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Good job out there, Mercy.
Don't start that.
Sorry. You know I've been waiting months to call you that.
~ Mahmoud and Angela Ziegler

Egypt Egyptian
Cairo, Egypt

Mahmoud is a doctor residing in Cairo.

In the period after Overwatch's disbandment, he worked with Doctor Angela Ziegler while she was in the country. Unlike many Egyptians, he admired her. After Talon attacked the Temple of Anubis, he and Ziegler treated the wounded. He addressed her as "Mercy," telling her that she'd done a good job in the field. She told him not to start, but he sheepishly admitted that he'd been waiting months to call her by her old codename. He informed her that Hanan's parents were dead, and that they were searching for her next of kin. He comforted Ziegler, telling her that she'd still done a good job in getting Hanan and her brother out of the building.[1]

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