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Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ability Quote Audio
Chain Hook *laughter*
Come here. ▶️
Get down. ▶️
(when used on Pharah, Mercy or Echo) Grounded. ▶️
Here little piggy. ▶️
Squeal for me. ▶️
I'm gonna make you squeal. ▶️
Whole Hog *maniacal laughter* ▶️

Chatter[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected I'm a one-man apocalypse. ▶️
During Set Up I'm in no rush. ▶️
Fired up! ▶️
What are you looking at? ▶️
Stay out of my way. ▶️
Why are we here?
Respawn Roadhog rides again. ▶️
Back for more. ▶️
Rollin' out. ▶️
Pick Up Health Pack Ah. Better.
On Fire *laugh* Yeah! ▶️
I'm burning rubber. ▶️
I'm on fire! ▶️
Damage Boosted Oh goodie. ▶️
Discord Orb Received No way! ▶️
Voted Epic (5 Votes) Easy. ▶️
*laughs* Now that's more like it! ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) I'm a prime specimen. ▶️
Only thing you can count on in this broken world. ▶️
Enemy Resurrection

Call-Outs[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change Roadhog time. ▶️
Sniper Sighted Sniper. ▶️
Enemy Sighted I see them.
Turret Sighted Enemy turret here. ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Find that damn teleporter!
Find their teleporter. ▶️
Where’s the teleporter? ▶️
Teleporter Sighted Found their teleporter. ▶️
Ally Damaged
Enemy Ultimate Get down!
Nanoboosted I am unstoppable! ▶️
Come over here! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) We're gonna win. ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) We're losing. Attack! ▶️
Out of time. Attack! ▶️

Mission-Specific[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense) You're in my house. Get out! ▶️
Point Being Captured (Defense) They're taking the point. ▶️
Capturing Point I'm taking the point. ▶️
Point is mine, property of Roadhog. ▶️
I'm attacking! ▶️
Point Lost Get on the attack -- now! ▶️
Payload Stuck Why’s the payload stopped? ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) Payload moving out. ▶️
Payload Moving.
Payload Moving (Defense) Stop the payload. ▶️
Stop that payload. ▶️
Stop them. ▶️

Eliminations[edit | edit source]

Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow (vs Bastion or Zenyatta or Orisa) Scrap 'em! ▶️
Sit down! ▶️
Hurts so good. ▶️
No pain, no gain. ▶️
(vs Junkrat) I'm tired of hearing your voice. ▶️
(vs Junkrat) Finally... quiet.
(vs Junkrat) Peace and quiet. ▶️
(vs Reaper or Soldier 76) Nice mask. ▶️
Solo Elimination I need my space.
Kill Streak
Turret Elimination Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Go on, ask me what the other one says. ▶️
It says left. ▶️
Witness Elimination (Friendly Junkrat eliminates enemy) About time you did something useful. ▶️
(Junkrat is eliminated) Someone finally shut him up. ▶️
Less work for me. ▶️
*Laughter* YEAH!
Revenge I'm the one who gets even. ▶️
Team Kill The enemy team's down. ▶️

Communication[edit | edit source]

Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hey. ▶️
Hi. ▶️
Thank Thanks. ▶️
Thank you. ▶️
Acknowledge Okay.
Need Healing Need healing. ▶️
Bleeding like a stuck pig! ▶️
(to Torbjorn) Gimme armor!
(to Zarya) Need shields.
(to Zarya) (Quieter) Need shields.
Group Up Group up with me. ▶️
Join me. ▶️
(to ally) With you.
Group up.
Group up here.
Ultimate Status (100%) (to ally) My ultimate is ready. Come on! ▶️
Ready to go Whole Hog! ▶️
Ultimate ready. ▶️

Voice Lines[edit | edit source]

Availability Quote Audio
Default Welcome to the apocalypse. ▶️
25Credits Like takin' candy from a baby. ▶️
Got something to say? ▶️
Ha ha ha!
Hook, line, and sinker! ▶️
Life is pain, so is death. *laughs* ▶️
Piece of cake. ▶️
Push off. ▶️
Say "bacon" one more time. ▶️
Violence is usually the answer. ▶️
We're all animals. ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits What's mine, is mine. ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 75Credits There's no "I" in team.
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Want some candy? ▶️
Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 75Credits Boo!
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Ho ho ho ho ho! ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 75Credits I have your present right here.
Lunar New Year (2017) Exclusive 25Credits You chicken? ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 75Credits It's all gone to the dogs.
Overwatch Archives (2017) Exclusive 25Credits I've killed for less than that.
She'll be right.
Overwatch Archives (2018) Exclusive 75Credits You wanna scrap with me?
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits I'm going hog wild!
I don't like talkers.
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 75Credits That's my business and business is good.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Hero Quote Audio
  • Junkrat: You hook 'em, I'll cook 'em.
  • Roadhog: ...Shut up.

▶️ ▶️

  • Roadhog: Hey. Stay out of trouble.
  • Junkrat: I'll be on me best behavior.

▶️ ▶️

  • Roadhog: Try and stay out of trouble for once.
  • Junkrat: I'll be on me best behavior.

▶️ ▶️

  • Junkrat: You won't believe the joke ol' pig face over there told me the other day. Roadhog?
  • Roadhog: Do you ever shut up?

▶️ ▶️

  • Roadhog: I'll hook 'em!
  • Junkrat: And I'll cook 'em!


  • Roadhog: Don't blow it.
  • Junkrat: When have I ever... Er, don't answer that.
  • McCree: I heard there's a nice reward for bringing you fellas in.
  • Roadhog: Try me.
  • Roadhog: I saw you at Calaveras.
  • Sombra: They let you in there? Well... I guess no one was going to stop you.

Map-Specific[edit | edit source]

Map Quote Audio
Ilios or Oasis or Nepal Mm... Pretty place. Be a shame to have to kill someone here. ▶️
King's Row God save the King. ▶️
(to Junkrat) Pretty sure they're still mad about those jewels we stole. *sigh* I miss that crown.


Dorado Now I know why they call this place Dorado. *laughs*


Route 66 If I wanted to go to the wop wops, I could have stayed at home. ▶️
Junkertown (Defense) What a dump.
(Defense) Only other place I can get some decent Chinese food.
(Attack) Time to pay off the Queen. Aw, this is not a good plan.
(Attack) Home, sweet home.
(Attack) Home is where your hook is.
  • Junkrat: You know, I never would have taken you for someone with such a homely home.
  • Roadhog: If you don't like it, stay in your room.
  • Roadhog: Keep your stuff off the table.
  • Junkrat: I'm hurt! I am nothing if not a courteous house guest.
  • Junkrat: The Queen sure seems to have an interest in me. Suppose she fancies me? Heh. I'd hate to break her heart!
  • Roadhog: Hahahahaha! *cough* You're dreamin'.

Skin-Specific[edit | edit source]

Skin Quote Audio
Mako or Sharkbait (Chain Hook) Anchors away! ▶️
(Chain Hook) Goin Fishin'! ▶️
(During setup) Meehehe, ARRRR!... matey. ▶️
Junkenstein's Monster (Respawning) I'm alive! ▶️
(Chain Hook) Come closer. ▶️

Datamined[edit | edit source]

Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

Trigger Quote Audio
Whole Hog

(Before Official Release)

Eat This! ▶️
Unknown Ooo, they stocked up again.


Idiot. ▶️
I'm always saving your skin. ▶️
Someday I'm just gonna leave you. ▶️
Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth. ▶️
Aw, that's no fun. ▶️
A reward fit for a king. ▶️
Whatever you say. ▶️
Shiny. ▶️
Thanks for noticin' me.
Hmmm. I don't like that sign.
No job too big, no score too small. ▶️
So much drama goin' on in the LBC, it's kinda hard bein Road H-O single G. ▶️

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Roadhog's Chain Hook quote "Come 'ere!" is pronounced in a very similar manner to the same quote of Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series when he uses his kunai (hand spear).
  • The quote "Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth." is borrowed from famous boxer Mike Tyson.
  • The quote "So much drama goin' on in the LBC, it's kinda hard bein Road H-O single G." is a reference to the song "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg.
  • "It says left. Go on, ask me what the other one says." is a reference to how the rings on his left hand spell 'left'. His right hand, however, wears just a spiked glove.
  • "No job too big, no score too small." is the 'personal creed' of Junkrat and Roadhog.[1]
  • The quote "say bacon one more time" Is possibly a reference to Pulp Fiction where Samuel L Jackson holds a man at gunpoint while citing his famous line "Say 'what' one more time!".
  • "Thanks for noticin' me." is a reference to a famous line said by the Winnie The Pooh character, Eeyore.
  • The quote "That's my business and business is good" a reference to a song by Megadeth "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!", which was also the title track to their 1985 debut album.
  • The quote "Eat this!" is possibly a reference to the 1997 movie Spawn when Michael Jai White almost kills a homeless man after he was about to hit a child for spitting out rotten food
  • In the French version, the line "Got something to say?" is transformed in "Tu veux ma photo, banane ?" ("Do you want a picture of me, moron?"), a reference to what Biff Tannen says to Marty McFly in the French dub of Back to the Future, when Marty is watching Biff talking with George McFly ("What are you looking at, butthead?" in the original film).

References[edit | edit source]