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Voice lines

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Updated with up-to-date totals (please correct if I was wrong).
'''Voice lines''' are Common [[cosmetics]] which allow [[heroes]] to say special quotes. Players can trigger their hero's voice line through the [[communication wheel]].
Each Hero can be equipped with up to 4 different Voice-lines from the Hero Gallery on the Main Menu, and each hero has 1 default "Heroic" Voice line.
There are a total of 318 non-default voice lines in the game. 90 of them can only be unlocked under special conditions:
*22 can be unlocked in [[Summer Games]] loot boxes.
*22 can be unlocked in [[Halloween Terror]] loot boxes.
*23 can be unlocked in [[Winter Wonderland]] loot boxes.
*23 can be unlocked in [[Year of the Rooster]] loot boxes.
A list of each hero's Voice lines can be found on each hero's [[:Category:Quotations|Quotes]] page.