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Jetpack Cat
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Torbjörn Lindholm (presumably)

"Jetpack Cat"[1] is an off-hand name used to describe a canceled hero from Overwatch. As the name suggests, the hero was a cat in a jetpack, who controlled the device with its paws. It was decided that the cat would take things "too far," even for Overwatch, and the concept was "scratched". According to Jeff Kaplan, there was also the issue of seeing things when playing in first person from the cat, namely its paws on the controls.[2]

Kaplan mentioned the existence of "Jetpack Cat" in April, 2017. The interview and reception to the idea was noted by Michael Chu, who was not on the development team when the idea was pitched. He commented in a Reddit interview that he'd "been thinking Torbjörn has a particuarly interesting cat, and who knows what stuff Torbjörn has lying around..."[1]

Brigitte makes armor for her cat

With Torbjörn's daughter Brigitte Lindholm revealed on Feb 28, 2018 to become a new hero in her own right, her origin story shows her family owning a fluffy white cat. After she became old enough to spend time in Torbjörn's workshop, she would start making and fitting the family cat with its own armor (with the cat not being all that eager to participate, but nevertheless resigned to its fate).[3]

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