Lord of Adlersbrunn

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Lord of Adlersbrunn

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The Lord of Adlersbrunn is a fictional character from the Halloween story told by Reinhardt Wilhelm in the comic Junkenstein.

Story[edit | edit source]

Junkenstein's creations fail to impress.

The Lord had under his service one Dr. Jamison Junkenstein who created lifelike automatons for him. However, the lord disliked Junkenstein and considered his creations as useless and "nothing more than slaves." This angered the doctor greatly, and to prove his worth he endeavored to create a being that was truly alive. By making a deal with the Witch of the Wilds, Junkenstein succeeded in bringing his monster to life, and let it lay waste to the town.[1]

Junkenstein's next course of action was to barrage the lord's castle with an army of his automatons, known as Zomnics, to enact his revenge on the lord. In defense, the lord called upon four heroes to fight off the doctor and his allies.[2]

The heroes were victorious and peace returned to Adlersbrunn, at least for a time. The Witch resurrected Junkenstein and he rebuilt his infernal army to lay waste to Adlersbrunn once more. The lord had no choice but to summon four more heroes to face the doctor in and endless night of battle.[3]

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