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Voice Actor[edit source]

I'd put money on the English VA being Shohreh Aghdashloo. She starred in House season 7 episode 23 episode "Moving On" as patient "Afsoun Hamidi", and her voice sounds nearly identical to Ana's.

Sleep darts on turrets[edit source]

For the sake of consistency, if we're going to mention that sleep darts don't work on Torbjörn's turrets, shouldn't the article also mention Symmetra's? (Or does the sleep dart work on Symmetra's? I'll admit I never tried that) Talysalankil (talk) 13:29, 13 April 2017 (UTC)

i'd expect the sleep dart's 5 damages to destroy a Symmetra's turret which only have 1 point of health - just a guy lurking on the wiki User : Fatalhermit

New French VA[edit source]

Ana's french VA was changed with the 1,14, so could you add to her list of Voice Actors Marie Vincent (pre-1,14)?

Damage Nerf[edit source]

you're missing the patch notes for her damage nerf from march 20th.

Not a clue how to properly add it so im gonna leave it for the experts. 21:41, 31 October 2017 (UTC)

Damage buff in November 2017 is also missing.

Rate of Fire[edit source]

Her regular firing interval is 0.8 seconds(1.25 shot/sec), and for Quickscoping her scope-in&out time needs to be added, resulting in 1.41 seconds firing interval (0.7092 shot/sec)

Tick Damage[edit source]

Her regular fire deals damage in 4 ticks per dart. The damage distribution of these ticks appears to be 12.75%, 38.25%, 38.50%, 10.50%, which gives damage amounts of 8.925, 26.775, 26.95 and 7.35, respectively. The displayed health is always rounded up.

Ult Casting Time[edit source]

Any info about that is missing