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"Your safety is my primary concern."

1 month
Guardian Robot
Numbani Numbani
Efi Oladele (creator)
Cherrelle Skeete[1] (English)

Corinne Wellong (French)
Dela Dabulamanzi (German)
Elisabetta Spinelli (Italian)
Atsumi Tanezaki (Japanese)
Kang Shi-hyeon (Korean)
Sonia Bohosiewicz (Polish)
Marisa Leal (Brazilian Portuguese)
Olga Zubkova (Russian)

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Orisa is a Tank hero in Overwatch.


Orisa serves as the central anchor of her team, and defends her teammates from the frontline with a protective barrier. She can attack from long range, fortify her own defenses, launch graviton charges to slow and move enemies, and deploy a Supercharger to boost the damage output of multiple allies at once.[2]


Fusion Driver


Icon Stats Official Description
Ability Orisa Fusion Driver.png

Linear Projectile
Spread angle
Constant: 1.2 degree
Move. speed
-30% movement speed
Projectile speed
90 meters per second
Rate of fire
12 rounds per second
Reload time
2.55 seconds

Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it.


  • Can sustain fire for 12.50s before reloading.



Icon Stats Official Description
Ability Orisa Halt!.png

Linear Projectile
Projectile speed
20 meters per second
Area of effect
7.5 meter radius
Casting time
0.3 seconds
0.6 seconds activation delay
8 seconds

Launch a graviton charge which can be detonated with the same action. The sphere slows and pulls nearby enemies to it.


  • When the orb collides with a surface or when the ability is pressed again, after a ~0.6s delay, it quickly sucks in enemies within 7.5m, applies a brief slow, then dissipates.
  • The projectile itself goes through barriers, but the pull effect will not affect anyone behind a barrier.
  • Halt! will continue to pull enemies over unlimited distances. (This is likely a bug, and will be fixed.) [3]
  • Halt! can redirect Reinhardt while he uses Charge.
  • Genji can use Deflect to redirect the orb towards Orisa, however if it's not reactivated, it will be not harmful to her.



Icon Stats Official Description
Ability Orisa Fortify.png

Dmg. reduction
4 seconds
10 seconds

Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes and cannot be affected by movement-impairing effects.


  • The following abilities deal damage to a Fortified Orisa but do not apply stun, knockback, or slowdown:
    • Ana Ana: Sleep Dart
    • 20px Ashe: Coach Gun, B.O.B. (charge)
    • Bastion Bastion: Configuration: Tank
    • Brigitte Brigitte: Whip Shot
    • D.Va D.Va: Boosters, Self-Destruct, Call Mech
    • Doomfist Doomfist: Rising Uppercut, Seismic Slam, Rocket Punch, Meteor Strike
    • Junkrat Junkrat: Frag Launcher, Concussion Mine, Steel Trap
    • Lúcio Lúcio: Soundwave
    • Mei Mei: Endothermic Blaster, Blizzard
    • McCree McCree: Flashbang
    • Pharah Pharah: Rocket Launcher
    • Reinhardt Reinhardt: Rocket Hammer, Earthshatter
    • Roadhog Roadhog: Whole Hog
    • Soldier: 76 Soldier: 76: Helix Rockets
    • Symmetra Symmetra: Sentry Turrets
    • Winston Winston: Primal Rage melee attacks, Jump Pack
    • Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball: Grappling Claw, Piledriver, Minefield
    • Zarya Zarya: Particle Cannon (alternate fire), Graviton Surge
  • The following abilities have no effect on a Fortified Orisa:
  • Orisa can still be hacked by Sombra Sombra while using Fortify, but this will not interrupt the ability.
  • Cooldown begins after the effect expires.
  • Orisa will not act as an obstacle for purposes of blocking allies from e.g. Reinhardt's ultimate.

Protective Barrier


Icon Stats Official Description
Ability Orisa Protective Barrier.png

Arcing Projectile
Projectile speed
25 meters per second
20 seconds
9 seconds

Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that can protect her and her allies from enemy fire.


  • The device cannot be deflected by Genji, nor destroyed by D.Va's Defense Matrix.
  • The barrier itself is shaped like a football net.
  • Orisa can see the barrier's health on her HUD.
  • If Protective Barrier is placed on a Payload, it will move with it, providing constant cover.
  • Protective Barrier can be attached to movable objects like basketballs.


Ultimate Ability

Icon Stats Official Description
Ability Orisa Supercharger.png

+50% damage boost
Area of effect
25 meter radius
Casting time
1 second
15 seconds
Ultimate cost

Orisa deploys a device to increase damage inflicted by allies within her line of sight.


  • Orisa passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 3.36 seconds.
  • The device can be destroyed by enemies to end its duration early.
  • The device can be hacked by Sombra, which temporarily stops it from boosting anyone for 10 seconds.
  • The damage boost effect will stack with Ana's Nano Boost and Mercy's Damage Boost.
  • Enemy barriers break line of sight.



Orisa is an anchor tank, meaning her team will get more benefit when grouping and coordinating around her. Fusion Driver's cannon shell is a projectile; on one hand it has travel time, but on the other hand it has no damage falloff. This makes it useful against enemies at long range, provided the player can properly lead the shots if the enemy is moving. Her Protective Barrier is best used on choke points, and to suppress enemies. Orisa can use Halt! to pull enemies out of position, or coordinated with allies' abilities much like Zarya's ultimate Graviton Surge. Fortify has no downside (apart from whole hog); she can freely use it to increase her tanking power. Her Supercharger increases the damage output of her allies, but the device can be destroyed.


While Orisa has strong front-facing defense, she is weak to flankers who can get behind her due to her low mobility. Considering that her barrier is an unmovable object, and that her weapon can't attack multiple foes at close range, she is vulnerable when surrounded or being attacked from other angles. As she is a fairly large target, and her combined health with her barrier is less than Reinhardt's, she is vulnerable to being taken down by a heavy damage dealer, or a sniper who can pick at her from extreme range.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Fusion Driver: Orisa's primary weapon. It's an automatic weapon that fires projectiles with a high speed. It has a very large magazine, allowing her to spam the enemies' group. It has some slight spread, making it less effective against the target in extreme range. The downside of using this weapon is that it slows her movement speed while firing by half.
    • Since it is a projectile, Fusion Driver's bullets don't suffer from damage falloff, which is useful for attack targets in any range, though you will have to lead the targets to do so.
    • While it can spam bullets at the target, Orisa is very slow while firing. If she engages a group of enemies, retreating without return fire should be a better option.
    • Don't reload too frequently. Reloading Fusion Driver takes around 2.5 seconds, which will leave her vulnerable to enemy fire. Make use of all of her bullets before reload, or just reload when she's not facing the enemy.
    • The Fusion Driver can headshot, and since it doesn't suffer damage falloff, try to aim for the heads of your enemies if you can to quickly take them out.
  • Halt!: Orisa launchs a graviton ball that moves in a straight line. The ball will travel slowly for an unlimited distance until it hits a solid surface. She can re-activate the ability by pressing the same button again. After a short delay, it will slow all enemies around the orb and pull them to its centre before it disappears.
    • Halt! is essentially a pint-sized Graviton Surge. It can pull enemies away from cover or Health Packs, and if fired (and activated) in the right time and place, it can pull enemies to their death, for example, pulling them into Ilios' Well section's big hole.
    • The projectile flies through an enemy's barrier, but the pulling effect doesn't go through. For example, detonating Halt! in front of a Reinhardt's shield will have no effect, but if you let it pass through his shield and then detonate it, it will pull him, as well as any nearby allies, towards it.
    • Consider where and when to pull the enemies; Orisa's teammates might be able to combo their abilities for maximum effect.
  • Fortify: A personal effect ability, Fortify will provide Orisa with a 50% damage reduction over a period of four seconds, and block all hero abilities that would cause movement penalties.
    • The abilities that can be blocked are listed above in the 'abilities' section.
    • Fortify does not negate the effects of an enemy Ultimate on allies positioned behind Orisa, an Earthshatter and Graviton Surge will still affect friendlies.
    • Fortify is an extremely useful ability, whether used as an escape strategy or tanking mechanism it has many uses depending on the situation.
    • Generally has no downside, it can be countered well by Roadhog's Whole Hog. While it normally deals impressive damage output with a very strong knockback, Fortify negates the knockback effect which caused him to greatly approach her and aiming on the head (especially when trying to fire back). It is not advisable to use the ability on any strong attack that applies knockback effect.
  • Protective Barrier: Orisa shoot will a slow arcing projectile that turns into a barrier when hitting a surface. Cooldown starts after throwing the projectile; not after the barrier is depleted.
    • If her barrier recharges before the cooldown of the previous barrier is over, launching a second barrier will make the first one disappear. Thus, it is not possible to have two barriers at once. It is, however, possible to throw the second barrier at the same spot of the first, effectively "refreshing" the previous barrier with full health and duration.
    • Don't always feel that you need to deploy a new barrier as soon as your cooldown wears off. However, if your existing barrier is low on health and your enemies aren't currently attacking, it may be wise to "refresh" your barrier so that it's fully healed when your enemies return.
    • The barrier doesn't disappear after Orisa dies.
    • Placing a Protective Barrier on a Payload can be quite effective in defending your team as they escort it or defend it from attackers. This synergizes excellently with a Bastion or Torbjorn turret if your team can adequately protect the flanks.
    • Protective Barrier can be attached on objects like basketballs, and the basketball or the object that holds the Barrier can be picked up by Symmetra's Photon Projector.[4]
  • Supercharger (Ultimate): Orisa's Ultimate ability. She deploys a device, called "The Drum", directly at her feet, which provides provide all allied characters in line of sight with a 50% damage boost, as long as they stay in range of the device and within line of sight. The device will last for a long time until it disappears or is destroyed by the enemies.
    • Supercharger is not a projectile ultimate, as it does not leave Orisa’s hands until placed, as such it cannot be absorbed by D.Va’s Defense Matrix.
    • The drum is a destructible item; with its health being only 200 and being stationary device, it is easily destroyed by focus fire from the enemy.
    • Try to place the Ultimate behind a corner or hero shield to provide some protection, however it still remains exposed to heroes that can deal long range damage like Pharah or Widowmaker. It can also succumb to shield piercing attacks like Symmetra’s alt fire and Reinhardt’s Fire Strike, and is weak to flankers like Tracer or Sombra.
    • Note that low walls that obscure more than 50% of the drum will block line of sight even if the top of the Drum is visible.
    • The Ultimate can be affected by Sombra’s EMP and will be inactive during the hack duration, however if the hack ends before Orisa’s Ultimate does, the Drum will reinitialize.
    • The Ultimate's damage boost will stack with Ana’s Nano-Boost and Mercy's Damage Boost providing a 130% total damage increase to the affected hero.
    • When activating your Supercharger, always try to deploy your Protective Barrier first. This will help increase the survivabilty of your Supercharger, while simultaneously protecting allies who choose to fight closer to it.
    • While you normally want to place your Supercharger far enough from the action that it won't be destroyed in the crossfire, you can often utilize the geography of the area to provide smart protection for your Supercharger. Simply place your Supercharger close to a wall (such as the interior of a capture point area) and deploy your Protective Barrier around the front of it so it's protected on all sides. While prolonged enemy fire can eventually destroy the barrier and your Supercharger, if enough teammates are fighting close to you when you deploy, you should have no difficulty wiping out or driving back the enemy team before they can destroy your Supercharger.

General strategies

  • Orisa is a hero that excels at creating openings in the enemy defense by using her Halt! ability to pull people out of position, or just pulling someone off of the map to kill them.
  • Orisa isn't a glass cannon like Bastion under Configuration: Sentry, she will have a much harder time when engaging multiple foes, especially when they are close.
  • Use Halt! to grab the enemy Reinhardt and make an opening for your team's Reinhardt to use his ultimate.
  • Use your Halt! ability to help catch characters such as Tracer and Genji so that your Roadhog can have an easier hook.
  • Stand in front of your Projected Barrier while Fortify is active to soak up some damage and keep the barrier up as long as possible. Just watch your health.
  • Protect your Supercharger with a Barrier and by bullet blocking with Fortify.
  • Use Fortify and body block characters like McCree while they use their ultimate.
  • Use your Halt! ability to take enemies off of the high ground.
  • To help out a Tracer get a multi kill with her Ultimate, launch Halt! and time the pull so that the stuck target gets pulled to their allies.
  • Use your Halt! ability to help your Roadhog hook important targets such as Mercy and Ana.
  • After a Graviton Surge is used on your team use Fortify and body block the damage for the entire duration.
  • Pulling an enemy into or out of a choke point will be a useful ability to master when using this hero.
  • Use Halt! to pull snipers and support out of a defensive position to bring them out in the open and easier to kill
  • If an ally is preparing to use an Ultimate ability, use Halt! to cluster the enemy team together to make them easier targets.
  • Upon activating Supercharger, the enemy team may attempt to flee; quickly follow up with Halt! to make sure they endure the full force of your team's attack.
  • When deploying your Protective Barrier, gradually place them further and further up so your team can gradually gain ground. Always try to fight from behind the barrier if you can; you have strong ranged firepower, and your barrier can compensate for your comparatively low health for a Tank hero.
  • Try not to activate Fortify while your Protective Barrier is active, as it can be used to absorb the brunt of the enemy's attack. Fortify is a good panic button to use when a Reinhardt is approaching with a charge, or a Roadhog activates his Ultimate, and shouldn't be used constantly but rather saved for emergencies or when your Protective Barrier is destroyed.
  • When deploying Supercharger, always try to deploy a Protective Barrier to keep it safe.
  • Halt! can be used to drag enemies into Junkrat's Concussion Mine.


"My name is Orisa. I will keep you safe. That is my primary function."

Orisa is a newly-created omnic[5] with both a heart and personality. Urged to become a hero by her creator, Efi Oladele, Orisa strives to right wrongs and act as the hero the world needs.[6] While her relative inexperience can make her an occasional liability, Efi's optimism and willingness to make modifications to Orisa's adaptive artificial intelligence have always been able to set things right. While Orisa has much to learn about the world and its functionality, Orisa stands ready to protect both Efi and Numbani with her growing sense of honor and duty.[2]

She is a fan of Lúcio's music. She does not dream in the manner that humans do.[7]


I made you to be strong and brave. You still have a lot to learn, and you'll probably mess up sometimes. But I know you'll become the hero we need.
~ Efi Oladele
Orisa protects the innocent

Orisa was created by Numbani local and child genius Efi Oladele from pieces of dismantled OR15 defense robots in the wake of Doomfist's attack on the Numbani airport. With the OR15 being initially created to protect Numbani from the many threats it faced, the aftermath of Doomfist's attack resulted in the decommissioning of the OR15 and a staggering drop in public confidence. Never giving up hope in the OR15s original purpose[6] and believing that Numbani needed a protector, Efi acquired one of the decommissioned bots for sale by the civil government using the bulk of her grant money received by the Adawe Foundation. Efi repaired and reconfigured the robot and installed a personality core she had designed herself. She then named her new creation Orisa.[2][8]


Name Icon Description Reward
Ability Orisa Supercharger.png Amplify 900 damage with a single use of Orisa's Supercharger in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Orisa Cute.png
Halt State
Ability Orisa Halt!.png Pull enemies into 1000 damage with a single use of Orisa's Halt! in Quick or Competitive Play. Spray Orisa Pixel.png


  • Orisa is Hero 24 and the third new hero added to the game.
  • In addition to referring to the OR15 model number, Orisa's name is likely a reference to the orisha, spirits reflecting one of the manifestations of the Supreme Divinity in the Yoruba religion, given Efi Oladele's Yoruba heritage.
  • Being only one month old, Orisa is the youngest hero in Overwatch.[2]
  • In January 2017, a 4chan user named "Blizzileaks" divulged alleged preliminary details about the 24th hero and the upcoming Lunar New Year event, indicating that the next hero, developed using the prototype name "Anchora," would be a quadrupedal omnic from Numbani with a West African accent, and would act as an "anchor tank" similar to Reinhardt.[9]
  • Community speculation concerning the 24th hero centered primarily around the long-requested Doomfist, stemming from a fan-initiated campaign for actor Terry Crews to voice the character.[10] However, in a post on the official Overwatch forums, game director Jeff Kaplan stated that "24 is not who you think it is."[11] Following this, fans turned to the then-unconfirmed January 2017 leak, speculating that the quadrupedal omnic may refer to one of the various spider-tank omnics depicted in the game's cinematics and concept art. During the 2017 D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas, Jeff Kaplan also displayed early pieces of concept art for Overwatch depicting Recluse, a humanoid female hero wearing a mechanical harness with four spider-like limbs, but specified that she was also "not the hero you think it is."[12]
  • Orisa was first teased to the public on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017, when Blizzard posted an in-universe interview with Efi Oladele on its blog. On February, 24th, the Overwatch official Twitter account posted an in-universe mock-news announcement about an attack at the Numbani airport. On February 27th, the Overwatch Twitter account posted a mock-post by Efi Oladele, where she teased her latest invention by showing off a list of components she needed to build Orisa. The character was finally revealed to be Orisa on March 2nd, 2017, with the release of a new origin story and developer update on the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel, along with adding her to the official roster of characters on its website. Orisa was released on the PTR on March 2nd, shortly after her announcement.
  • Orisa was released to the live game on all platforms on March 21, 2017.[13] Orisa was kept out of the competitive roster for one week after her general release.[14]
  • Orisa is the only hero in the game whose legs can be seen in first person view.
  • Orisa's in-house testing appearence was that of Gothic Zarya holding Bastion's minigun from Sentry Configuration.


  • While designing Orisa, the developers wanted to create an "anchor tank" — a character that the team is anchored by and bases its positioning around, such as behind Reinhardt's barrier shield ability. Additionally, they wanted to create a character with more ranged and mobile abilities.[6] Jeff Kaplan has stated that the inspiration to design Orisa as a female robot came from criticism that the game's female characters lacked the visually challenging uniqueness that the male characters exhibited.[6]





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