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Enter, the OR15 defense bots! They took the old Idina model from the Crisis and gave them a complete makeover. They kept us safe. For a while.
~ Efi Oladele
OR15 units in Numbani

The OR15 (alternatively stylized as OR-15)[1] was a recently developed type of defense robot.[2] After the Numbani airport attack, the OR15 program was decommissioned.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

The OR15 defense robot was an omnic[4] based off the Omnic Crisis OR14. It was designed to protect the citizens of Numbani from potential external threats and more importantly, Doomfist; twenty years after the Omnic Crisis.[3] While the units were suited for battle and initially performed their function, they soon lost horrifically in a fight against Doomfist in the Numbani airport.[5][6] As a result of the fight, Doomfist's gauntlet was stolen.[7] Subsequently, the citizenry of Numbani gave up hope on the OR15.[6] After the attack, the program was scrapped, the units decommissioned, and the civil government sold off the remaining OR15s.[3]

The destroyed OR15s

The young girl Efi Oladele purchased one of the decommissioned OR15 units and created Orisa, an upgraded version of the OR15 designed as a singular unit to represent what the OR15 units were supposed to do for her city.[6]

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