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Oh, look at this angelic face. An island of perfection in this sea of misery.
~ Symmetra's reflections upon meeting Rosa


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rosa is a young girl living in Rio de Janeiro.

Story[edit | edit source]

Rosa lived with her mother in one of the slums of Rio. As the Vishkar Corporation and Calado engaged in a bidding war for the right to re-develop the neighborhood, the favela's residents protested against the proposal. In the midst of one of these protests, Rosa encountered Satya Vaswani, a Vishkar operative who'd found herself lost in the crowd. Rosa guided her out of the area.

That night, the Calado building was destroyed in an explosion. The building collapsed on an angle, crashing into the favela. Rosa was caught under some debris, but was rescued by Vaswani and handed over to her mother. However, her face had been severely burnt by the fire.

Months later, the mayor of Rio addressed the favela's citizens as a new city center was opened, Vishkar having won the contract. Rosa was among the audience, her face still heavily disfigured.[1]

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