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Skins are cosmetics that modify the appearance of the player's heroes, changing their outfit or color scheme. There are skins of every rarity, with the Common skin being the default, Rare skins being simple recolors, Epic skins being more advanced recolors and sometimes simple outfit changes, and Legendary skins being complete outfit changes and sometimes including alternate Ultimate call outs or extra voice lines. Most skins can be unlocked by opening loot boxes or buying them with credits, but some skins have special prerequisites or must be unlocked out-of-game.

There are 363 skins obtained from normal loot boxes in-game.

There are 211 skins which cannot be obtained from normal loot boxes:

  • 1 is unlocked as a preorder bonus: Noire (Widowmaker).
  • 5 are unlocked by attending BlizzCon or purchasing the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket:
    • BlizzCon 2016: BlizzCon 2016 (Bastion).
    • BlizzCon 2017: BlizzCon 2017 (Winston).
    • BlizzCon 2018: Demon Hunter (Sombra).
    • BlizzCon 2019: Illidan (Genji) and Tryrande (Symmetra).
  • Since Summer Games 2019, WEEKLY CHALLENGES are introduced every time there's an event. You have to at least win 9 games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade to unlock sprays, player icons, and striking skins. Each week brings new rewards to earn! There is always 3 weeks for 3 different skins. They can not be unlocked by loot boxes or bought.
  • 5 Blizzard skins are unlocked by purchasing the Origins Edition:
Origins Edition skins
Bastion Skin Overgrown.png
Overgrown (Bation)
Overgrown (Bation)
Tracer Skin Slipstream.png
Slipstream (Tracer)
Pharah Skin Security Chief.png
Security Chief (Pharah)
Security Chief (Pharah)
Reaper Skin Blackwatch Reyes.png
Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)
S76 Skin Strike Commander Morrison.png
Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
Strike-Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
  • 37 summer games skins can be unlocked from Summer Games loot boxes or while the event's still happening buy them with coins. The skins are: Cabana (Ana), Tropical (Baptiste), Feskarn (Brigitte), Tre Kronor (Brigitte), Karate (Doomfist), Taegeukgi (D.Va), Waveracer (, Surf's up (Echo), Nihon (Genji), Kendoka (Genji), Wave (Hanzo), Beachrat (Junkrat), Cricket (Junkrat), Seleção (Lúcio), Striker (Lúcio), American (McCree), Lifeguard (McCree), Eidgenossin (Mercy), Winged Victory (Mercy), Lifeguard (Pharah), Biker (Reaper), Gridironhardt (Reinhardt), Lacrosse (Roadhog), Grillmaster: 76 (Soldier 76), Mexicana (Sombra), Tulum (Sombra), Tre Kronor (Torbjörn), Surf 'N' Splash (Torbjörn), Sprinter (Tracer), Track and Field (Tracer), Tricolore (Widowmaker), Côte d' Azur (Widowmaker) , Catcher (Winston), Lúcioball (Wrecking Ball), Champion (Zarya), Weightlifter (Zarya) and Fastball (Zenyatta). For the Weekly Challenges 2019. Week 1 : American (Reaper). Week 2 : Zhongguo (Mei). Week 3 : Bundesadler (Reinhardt).Challenges 2020, Week 1 : Union Jack (Tracer). Week 2 : Sand Castle (Bastion). Week 3 : Ice Cream (Orisa).
  • 35 can be unlocked from Halloween loot boxes: Ghoul (Ana), Corsair (Ana), Pharaoh (Ana), Warlock (Ashe), Tombstone (Bastion), Swamp Monster (Doomfist), Demon (Hanzo), Dr. Junkenstein (Junkrat), Gorgon (Lúcio), Undead (McCree), Van Helsing (McCree), Pumpkin (Mei), Jiangshi (Mei), Witch (Mercy), Banshee (Moira), Demon (Orisa) , Possessed (Pharah), Enchanted Armor (Pharah), Pumpkin (Reaper), Dracula (Reaper), Coldhardt (Reinhardt), Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog), Immortal (Soldier: 76), Slasher:76 (Soldier 76), Vampire (Symmetra), Dragon (Symmetra), Bride (Sombra), Viking (Torbjorn), Will-O'-Wisp (Tracer), Spider (Widowmaker), Scorpion (Widowmaker), Jack-O'-Lantern (Wrecking Ball), Totally 80's (Zarya), Skullyatta (Zenyatta) and Cultist (Zenyatta). For the Weekly Challenges 2019. Week 1 : Inferno (Junkrat). Week 2 : Vampire (Baptiste). Week 3 : the BlizzCon 2018 exclusive skin: Demon Hunter (Sombra). For the weekly challenges 2020. Week 1: Fantasma (Sombra). Week 2 : Stone (Brigitte). Week 3 : Ragdoll (Echo).
  • 33 can be unlocked from Winter loot boxes: Snow Owl (Ana), Winter (Ashe), Gift Wrap (Bastion), Avalanche (Bastion), Jötuun (Doomfist), Casual (Hanzo), Krampus (Junkrat), Andes (Lúcio), Snowfox (Lúcio), Scrooge (McCree), Mountain Man (McCree), Mei-rry (Mei), Sugar Plum Fairy (Mercy), Frostbite (Pharah), Shiver (Reaper) Rat King (Reaper), Festive (Reinhardt), Rudolph (Roadhog), Ice Fisherman (Roadhog), Rime (Sigma), Alpine: 76 (Soldier: 76), Peppermint (Sombra), Rime (Sombra), Figure Skater (Symmetra), Santaclad (Torbjörn), Jingle (Tracer), Biathlon (Widowmaker), Yeti (Winston), Frosted (Zarya), Snowboarder (Zarya) and Nutcracker (Zenyatta).For the Weekly Challenges 2019. Week 1 : Ugly Sweater (Soldier: 76). Week 2 : Holly (Moira). Week 3 : Snow Angel (Mercy).
  • 31 can be unlocked from Lunar New Year loot boxes: Tal (Ana), Rooster (Bastion), General (Brigitte), Opera (Brigitte), Palanquin (D.Va), Baihu (Genji), Huang Zhong (Hanzo), Firework (Junkrat), Samul Nori (Lúcio), Magistrate (McCree), Chang'e (Mei), Luna (Mei), Fortune (Mercy), Zhuque (Mercy), Mask Dancer (Moira), Sanye (Orisa), Qinglong (Pharah), Lü Bü (Reaper) ,Wujing (Reinhardt), Guan Yu (Reinhardt), Bajie (Roadhog), Face Changer (Sombra), Qipao (Symmetra), Zhang Fei (Torbjörn), Rose (Tracer), Hong Gildong (Tracer), Black Lily (Widowmaker), Wukong (Winston), Xuanwu (Zarya), Sanzang (Zenyatta) and Zhuge Liang (Zenyatta).For the Weekly Challenges 2020. Week 1 : Monk (Doomfist). Week 2 : Ancient Bronze (Winston). Week 3 : Paper Cutting ( Wrecking Ball).
  • 32 can be unlocked from Archives loot boxes: Sniper (Ana), Socialite (Ashe), Talon (Baptiste), Null Sector (Bastion), Gwishin (Bastion), Talon (Doomfist), Blackwatch (Genji), Scion (Hanzo), Circus (Junkrat), King Jamison ( Junkrat), Equalizer (Lúcio), Blackwatch (McCree), Deadlock (McCree), Pajamei (Mei), Combat Medic Ziegler (Mercy), Blackwatch (Moira), Scientist (Moira), Null Sector (Orisa), Aviator (Pharah), Soldier: 24 (Reaper), Lieutenant Wilhelm (Reinhardt), Milita (Roadhog), Formal: 76 (Soldier: 76), Talon (Sombra), , Chief Engineer Lindholm (Torbjörn), Ironclad (Torbjörn), Cadet Oxton (Tracer), Talon (Widowmaker), Specimen 28 (Winston), High Roller (Wrecking Ball), Racer (Zarya) and Workout (Zarya).For the Weekly Challenges 2020. Week 1 : Holi (Symmetra). Week 2 : Rustclad (Torbjörn). Week 3 : Bear (Mei).
  • 38 can be unlocked from Anniversary loot boxes: Little Red (Ashe), Dune Buggy (Bastion), Stealth (Bastion), Shieldmaiden (Brigitte), Riot Police (Brigitte), Midnight (D.Va), Cruiser (D.Va), Academy (, Carbon Fiber (Doomfist) Formal (Doomfist), Sentai (Genji), Cyberninja (Hanzo), Bilgerat (Junkrat), Bitrate (Lúcio), Jazzy (Lúcio), Sherlock (McCree), Beekeeper (Mei), Honeydew (Mei), Dragoon (Mercy), Forest Spirit (Orisa), Carbon Fiber (Pharah), Bedouin (Pharah), Orbital (Pharah), Masquerade (Reaper), Toxic (Roadhog), Venom (Soldier: 76), Cyborg: 76 (Soldier: 76), Oro (Sombra), Magician (Symmetra), Oasis (Symmetra), Cybjörn (Torbjörn), Lightning (Tracer), Graffiti (Tracer), Electric (Widowmaker), Gargoyle (Winston), Submarine (Wrecking Ball), Cyberian (Zarya) and Huitzilopochtli (Zenyatta) .For the Weekly Challenges 2020. Week 1 : Carbon Fiber (Sigma). Week 2 : Fleur de Lis (Widowmaker). Week 3 : Masked Man (Mccree).
  • Some Mini-events appears at random times between events, the system is based on Weekly Challenges, and the skins are usually related on cinematics or short stories. There are 9 exclusives skins : Nano (, Bastet (Ana), Combat Medic (Baptiste), Brick (Bastion), Dr. Ziegler (Mercy), Mardi Gras (Ashe), Maestro (Sigma), Comic Book (Tracer), and Marammat (Symmetra).
  • Overwatch League has introduced a total of 1483 skins in the game so far, buyable with Overwatch League tokens.
    • Overwatch League's special skins are created for All-Stars, MVP players, and for the winners of last season. They cost 200 tokens and can be bought for only a limited time. As of January 2021, there are 11 skins: 2018 Pacific All-Stars (Genji), 2018 Atlantic All-Stars (Tracer), 2019 Pacific All-Stars (Lúcio), 2019 Atlantic All-Stars (Mercy), 2020 Pacific All-Stars (, 2020 Atlantic All-Stars (Reinhardt), Zen-Nakji (Zenyatta), Flying Ace (Winston), Goat (Brigitte), Thunder (Doomfist), and Alien (Zarya).
    • 192 skins are no longer available for purchase, because Florida Mayhem, Los Angeles Valiant and San Francisco Shock changed their team colors.

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