Sigma Origin Story/Transcript

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Sigma: Gravity... Gravity is a harness. My entire career has been devoted to this idea... to, this moment. Decades! If the unifying theories are correct, we will soon be able to harness the power of a black hole. Nothing will ever be the same! Why?! This is wrong! The field is failing-AHHH! W-What happened? W-Where am I? Why am I being imprisoned? Release me! What is that melody? Hold it together, h-hold it- hold it together, hold it together! Density... mass... momentum... It is too- It's too much to hold on to. I will bring you a new understanding of the uni- Violence! The universe is singing to me!!! What is that melody?!?! Freedom... Imprisonment... It's all an illusion.

Gravity is a harness. I have harnessed the harness.