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Overwatch League logo.png

The Overwatch League is an esport league created by Blizzard Entertainment for professional Overwatch competition. It was announced on November 4, 2016 at BlizzCon 2016.

The preseason for Season 1 began on December 6, 2017 and ended on December 9, 2017.

The inaugural season began on January 10, 2018 and ended on June 16, 2018.

The Second season began on February 14, 2019 and will end on August 25, 2019.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Atlantic Division[edit | edit source]

Pacific Division[edit | edit source]

Prize Pool[edit | edit source]

The winning team earns USD $5 Million, divided by all the members of the team, and the Overwatch League trophy.

OWL Trophy.jpg

The Overwatch League Trophy

All-Star Weekend[edit | edit source]

All-start logo.png

The All-Star Weekend is a post-season event where the best players from the Atlantic and Pacific Divisions face off in a series of semi-competitive and fun gamemodes.

2018[edit | edit source]

Join us for the first-ever Overwatch League All-Star Game, Powered by Intel®.

The All-Star Weekend kicks off on Saturday, August 25, with a series of custom skill matches, and on Sunday, August 26, the Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars go head-to-head in the official All-Star Game.


Blizzard Arena

3000 W Alameda Ave

Burbank, CA 91523


Saturday, August 25 at 4 p.m. PDT

Sunday, August 26 at 11 a.m. PDT

Exhibition Matches[edit | edit source]

Lucioball Showdown 2018.png

Two teams of Lúcios battle to boop a huge ball into an even huger net.

The Atlantic and Pacific teams will compete in a 3v3 best-of-three series using standard

Lúcioball settings on the Busan Lúcioball Arena map. Each match will last five minutes. If

a match is tied at the end of five minutes, then the next goal wins.

  • Best-of-three series between Atlantic and Pacific divisions
  • Each map is five minutes long
  • Standard Lúcioball settings

Mystery Heroes 2018.png

Each time a player respawns, they are assigned a different random hero.

Atlantic will face Pacific in a Best-of-three series for honor and glory.

The Atlantic and Pacific teams will compete in a 6v6 Mystery Heroes game using standard

competitive settings in a best-of-three series on control maps Ilios, Lijiang Tower, and

Nepal. For Mystery Heroes, players will be assigned a random hero at the start of each

map, and a new random hero on each respawn.

  • Control maps only
  • Standard 6v6 Mystery Heroes settings

Widowmaker 1v1 2018.png

Top Widowmaker players from the Atlantic and Pacific divisions will compete in a

1v1 Headshots Only Elimination bracket.

The Atlantic and Pacific coaches will select their four best Widowmaker players for this

mini-tournament. The four players from each squad will compete head-to-head until

there’s one Atlantic and one Pacific champion. The two champions will face off in the final.

The winner for all matches prior to the final will be first player to reach five eliminations.

The final will be decided by the first to seven eliminations. Eliminations are headshot only,

and automatic firing will be disabled. There will be no capture points, but after 30 seconds

player locations will be visible to both players. A match will result in a draw after five

minutes. This mode will be played on Castillo (quarterfinals), Necropolis (semifinals), and

Ecopoint: Antartica (final).

  • Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches are first to five eliminations.
  • Finals are first to seven eliminations.

Talent Takedown 2018.png

Atlantic and Pacific Division coaches will draft teams of Overwatch League casters and analysts for a best-of-three series with standard

competitive game settings.

Prior to All-Star Weekend, the Atlantic and Pacific coaches will draft two teams of casters

and analysts. (Keep an eye on our social channels for draft results!) The two teams will

square off in a 6v6 best-of-three series using standard competitive settings. The first map

played will be King’s Row (hybrid). The team that loses the first map gets to select the

second map. If the series is tied 1-1, a game of Lúcioball will be the tiebreaker. If the

Lúcioball match is tied after five minutes, the next goal wins. Overwatch League players

will help call the game along with the casters and analysts not playing.

  • Players will help cast the match
  • Standard competitive game settings

Lockout Elimination 2018.png

The Atlantic Division will face the Pacific Division in a best of three Lockout Elimination series.

The Atlantic and Pacific teams will square off in this 6v6 competition using standard

lockout elimination settings. The winner will be determined in a best-of-three series.

The maps for this mode are Oasis University, Necropolis, and Castillo.

  • Lockout Elimination: players do not respawn until the next round begins; the first team to win three rounds wins the map
  • Atlantic and Pacific division coaches will draft each lineup
  • Standard 6v6 settings

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

To celebrate the All-Star Game, Blizzard revealed two new legendary Overwatch skins:

the 2018 Atlantic All-Star Tracer and the 2018 Pacific All-Star Genji. Both skins will be available for a limited time from August 17–27.

Each skin is redeemable for 200* Overwatch League Tokens. (*Reduced from the previously announced price of 300.)

All-Star 2018 skins preview.jpg

Cosmetics[edit | edit source]

Team Skins[edit | edit source]

Each hero has a themed skin for each Overwatch League team. Unlike the regular cosmetics in Overwatch which are unlockable through Loot Boxes, Overwatch League skins can be unlocked with League Tokens, a purchasable in-game currency. League Tokens can also be earned by watching League streams through the official site, Twitch, or MLG.com.[1]

Twitch exclusive items[edit | edit source]

Through a partnership with Twitch, the League offers unlockable skins and Twitch emotes through Cheering. Cheering is done through the Twitch chat with Twitch's purchasable items known as Bits. Cheering has individual unlock system where you can cheer bits and unlock skins, team and hero emotes. There is also universal goals for unlocking certain skins after the goalis met, they can be purchased claimed by cheering a certain amount of bits. All progress for these goals are viewable at the League's Twitch page.[2]

Skins[edit | edit source]

These are all the skins that can be unlocked without the All-Access Pass, and can be unlocked by simply cheering a certain amount of bits, either with or

without a universal unlock goal.

Hero Universal Unlock Goal Personal Unlock Goal Skin Preview Availabilty
Junkrat 25,000,000 50
Junkrat OWL Grey Preview.png
Tracer 40,000,000 100
Tracer OWL Grey Preview.png
Widowmaker 45,000,000 200
Widowmaker OWL Grey Preview.png
Hanzo 50,000,000 300
Hanzo OWL Grey Preview.png
Mercy None 1,300
OWL Gray Mercy Preview.png
Genji None 2,600
OWL Gray Genji Preview.png
D.Va None Unlock each team's emote (150 each)

Total: 1,800

OWL Gray D.Va Preview.png

Character Emotes[edit | edit source]

These are character emotes for Twitch that can be randomly be unlocked with a cheering of 100 bits

Emote Name Price Emote
OWLAna 100 Ana Twitch Emote.png
OWLBastion Bastion Twitch Emote.png
OWLDoomfist Doomfist Twitch Emote.png
OWLDVa D.Va Twitch Emote.png
OWLGenji Genji Twitch Emote.png
OWLHanzo Hanzo Twitch Emote.png
OWLJunkrat Junkrat Twitch Emote.png
OWLLucio Lucio Twitch Emote.png
OWLMcCree McCree Twitch Emote.png
OWLMei Mei Twitch Emote.png
OWLMercy Mercy Twitch Emote.png
OWLMoira Moira Twitch Emote.png
OWLOrisa Orisa Twitch Emote.png
OWLPharah Pharah Twitch Emote.png
OWLReaper Reaper Twitch Emote.png
OWLReinhardt Reinhardt Twitch Emotes.png
OWLRoadhog RoadHog Twitch Emote.png
OWLSoldier76 Soldier 76 Twitch Emote.png
OWLSombra Sombra Twitch Emote.png
OWLSymmetra Symmetra Twitch Emote.png
OWLTorbjorn Torbjorn Twitch Emote.png
OWLTracer Tracer Twitch Emote.png
OWLWidowmaker Widowmaker Twitch Emote.png
OWLWinston Winston Twitch Emote.png
OWLZarya Zarya Twitch Emote.png
OWLZenyatta Zenyatta Twitch Emote.png

Team Emotes[edit | edit source]

These are twitch emotes that show up when you cheer the amount shown below, these can only be seen when cheering.

An emote is unlocked when you cheer 150 or more to a specific team, this can be used after cheering.

Team (Permanent Emote)

150 Bits

1 Bit 100 Bits 1000 Bits 5000 Bits 10000 Bits
Boston Uprising Uprising 150 emote.png Uprising 1.gif Uprising 100.gif Uprising 1000.gif Uprising 5000.gif Uprising 10000.gif
Dallas Fuel Fuel 150 emote.png Fuel 1.gif Fuel 100.gif Fuel 1000.gif Fuel 5000.gif Fuel 10000.gif
Florida Mayhem Mayhem 150 emote.png Mayhem 1.gif Mayhem 100.gif Mayhem 1000.gif Mayhem 5000.gif Mayhem 10000.gif
Los Angeles Gladiators Gladiators 150 emote.png Gladiators 1.gif Gladiators 100.gif Gladiators 1000.gif Gladiators 5000.gif Gladiators 10000.gif
Houston Outlaws Outlaws 150 emote.png Outlaws 1.gif Outlaws 100.gif Outlaws 1000.gif Outlaws 5000.gif Outlaws 10000.gif
London Spitfire Spitfire 150 emote.png Spitfire 1.gif Spitfire 100.gif Spitfire 1000.gif Spitfire 5000.gif Spitfire 10000.gif
New York Excelsior Excelsior 150 emote.png Excelsior 1.gif Excelsior 100.gif Excelsior 1000.gif Excelsior 5000.gif Excelsior 10000.gif
Philadelphia Fusion Fusion 150 emote.png Fusion 1.gif Fusion 100.gif Fusion 1000.gif Fusion 5000.gif Fusion 10000.gif
Seoul Dynasty Dynasty 150 emote.png Dynasty 1.gif Dynasty 100.gif Dynasty 1000.gif Dynasty 5000.gif Dynasty 10000.gif
San Francisco Shock Shock 150 emote.png Shock 1.gif Shock 100.gif Shock 1000.gif Shock 5000.gif Shock 10000.gif
Shanghai Dragons Dragons 150 emote.png Dragons 1.gif Dragons 100.gif Dragons 1000.gif Dragons 5000.gif Dragons 10000.gif
Los Angeles Valiant Valiant 150 emote.png Valiant 1.gif Valiant 100.gif Valiant 1000.gif Valiant 5000.gif Valiant 10000.gif

Other Emotes[edit | edit source]

Unlock 5 emotes by cheering 250 bits or more! Cheer 500 bits or more and you’ll unlock the other 5 and trigger a shower of gifts for others in Chat.

Emote Name Price Emote
OWLgg 250



OWLcheers EmoteCheers.png
OWLteamkill EmoteTeamKill.png
OWLgetonpoint EmoteGetonPoint.png
OWLhammerdown EmoteHammerDown.png
OWLboop EmoteBoop.png
OWLnerfthis EmoteNerfThis.png
OWLitshighnoon EmoteIt'sHighNoon.png
OWLpotg EmotePOTG.png
OWLonfire EmoteOnFire.png

The Overwatch League All-Access Experience[edit | edit source]


The Overwatch League All-Access Experience can be attained through the $29.99 purchase (or $19.99 purchase with Twitch Prime) of an All Access Pass on Twitch.

Rewards Include:

Exclusive Command Center livestream[edit | edit source]

This game-changing stream shows you alternate camera angles, live stats, player POVs, and team facecams all on one multiviewer overlay. Try it for free until Stage 4.
~ Overwatch League

Exclusive Q&A Sessions[edit | edit source]

After Overwatch League match day broadcasts, enjoy an interactive player Q&A session by submitting your questions in Passholder-only chat. Selected questions will be answered by players live on the Command Center stream.
~ Overwatch League

Behind the Screens: Match analysis by players[edit | edit source]

Top players from each team will walk you through their thoughts on a match and explain what they did and why in an exclusive video every week, starting April 6th!
~ Overwatch League

Exclusive skins[edit | edit source]

OWL Gray McCree Preview.pngA preview of McCree's Overwatch League Gray Skin

OWL Gray Moira Preview.pngA preview of Moira's Overwatch League Gray Skin

OWL Gray Soldier 76 Preview.png A preview of Soldier: 76's Overwatch League Gray Skin

OWL Away Preview.jpg

A preview of Overwatch League Away skins which were made available May 16, 2018 at the start of the 4th stage of season 1 of the Overwatch League,

with the Overwatch League All-Access Pass. Remember you will get these specific skins.

Exclusive Emote[edit | edit source]

An exclusive Lúcio Legendary emote was revealed on July 14, 2018, along with at that time unreleased Overwatch League Gray skin. The emote was made available July 24, 2018

Lucio Legendary OWL All Access Pass emote.png

Exclusive Spray[edit | edit source]

OWL inaugral spray.png

Exclusive Player Icons[edit | edit source]

OWL inaugral player icon.png

Exclusive Twitch Emotes[edit | edit source]

Twitch Emote Name Character/Team Pictured Emote
OWLselfdestruct D.Va D.va Self Destruct Twitch Emote.png
OWLzzz Junkrat Junkrat Sleep Twitch Emote.png
OWLfireinthehole Rip-Tire Junkrat Rip-Tire Twitch Emote.png
OWLnice Tracer Tracer Thumbs Up Twitch Emote.png
OWLhugeres Mercy Mercy Huge Rez Twitch Emote.png
OWLheadshot Elimination Symbol Overwatch Elim Twitch Emote.png
OWLfireatwill Zarya Zarya Graviton Twitch Emote.png
OWLdragonblade Genji Genji Dragonblade Twitch Emote.png
OWLdiediedie Reaper Reaper Death Blossom Twitch Emote.png
OWLdeadeye McCree McCree Deadeye Twitch Emote.png
OWLgold Overwatch League Overwatch OWL Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLFLAg Florida Mayhem Overwatch Mayhem Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLGLAg Los Angeles Gladiators Overwatch Gladiators Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLHOUg Houston Outlaws Overwatch Outlaws Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLDALg Dallas Fuel Overwatch Fuel Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLLDNg London Spitfire Overwatch Spitfire Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLBOSg Boston Uprising Overwatch Uprising Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLSEOg Seoul Dynasty Overwatch Dynasty Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLPHIg Philadelphia Fusion Overwatch Fusion Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLNYEg New York Excelsior Overwatch Excelsior Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLSFSg San Francisco Shock Overwatch Shock Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLSHDg Shanghai Dragons Overwatch Dragons Gold Twitch Emote.png
OWLVALg Los Angeles Valiant Overwatch Valiant Gold Twitch Emote.png

Exclusive Twitch Badges[edit | edit source]

OWL twitch badge.png All Access Passholder

OWL inaugral twitch badge.png OWL Global Badge

Videos[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tracer appears as the silhouette for the logo, making this the second time she appears as an icon for Overwatch (the first being the cover to the game itself).
  • The Overwatch League logo is comparable in design to the logos of sports leagues such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

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References[edit | edit source]

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