 to 40 meters
Spread angle
Rate of fire
0.42 second recovery
~2.38 shots per second
Reload time
1.5 seconds

McCree fires off a round from his trusty six-shooter.




Weapon (Secondary Fire)

Icon Stats Official Description

Rapid fire hitscan
25 - 50
Falloff range
20 to 40 meters
Spread angle
Constant: 6.50 degrees
Rate of fire
1 shot per 0.13 seconds
Ammo usage
up to 6
Reload time
1.5 seconds

McCree can fan the Peacekeeper’s hammer to swiftly unload the entire cylinder.


  • Peacekeeper's alternate fire is also called "Fan the Hammer."


Combat Roll


Icon Stats Official Description

Move. speed
15 meters per second
Max. range
6 meters
0.4 seconds
6 seconds

McCree dives in the direction he’s moving, effortlessly reloading his Peacekeeper in the process.


  • Works only while McCree is on a surface.
  • McCree can roll off ledges.
  • Travels in the direction McCree is walking, not the direction he is facing (unless he is not moving).




Icon Stats Official Description

Splash projectile
Projectile speed
30 meters per second
Max. range
7 meters
Area of effect
3 meters radius
Casting time
0.35 seconds
~0.7 second stun
10 seconds

McCree heaves a blinding grenade that explodes shortly after it leaves his hand. The blast staggers enemies in a small radius.


  • Flashbang can affect enemies up to 10 m away.




Icon Stats Official Description

Rapid fire hitscan
0.2 to 1.0 seconds: 100 per second; 80 overall
1.0 to 1.5 seconds: 275 per second
After 1.5 seconds: 550 per second
Move. speed
Max. range
200 meters
Rate of fire
1 shot per 0.2 seconds
Ammo usage
1 per target
Up to 6.2 seconds
Ultimate cost
1680 points

Focus. Mark. Draw. McCree takes a few precious moments to aim; when he’s ready to fire, he shoots every enemy in his line of sight. The weaker his targets are, the faster he’ll line up a killshot.


  • McCree passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.36 seconds.
  • Deadeye replenishes Peacekeeper's ammo.
  • Deadeye only targets enemy heroes, and cannot target objects such as barriers, turrets, mines, etc.
  • Deadeye begins locking 0.2 seconds after activation. Over the next 0.8 seconds, it accumulates damage slowly to all enemies in sight, up to 80 for each. After 1 second, Deadeye accumulates damage at a rate of 275 per second. After 1.5 seconds, it accumulates at 550 per second.
  • If the accumulated damage is above an enemy's health, a skull will appear.
  • The player's field-of-view (FOV) settings do not affect the breadth of Deadeye. At lower FOV settings, McCree may be able to kill an enemy that the player cannot see.
  • Despite the visuals in-game, the shots don't actually count as headshots — the ability will deal no damage when the "Headshots only" option is selected in a custom game.
  • Ammo remaining in the cylinder is not relevant as it will keep firing even if it runs out of ammo.
  • Deadeye can lock on to and kill more than 6 targets simultaneously.




As befits a gunslinger, McCree is one of the game's best duelists. He is capable of killing almost anyone he gets up close to with blinding speed by stunning them with Flashbang and unloading his Peacekeeper into them. The accurate hitscan nature of his primary weapon also makes him suitable for fighting mobile targets like Genji and Pharah at medium range. Combat Roll not only provides him a quick mobility to escape, but also fully reloads at the same time which is what his playstyle really needs. Deadeye can be used to quick-kill on non-tank heroes within his line of sight or zoning away the opponents due to how the guarantee kill shot.


While having a powerful gun, McCree's abilities are considered sub-par as a trade-off to his insane damage output. His low mobility means that he has no conventional routes to get up close to his opponents, making it easy to outflank him and kill him before he has a chance to fire back. Flashbang is only his way to protect himself in close-combat, missing the target will likely to force him to fight or escape from the death. His low ammunition means that wasting one bullet has much value than others. His damage output falls off a cliff at longer ranges in comparison to other hit-scan heroes, making him one of the poor choice at static defense at long range.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Peacekeeper: McCree's main weapon. The primary fire shoots a single, perfectly accurate bullet down the crosshairs. The secondary fire "fans" the Peacekeeper's hammer, causing McCree to unload the remaining rounds in the Peacekeeper's cylinder at lightning speed. The bullets from the secondary fire cannot headshot.
    • The deadly accuracy of the primary fire is best used on targets at medium range. It's also useful on particularly agile targets like Tracer who are difficult to hit with the secondary fire.
    • The secondary fire is woefully inaccurate at anything past short range, but will kill anyone with 200 or less hit points in a single volley if all of the bullets hit. Use the secondary fire when close to an opponent to quickly deal massive damage to them before they can respond.
  • Combat Roll: When activated, McCree rolls a short distance in the direction he's currently moving. He also fully reloads his Peacekeeper during the roll.
    • While Combat Roll does give McCree a small amount of mobility, it's nothing compared to Tracer's Blink. Combat Roll is best used as a quick way for McCree to reload his Peacekeeper than anything else. If you're in danger, however, it's best to use Combat Roll to get to cover instead of saving it for the reload.
  • Flashbang: When activated, McCree hurls a small grenade forwards in an arc, which detonates after traveling a short distance. Enemies caught in the explosion are dealt a small amount of damage and briefly stunned. The effected target's momentum is also significantly slowed for the same duration.
    • The main reason that McCree is such a good duelist. Use Flashbang to stun your opponent, then deal damage with Peacekeeper while they can't respond.
    • Flashbang is extremely deadly to heroes that rely on their mobility, such as Tracer. A Flashbang and a headshot from Peacekeeper is a guaranteed kill on any opponents below 165HP.
    • While Flashbang (and its explosion) is blocked by Reinhardt's Barrier Field if thrown directly at the barrier, it can be thrown over the top of the barrier to circumvent it and stun Reinhardt. Try to only fight Reinhardt if you have enough height to throw the Flashbang over top of his Barrier Field successfully.
    • Flashbang can be used to finish off very weak enemies at close range, however it is best used to halt enemies.
  • Deadeye (Ultimate): McCree's Ultimate ability. When activated, McCree enters a special targeting mode for a short duration, during which time he is dramatically slowed and cannot use his other abilities. Enemies are gradually highlighted with a red bullseye as long as they are within McCree's vision. McCree can press the primary fire button at any point during this time to shoot a bullet at all highlighted targets, with the damage increasing the longer they were within McCree's vision. This is a channeled ability, and will immediately end if McCree is hit by a stun.
    • The bullet fired by Deadeye will always hit a highlighted enemy, so long as they are within McCree's vision when he presses the primary fire button.
    • The red dot in the middle of the bullseye indicates how much damage Deadeye will do to that specific target. When the dot stops growing, that indicates that Deadeye will instantly kill the target, unless they are protected by a barrier, have bonus Health from an ability like Sound Barrier, or are otherwise invulnerable. There are some occurrences where McCree will activate his Ultimate, and for example he is locked on to 4 targets, he shoots the first 3 targets. In the time he is shooting said 3 targets, target 4 moves to cover at the perfect time and McCree's bullet misses and hits where the target was last in sight. This could also happen if a Mei puts up an ice wall right before getting shot, the ice wall will protect her from McCree's bullet even though she was locked on to at the time of the Ultimate being fired.
    • Enemies who were previously targeted but who have left McCree's vision will have their bullseye turn grey. It will turn back to red when they are once more in his vision.
    • If you feel like you're about to die while using Deadeye, you could always fire before the killing shot. It will not kill targets, but it still does a lot of damage and is infinitely better than dying, wasting your ultimate, and doing no damage.
    • Due to the ultimate being a channeled ability, the main weakness McCree faces is Sleep Darts and Chain Hooks. The best way to maximize Deadeye's potential is to have a Sombra use her EMP before hand, preventing any barriers, Chain Hooks, Sleep Darts, or other stuns from ruining Deadeye.

General Strategies

  • McCree is a powerful anti-flanker and medium range damage dealer. Though it might be tempting to send him out on his own, he actually works best when staying near his team, as he can quickly kill annoying flankers like Genji and deal significant damage to Tanks like Winston, keeping his own team safe. McCree's low mobility makes him vulnerable to being picked off by enemies like Widowmaker if he travels by himself, and most enemies will be able to hear him coming a mile away due to his loud footsteps.
  • Stick to using the Peacekeeper's primary fire at anything other than short range. Aim for headshots if your enemy is moving in a predictable way, as they deal a large amount of damage.
  • Flashbang does interrupt some abilities or even ultimate, so it is encourage to use it against some ultimate like Reaper's Death Blossom or Roadhog's Whole Hog.
  • It maybe a better choice to point a single headshot on a stunned target rather than using Fan the Hammer. You don't have to reload after you attack with a single shot from primary fire. This technique is useful to save yourself from a failed Fan the Hammer combo, especially when the target is protected by Zarya's Projected Barrier.
  • Use Combat Roll to retreat and return fire rather than rolling to fight back. Even if you can fully reload without reloading animation, you will lose your only method of escape if you encounter a bad engagement.
  • Minimize return fire by peeking around a corner when there is no friendly Barrier provided. With this, you can maintain your target point and potentially receive less damage from enemies.
  • Try to gain some vertical height before using Deadeye, as this will let you get more vision of targets hiding behind cover. Be aware that McCree is extremely easy to kill while using Deadeye, so watch out for enemies like Widowmaker or Soldier: 76 who can burst you down before you even have a chance of lining up your shots.
  • Deadeye can be used in one of two ways: as a way of clearing out an area, or as a way of assassinating mobile priority targets. The "standard" combination of Mercy and Pharah flying through the air are especially vulnerable to being killed by Deadeye, as it takes little time for McCree to line up a killing shot for both of them.
  • Another note with Deadeye is you need to use it unpredictably. It would be best to try and flank the enemy team and use it from behind, so they'll have the idea that you're in front, but instead you're behind them, taking out multiple foes quickly. Note that Reinhardt's Shield can block the Deadeye shots, but will deal tremendous damage to the shield instead.
  • A notable vantage point when using Deadeye on Dorado is just after the first checkpoint, upon going through the large gate, looking up and to the right, there is a small (and very accessible) ledge. The ledge looks over the long stretch of road for the Payload, making it an excellent spot to use Deadeye, especially with the fact of it being so high up, you might be able to see enemies that wouldn't be visible on ground level. The ledge also gives access to a very small area filled with plants, flowers, etc. on the building to the right, allowing you to walk on the very small ledge on the building, also working for a potential Deadeye spot. But be aware that if the enemies find your location, they can easily get under you to avoid the ultimate.
  • McCree's Peacekeepercan be treated like Widow's Kiss or Hanzo's Storm Bow. While it is tempting to aim for headshots, aim for bodyshots if you know you can't get them. It is better to get multiple bodyshots than trying to get a headshot, risking your life.


"Justice ain't gonna dispense itself."

Armed with his Peacekeeper revolver, the outlaw Jesse McCree doles out justice on his own terms.[2] A $60 million bounty is on his head.[3] At times, he has missed his old farm boy life.[4] He enjoys liquor with "bite" to it,[3] along with cookies.[5]

The Deadlock Gang

McCree and Ashe in their youth

McCree grew up on a farm[4] in New Mexico.[5] As a young ruffian, he had a chance encounter with Elizabeth Ashe. The two committed an impromptu string of crimes together and with two others, formed the Deadlock Gang.[6] The two of them never dated;[7] possibly part of the reason was that according to McCree, Ashe was never his type due to her wealthy background.[4] As a young man,[8] McCree made a name for himself as a member of the Deadlock Gang.[2]


Right. This is where I picked up the damn ingrate.
~ Gabriel Reyes, reflecting on his recruitment of McCree
McCree in an Overwatch group photo shortly after being recruited into Blackwatch.[9]

McCree's time in the Deadlock Gang came to an end when he and his associates were busted in an Overwatch sting operation. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness, he was visited by Gabriel Reyes, the head of Overwatch's Blackwatch covert ops division. Reyes gave him the choice between rotting in a maximum security lockup or joining Blackwatch. McCree chose the latter.[2][8]

McCree, Reyes, and Genji meet with Moira O'Deorain

Although he was initially cynical, he came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins by righting the injustices of the world. McCree appreciated the flexibility afforded to the clandestine Blackwatch, unhindered by bureaucracy and red tape.[2] He was given instruction by Reyes, and was given some pointers in shooting by Ana Amari.[3] He had a mixed relationship with fellow Blackwatch members Genji Shimada and Moira O'Deorain.[10] He thought that the hiring of O'Deorain was a mistake.[3]



An Overwatch facility was attacked. The team needed to respond. But officially, their hands were tied. Luckily, Blackwatch plays by its own rules. We all knew who was responsible. Rumor had it he'd be well protected. Our mission was to drop in and get him out so he could face the music. At least, that's how it was supposed to go.
~ Jesse McCree
McCree in the Rome facility

Eight years before the present day, McCree was with Reyes and Gerard Lacroix in the Rome Blackwatch facility. Overwatch was being attacked by Talon, but Lacroix had tracked down one of their associates—Antonio Bartalotti, whose compound in Venice was a hotbed of illegal activity. McCree was up for a "road trip" to apprehend him, but Lacroix pointed out that Bartalotti was too well connected with the Italian government. Instead, he planned to go after Bartalotti's employees, to bring charges against them, and thus disrupt Bartalotti's cash flows. Thus, Bartalotti would be less able to purchase "friends in high places," and as such, Overwatch could go after him. Satisfied with the plan, McCree and Reyes left the building. Seconds later, it was destroyed in an explosion, courtesy of a bomb set by a Talon agent. McCree and Reyes rushed in, and were able to save Lacroix, but many other Overwatch members weren't as lucky.

Awhile later, at Overwatch Headquarters, Reyes asked McCree if he was still up for the "road trip" he'd proposed. McCree was, but was disheartened to learn that the operation was simply apprehending Bartalotti. Reyes assured McCree that the info they got from Bartalotti would allow them to hit Talon harder next time. Thus, they headed for Venice alongside Shimada and O'Deorain.[11]


This is your fault commander! We had a plan! We could've walked Antonio right out of the city! I didn't sign up for this!
~ McCree during the shootout
McCree in Rialto

The Blackwatch team arrived in a Venice safehouse and set up survaillance on the manor. They found Talon soldiers patrolling the grounds. When night fell, they infiltrated the manor.[12] They made their way through its interior, killing and/or incapacitating numerous Talon guards. Upon reaching Antonio's office, they found him there, not surprised to see them. Nor was he intimidated, as he pointed out that Overwatch abducting a "respected businessman" would be a public relations nightmare. Furthermore, even if they did take him, his "friends" would have him released within a week. After some thought, Reyes said "you're right" and shot Antonio, the force of the blast sending him through his office window, and triggering an alarm. McCree was outraged, pointing out that this wasn't the plan. Reyes casually suggested that they go with "Plan B"—fight their way out, guns blazing. As they exfiltrated the manor, Genji asked about McCree's unease, pointing out that they'd killed before. McCree pointed out that what had happened was an execution. Genji simply responded "dead is dead." Regardless, the team succeeded in escaping, with all four Blackwatch agents making their way out despite the hordes of Talon soldiers that came their way. However, the incident was reported in the press, and Blackwatch's existence was revealed to the public.

McCree watches Reyes get debriefed

Back at HQ, Reyes was debriefed by Jack Morrison, Ana Amari, and a recovered Lacroix. McCree watched the interogation from behind a one-way mirror.[13] After Reyes was debriefed, Morrison asked if McCree had anything to add, to which McCree asked where Morrison wanted him to start.[12] McCree gave his account of events.[14] Much later, McCree reflected that while Antonio had got what was coming to him, it still didn't seem right. He also reflected that this was "where it all started to go wrong," as not only Blackwatch been revealed, but individuals within Talon emerged to fill the void Bartalotti's death had made.[13]


Null Sector is holding Mondatta, Mayor Nandah, and a hundred prisoners in the power plant. It's all walled off. You want in, you're going to need to blow open the doors. That's assuming you can get past the air defenses.
~ McCree gives his sit-rep
McCree in King's Row

Seven years before the present day, Blackwatch and its agents were placed under suspension, as the division came under investigation. This same year, the King's Row Uprising occurred. McCree was present in London, and while there, he reported to Jack Morrison and Reyes on the developing hostage situation on the ground. He signed out as he came under attack by a Null Sector omnic, but took it out. Officially, no Overwatch agents were allowed in England due to the prime minister's orders. When Morrison accused Reyes of breaching protocol, Reyes suggested that McCree was merely there "on vacation."[15]


After Ana Amari disappeared while taking part in an operation in Poland, Reyes assigned McCree to find her. However, Ana wasn't to be found.[16]



At some point after the King's Row Uprising, McCree had his left arm replaced with a cybernetic graft, though it took awhile to get used to.

As Overwatch's influence waned, rogue elements within Blackwatch sought to bring down the organization and turn it to their own ends. Wanting no part of the infighting, McCree set off alone and went underground.[2] He resurfaced several years later as a gunslinger for hire. But while McCree's talents were sought after by parties great and small, he fought only for causes he believed were just.[2]

Note: the following sections aren't necessarily in chronological order.

Train Hopper

Ain't the fastest or cheapest way to travel, but that's the appeal. Rich folks like to go where the gettin's expensive. But hey, the food is great. So is the bourbon selection. Not that I'd know. They don't sell folks like me a ticket...
~ McCree
McCree 'crashes the party'

McCree caught a ride on a hypertrain headed for Houston.[17] Caught a ride, as in, sitting on top of the train as it barreled along, for, in his words, "they don't sell folks like me a ticket." Nor did hypertrains make it easy for soldiers to rappel down from helicopters onto, but that's what started happening, as McCree observed such an action taking place. He noticed the Talon soldiers were using Blackwatch tactics. Staying out of sight, he could tell that the operatives weren't after him, but he was concerned. First, the operatives (or at least their method of insertion) were operating in a manner similar to Blackwatch. Secondly, if McCree's face was spotted, he knew that he'd take the heat for whatever was about to go down. Making a decision, McCree vaulted into a train car and quickly dispatched a number of the operatives. He told the stunned passengers to stay in their seats, and that things would be over shortly.

Giving the ultimatum

Moving on, McCree saved one of the train staff from being executed, as he didn't know a set of codes. Apparently the soldiers were after something at the back of the train, so McCree headed that way. He dispatched the enemy soldiers there, but only after hearing one of their number call for backup. Reaching the device at the back, he tossed it off the train, content that the operatives would go after it and leave the train itself alone. His face now out in the open, McCree settled down to enjoy the ride, only to learn via a news report that the robbery had indeed been laid on him, and from a steward, learnt that the train would arrive in Houston in three minutes. He asked that the truth of what happened be relayed to the police, and that the arrival time be "fudged," in order to give him time to make his exit.[18]

Noodle Shootout

Street still in shambles following noodle joint shootout - who's keeping us safe?
~ Joel Morricone
The aftermath of the shootout

McCree made an appearance as a vigilante, thwarting a robbery attempt of a ramen shop. The media mainly focused on his "anachronistic fashion sense," though pundit Joel Morricone espoused the belief that McCree's vigilantism should be welcomed, given the high crime rate in the area.[19]


When Winston issued a recall of Overwatch agents, McCree was in the eastern United States.[20]


McCree's Christmas drink at Calaveras

During Christmas, McCree was drinking at the bar of Calaveras in Mexico.[21]


Jesse McCree. It's been a while. You promised you'd write.
Well Ashe...I've been kind of busy.
~ Ashe and McCree
McCree emerges to confront Ashe

Having anonymously tipped off the Deadlock Gang that a military freight train full of ordnance would be crossing Route 66 at 11:55 AM, knowing Ashe wouldn't be able to resist following up on it, McCree relaxed with a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee at the nearby Panorama Diner while waiting for the heist to go down. Sure enough, the train was passing by overhead right on time when it was derailed by an explosion, destroying the bridge and sending the train cars crashing down onto the road. Leaving payment for his meal, McCree walked out to greet Ashe. Their reunion was cordial, if tense. McCree hinted that he had sent the tip, and all he wanted was a specific crate—in return, the gang was free to help themselves to everything else. Opening the crate and seeing what was inside however, to McCree's disappointment Ashe decided it was very much her business, especially when he refused to tell her what the device was. What followed was a standoff, and come the stroke of noon, a gunfight.

A more pleasant reunion

Despite being outnumbered, McCree was able to turn the tables on his attackers, incapacitating all of them. Having removed what military ordnance had already been loaded on the Deadlocks' hover dolly, he tied the unconscious gang members to it and sent it down the highway, telling Ashe to "say high to the gang for me" (and ignoring her angry screaming). Turning his attention back to the crate, he reactivated the being inside it—Echo, a mysterious robot that he knew from his past with Overwatch. He told her about the recall order issued by Winston, and that while he'd been the one to receive it, she was the one that Overwatch needed. Asking Echo to pass along his greetings to Winston the two parted ways, as McCree drove off on Ashe's hoverbike saying that he had some business to attend to. Further down the road, he drove past the gang, upsetting Ashe once again when she recognized her bike.[22]


Name Icon Description Reward
Whoa There!
Ability-mccree3.png Interrupt an enemy Ultimate Ability with McCree's Flashbang in Quick or Competitive play. Spray McCree Pixel.png
It's High Noon
Ability-mccree4.png Get 4 killing blows with a single use of McCree's Deadeye in Quick or Competitive play. Spray McCree Cute.png


Van Helsing McCree skin concept art
  • McCree's Peacekeeper revolver was built by a legendary gunsmith and fires custom high-caliber ammunition with technological enhancements, while his flashbangs are custom non-lethal grenades that were once used by Overwatch.[23]
  • Fitting with McCree's cowboy motif, activating Deadeye causes a tumbleweed to roll in front of him, a common cliche in western films.
  • The engraving of McCree's belt buckle spells "BAMF," which is an acronym of "Bad Ass Mother Fucker."[24]
  • McCree has a few possible references to Doc Holiday in the film Tombstone. The most prominent being his voice-line "I'm your Huckleberry.", the others being his Gambler skin and his Gunspinning emote, the former representing Doc Holiday's traits of being a gambler, as well as referencing his appearance, and the latter referencing an action he did in the film.


An illustration of Logann for a proposed StarCraft game, which served as inspiration for McCree
  • McCree's design is based on an old StarCraft sketch by Chris Metzen of a character named Prospector Logann. This sketch helped serve as an inspiration for the first game pitch proposed by the Titan team following the cancellation of Project Titan, a science fiction game that would have depicted the StarCraft universe from a new and unique perspective, and a new illustration of Logann was created by Arnold Tsang and Peter Lee for the project, as well as a 3D model. Eventually this design became the basis for McCree in Overwatch, with only minor alterations to the design, such as changing his duster into a serape.[25][26]
  • When naming McCree, the developers made lists of first and last names to find the best cowboy name, but none of them felt quite right. Someone suggested the name of one of Blizzard's own developers, Jesse McCree, and it came out on top in the end. The real Jesse McCree had to sign his name away for the Overwatch team to use it.[27]
  • The aesthetic design of McCree seems to be heavily inspired by The Man With No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy. Similarities include: a long poncho adored with lines and symbols dragged over the shoulder, similar style of hat, similar facial hair, squinty eyes and the frequent use of cigars. References the trilogy can also be found in McCree's voice lines, in which he says: "I'm not good, not bad but I sure as hell ain't ugly". This is a reference to the third movie of the trilogy, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.





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