Matilda Smedius

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Matilda Smedius

Matilda Smedius.jpg

Real Name
Alice Matilda Marika Evelina Smedius
Sweden Swedish
Voice Actress, Actress
Matilda Smedius has always been a voice actor, but nothing could have prepared her for the upswell in popularity and fan engagement after her role voice acting Brigitte went public. Raised in Sweden and similar to Brigitte in her love of cats and food, Matilda poured over every line Blizzard gave her, describing the process as "intense but necessary".[1]

Matilda Smedius is a Swedish actress and provides the voice of the hero Brigitte in Overwatch. Prior to her role in Overwatch, she mostly worked on Swedish television shows.[2] She started her voice acting career at age 6[2], and the profession runs in her family.

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