Sainclair Pharmaceuticals

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Times are tough, but the real problem is that Sainclair Pharmaceuticals keeps ratcheting up their prices. We could barely afford their medications before, but now it’s almost impossible. It’s criminal. We’ve even seen folks come in with complicationsbecause they’re taking counterfeit pills, and who knows what’s in those? But when your choices are suffering without medication or taking a chance on something that might help you...
~ Roseline Mondésir
Sainclair Pharmaceuticals

Vernand Sainclair
Port-de-Paix, Haiti
Pharmaceutical company

Sainclair Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company owned by Vernand Sainclair.

History[edit | edit source]

Sainclair Pharmaceuticals was the supplier for every medical institution in Haiti. However, it kept ratcheting up its places, which made it hard for doctors to purchase medical supplies. This forced some of the country's people to turn to taking counterfeit pills, which could lead to complications.

After Jean-Baptiste Augustin saved Sainclair from an attempted assassination attempt, he agreed to supply every clinic in the country for free in exchange for a plane ticket out of town.[1]

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