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Omnics fight for the whole. Humans fight only for themselves.
~ Kace


United KingdomBritish (presumed)
Gang leader
The Underworld, United Kingdom

Kace is an omnic leader who distrusts humans.[1] He leads a gang, based out of the Underworld, and styles himself as a religious figure.[2]

Story[edit | edit source]

We have the parts, and I have a safe way to get them. My friend—
A promise from the human?
She said she was going to get us the parts.
And what did she bring today? Human music. How will that help us in the next blackout?
~ Iggy and Kace discuss the former's friendship with Tracer

Inside the Underworld, Kace and his gang confronted Iggy, who had brought a human, Lena Oxton, into her quarters. Kace already disliked Iggy due to her interest in human culture (especially music), and the tension increased when Oxton returned, interrupting the confrontation. Kace refused to greet Oxton, and warned Iggy that humans knew nothing of honor, before departing with his gang.

That night, Kace and his gang once again confronted Iggy. Oxton was bringing in parts to help fix the Underworld's grid. Kace, sneering, asked what good music would do. As if on cue, the grid gave out. Kace warned Iggy that while omnics fought for the whole, humans only looked out for themselves, and that she'd soon see the truth. He led his gang out of the Underworld, intent on stealing the parts required to fix the grid, since under UK law, they could not be sold to omnics legally.

The next night, Tekhartha Mondatta was assassinated, while giving a speech in King's Row preaching human-omnic unity. The assassination sent shockwaves throughout London's omnic community. Kace, rallying the Underworld's omnics to his side, declared that Mondatta's message of peace was over. Now was the time for war.[2]

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