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Steve Igwe


Stevie Igwe is a young boy and resident of Numbani.

At his school, Stevie was captain of the debate team and was "a devil's advocate on every issue that could possibly cause offense to someone, somewhere." He and Sibe Oye were perpetually at odds, and their antipathy was well known among their fellow students. When Sibe ran to be president of the student council, Stevie heckled her every step of the way, particuarly on the suggestion that the school hold a special appreciation day for its omnic staff members. Stevie hated the idea, and claimed that the omnic staff members were already a liability and could not be trusted, and that at any moment, the school could break out into a miniature Omnic Crisis.

Despite this, the two ended up becoming a couple...for two hours. The breakup involved a lot of screaming on Sibe's part.[1]

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