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|Get down with Sigma tonight! Lekker stroopwafel.
|Get down with Sigma tonight! Lekker stroopwafel.
''(English; yummy stroopwafel)''
''(English; Yummy stroopwafel.)''
* A [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroopwafel stroopwafel] is a Dutch confection consisting of two thin waffles with caramel syrup in between them.
[[Category: Quotations]]
[[Category: Quotations]]

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Ability Audio
Experimental Barrier Activating the barrier!
Barrier in place!
Creating a barrier.
Observe the barrier!
Experimental Barrier Recalled Back to me!
Retrieving the barrier!
To me!
Experimental Barrier Low Barrier integrity failing!
Barrier is about to break!
Barrier is fracturing!
Barrier is under attack!
Barrier is under heavy fire!
Barrier is unstable!
Barrier won't hold together!
Experimental Barrier Destroyed Barrier experiment failed!
Barrier is out of existence!
My barrier is destroyed!
The barrier no longer exists!
Kinetic Grasp Give me a moment to think!
(Absorbing Hanzo's ultimate) The dragon has been consumed.
(Absorbing McCree's ultimate) Draw.
(Absorbing Mei's ultimate) I felt a chill.
(Absorbing Pharah's ultimate) Justice embraces me.
(Absorbing Tracer's ultimate) Not fast enough.
(Absorbing Zarya's ultimate) The harness has been harnessed./Gravity is shackled.
Accretion Impact!
What an impact!
Wholly predictable.
Gravitic Flux Het universum zingt voor mij! (self and hostile)

(English: The universe sings for me!)

What is that melody? (friendly)
Gravitic Flux Eliminations And they all fall down!
No one escapes gravity!
To dust, you shall return!


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected There is no obligation for the universe to make sense to you.
During Set Up A lovely day for field research.
*Distracted humming* Oh. I see. *Clears throat*
Double... triple... quadruple check your math!
Soon we will see if the hypotheses are correct.
We need a moment to ensure all our equations are correct.
Match Start Begin the experiment.
Let's test these hypotheses.
Respawn An unexpected but not unwelcome development.
Huh. Haven't we done this before?
If only the answers were simple.
No, that wasn't right at all.
Stardust to stardust.
That music... it's playing again.
The breakthrough was near. I could feel it.
The equations were correct... The problem must lie elsewhere.
The universe is a fascinating place, isn't it?
The universe is magnificent, isn't it?
What is that melody?
Pick Up Health Pack A marked improvement.
Condition restored.
Feeling much better.
Much better.
Stukken beter.

(English: Much better.)

On Fire Everything is falling into place!
I'm on fire!
Not to be academic, but I believe one would call this 'being on fire'.
Damage Boosted The universe flows through me.
What a curious feeling.
What is this power?
Nano Boosted It cannot be stopped!
With power, such possibilities!
Discord Orb Received / Hacked Nee, dat klopt niet helemaal!

(English: No, that's not quite right!)

No, no, no!
This does not compute!

(English: Darn it!)

Voted Epic (5 Votes) It seems we have a consensus.
Simple arithmetic.
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) My theories are confirmed.
Peer reviewed.
Enemy Resurrection Impossible... an enemy returns!
Resurrected A scientific miracle!
Ah, where was I?


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change
Sniper Sighted Evidence suggests a sniper ahead.
Enemy Sighted Enemies in our orbit.
Turret Sighted Enemy turret ahead.
Enemy Has a Teleporter
Teleporter Sighted
Ally Damaged Behind you!
Enemy Ultimate
Time Running Out (Defense) If we continue upon this trajectory, a less than satisfying outcome is a certainty.
Time Running Out (Attack) Haha! A breakthrough is near! Just keep it together. Keep it together... keep it together... keep it together...
This may yield a positive outcome, we must hurry!


Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense)
Point Being Captured (Defense)
Capturing Point Claiming the objective.
On the objective. Gather at this position.
The objective must be taken.
Point Lost
Payload Stuck A payload in motion stays in motion, whereas a payload at rest stays at rest.
Hm, an interesting question. How to make the payload move once again?
The payload must move, or... no, no! It will move. It will.
Escorting Payload (Attack) A payload in motion stays in motion.
A payload in motion stays in motion... excepting a number of circumstances, of course.
Ah, the payload moves in accordance.
The payload moves towards its predicted outcome.
The payload progresses. Excellent, excellent.
Payload Moving (Defense)
Flag Taken


Flag acquired!
Transporting the flag.
Flag Taken


Flag Captured


In principle and execution.
Theory in practice.
Flag Captured


Flag Returned
Dropping the Flag
Flag Dropped


Flag Dropped



Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow Entity terminated.
It's just so simple!
Like Newton and the apple.
Surely there is a more elegant solution.
The mysteries of the universe are known to me now.
The theories are correct!
(vs Mei) You're just a scientist.
(vs Winston) Give Dr. Winston my regards.
(vs Zarya) The Tobelsteins' work remains flawed. Tragic.
Solo Elimination An elementary application.
I'd rather not.
Like the impression of a dying star.
The universe is magnificent, isn't it?
What is this violence?
Kill Streak Ah! The results are reproducible!
Haha! A welcome recurrence.
Haha! I'm sensing a pattern!
The experiment produces consistent results. We should continue.
Multikill Even de lakens uitdelen!

(English: Calling the shots for now!)

The data pool increases.
Turret Elimination Enemy turret theory disproven.
Teleporter Elimination
Melee Final Blow Back!
I'd rather not.
Oh, pardon?
That's it.
Witness Elimination (Moira) A pleasure to see a colleague at work.
Team Kill


Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hallo.
Oh, hello.
Thank Ah, bedankt.

(English: Ah, thank you.)


(English: Thanks.)

Thank you.
Acknowledge Acknowledged.

(Facing Objective)

Defend the objective.
Don't let them touch the objective.
Keep them from the objective.
Onto the objective.
Take the objective.
To succeed, the objective must be taken.

(Facing Payload)

Aid the payload on its trajectory.
Bring the payload to a stop!
Halt the payload's momentum!
The payload must move.
We must halt the payload's momentum.

(Facing Flag)

Capture the enemy flag!
Defend the flag!
Do not let the flag fall into their hands!
Protect our flag!
Take the enemy flag!
Need Healing I require healing!
Need healing!
Need healing.
Group Up Assemble at this location!
Assemble at this location.
Group up here!
Group up here.
Group Up

(Facing Ally)

Following your lead.
I'll coordinate with you.
I'm with you.
Ultimate Status (0-90%) Gravitic Flux isn't quite ready yet.
I'm sensing the start of a Gravitic Flux.
My ultimate is charging.
Ultimate Status (91-99%) Almost time for a Gravitic Flux.
Ultimate is almost ready.
Ultimate Status (100%) A Gravitic Flux is upon us!
The experiment is ready. Time for a Gravitic Flux!

Voice Lines

Interactions Have Not Been Added Yet! Please Stay Tuned

Availability Quote Audio
Default I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.
Hero Quote Audio


Map Quote Audio
Horizon Lunar Colony I never thought I'd be back here. It's beautiful... and cold.
Horizon Lunar Colony (Telescope) By looking far out into space, we are also looking far back into time, back toward the horizon of the universe.
Beyond the edge of the world there's a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard.
The stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching us.
Busan (Karaoke) Get down with Sigma tonight! Lekker stroopwafel.

(English; Yummy stroopwafel.)


  • A stroopwafel is a Dutch confection consisting of two thin waffles with caramel syrup in between them.