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"Retribution Debrief – Reyes" was the first of the four videos published.

The Retribution Debriefs are four videos published by Blizzard Entertainment to the Overwatch social media accounts as part of its promotional campaign for the 2018 Overwatch Archives event, Overwatch Retribution. Each video is a debriefing of one of the playable characters—Gabriel Reyes, Jesse McCree, Genji Shimada, and Moira O'Deorain—in which they express their thoughts on the Venice Incident, the subject of Retribution. The videos are framed as being "decrypted" from the Overwatch files and are chronologically set after Retribution, which takes place eight years before the Overwatch Recall.

Reyes[edit | edit source]

"Retribution Debrief – Reyes" was published on April 6, 2018 with Reyes' statement on the incident: "We followed the original plan and infiltrated the manor. From there, I evaluated the situation and made my decision. And I stand by it. When you're on operation, things don't always go according to plan."

McCree[edit | edit source]

"Retribution Debrief – McCree" was published on April 8, 2018 with McCree's statement on the incident: "Everything was going according to plan. We were going to get in, grab the target, then get out. But then all hell breaks loose. It was like the whole damn city was trying to kill us."

Genji[edit | edit source]

"Retribution Debrief – Genji" was published on April 25, 2018 with Genji's statement on the incident: "We were supposed to get in and out, unseen and undetected. Commander Reyes changed the plan. Survival became our primary concern."

Moira[edit | edit source]

"Retribution Debrief – Moira" was published on April 28, 2018 with Moira's statement on the incident: "It felt like they had an entire army after us. The situation was highly dangerous, but the Commander made the tough decisions, kept us on mission, and we got the job done."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the other three, Moira did not characterize the mission as going off-plan. On the contrary, she seemed to characterize the team as having stayed on course and characterize the mission as a success. However, it is reiterated multiple times through the event and its related materials that the goal was to take the target Antonio in alive and that the team failed this.[1][2][3]
  • As Reaper's official biography lists his age as "unknown",[4] the Reyes debriefing is the first statement of the character's age.

References[edit | edit source]

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