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(There´s a Pachimari game called Pachimari Odyssey and ressembles pokemon a lot)
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== types of pachimari ==
== types of pachimari ==
=== standard pachimari ===
[[File:PI Pachimari.png|alt=original Pachimari|left|thumb]]
The standard and iconic variant of the Pachimari species, these magnificent creatures are often spotted taking shelter in UFO Catchers for a majority of their lifespan, until they are adopted by loving families. Pachimari are able to reincarnate into Yachemons after death, this process is not yet understood completely. Regular, healthy Pachimari behavior includes, squeaking, being in an almost constant state of happiness, and bouncing around when dropped.
==Films and Games==
==Films and Games==

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Pachimari is a fictional character. It is a creature that resembles a turnip with a smiling face and green tentacles. Pachimari appear in multiple forms of media including signs, plush dolls, UFO catchers, films, and on clothing.

types of pachimari

Films and Games



"Pachimummy" toy
  • Roadhog is frequently depicted stealing Pachimari plushes, implying that he has a liking for them. He has a UFO catcher filled with Pachimari in his barn on the outskirts of Junkertown.
    • Roadhog has an emote in which he pulls out a pachimari and admires it, confirming his interest in them.
  • The sounds that the Pachimari plushes make when hit were created by Justin DeCloedt using a squeaky toy and a baby rattle.[1]
  • Real life Pachimari plushes are available from Blizzard's Gear Store.
  • Pachimari were temporarily featured in an Overwatch-themed event in Heroes of the Storm.[2]
    • Pachimari also became themed sprays in Heroes of the Storm.
  • The creation of Pachimari came out of the need for toys in Hanamura's UFO catchers. It was designed by concept artist David Kang who was inspired by the Korean word for onion which sounds like "pa."[3]


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