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Rise and Shine/Transcript

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Mei is stunned, unable to believe that Overwatch didn't rescue them. After storing the data on a USB stick, she learns that Overwatch is gone-disbanded by the Petras Act. She realizes out that her team hasn't woken up yet, so goes to check on them to find that they are all dead. After falling into a seated position and crying for a time, she looks at the USB stick in her hand and wonders aloud that with 9 years worth of research data she could save millions of lives. She makes a promise to her dead friends that she will bring their work to the world. Or rather, she'll try.
Mei soon realizes this will be easier said than done-the satellite dish is broken, the supply truck is full of snow, the standby helicopter's main rotor has a snapped blade, and although she contemplates journeying into the Antarctic on foot she backs away. She states that she can't do it alone and she wishes her friends were still there, before Snowball brings her a cup of coffee. She thanks the robot as there is a small power drainfluctuation, and she decides to find out a way of extending the powerlife supplyof the station's lifepower supply batteries. As she clears a screen's data she realizes that a message has beenis sentbroadcasting on the Overwatch Emergency Frequency, although the signal is weak. She thinks this ismight be a rescue message but she has to climb and reinforce the radio tower to know for certain.
Using various parts found around the Ecopoint she constructs a prototype Endothermic Blaster,. butJust beforeas she cansuccessfully getcompletes ita workingendothermic forreaction certaintest but before she has finished the system, the power dies completely; she realizes to her growing horror that in her excitement over the message, she completely forgot about saving power. There are no more batteries left either. Without power the station will eventually become an icy tomb, and neither can she finish the blaster: either way means death. As Mei tries to think of a way to restore power-just enough power for her to finishwork the blasterstation-Snowball plugs into athe room's charging port and drains it's own energybatteries so Mei can finish the prototype. After thanking Snowball, Mei climbs the tower using her blaster to create ice to climb up. Halfway up a part of the tower breaks off and a tank on the side explodes, sending it toppling over. Mei freezes the tower to the ice wall with her blaster and finishing climbing as it turns dark.
Using an improvised aerial and her laptop, Mei manages to locate the signal to find it is Winston recalling Overwatch agents to active duty. He asks if she is with him as she looks up at a set of northernthe lights-likeaurora wavesaustralis in the night sky, and she says "Yes Winston. I'm with you." After leaving aeach cupdeceased ofteam coffeemember's onmug eachfull of fresh coffee at the remainingfoot of their cryopods (as a funeral) Mei sets out into the Antarctic with a set of improvised gear-including a solar recharge port for Snowball. Sometimes after setting out from the Ecopoint, Snowball wakes up and Mei tells it "Rise and shine, Snowball. We're on our way!"