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Rise and Shine/Transcript

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Rise and Shine is an Animated Short by Blizzard Entertainment that details [[Mei]]'s backstory. It was uploaded to YouTube on the 23rd August 2017.
It begins with Mei explaining in a video log that she and her friends are still stuck in an ice storm. Their resupply delivery window was missed because of it, are running low on rations and so [[Opara]] decided they're going to "hibernate" in the hope of rescue coming. SheThe man in question hands Mei one last drink and reminds her they're an hour behind schedule. Mei is also going to leave the sensors online so she has a new dataset to work with when she wakes up, and signs off when Opara calls for her.
It is only when [[Ecopoint: Antarctica]] receives a message coming through on a weak signal that Mei is woken up by her cryopod to deal with it. She wakes up [[Snowball]] from the room's charging port and says to her friends "Rise and shine, sleepyheads.". After brushing her teeth (blowing a mischievous Snowball away with a hairdryer) and putting a kettle on for the team's coffee, she examines the dataset to find the anomalies on the surface are much worse than her team predicted. When she receives more and more data, she asks Snowball how long the team has been asleep, and is given the answer of 9 years.