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Hanzo is a Defense Character now[edit source]

I'm new to the page so sorry if this isn't your format, but on other pages it was best to get prior approval for big changes like this. So I wanted to point out that Hanzo has been officially changed to be a Defense hero, as pointed out by redditer /u/AlphaFR (here) and seen in a Gamescon 2015 video of the Dev team playing Overwatch (link available but apparently Youtube is blacklisted) Alphalance (talk) 19:05, 9 August 2015 (UTC)

Reworked projectile speed is incorrect[edit source]

Hanzo's new projectile speed is 130 m/s, not 100 m/s.

- Are you sure about that? The patch notes specifically said it was increased from 85 to 100, I doubt they use different measurements for projectile speed other than m/s. Besides, Lucio 2.0's PS was increased from 40 to 50, and it is listed at 50 meters per second - Scarrken

Dragonstrike Damage is incorrect[edit source]

Dragonstrike is currently listed as dealing 300 dps, though I know that it once said 200 dps. Not sure when or why it changed, but I know for a fact that it is 200 dps.

- Reverted! - Scarrken

It was changed because it is incorrect.

I put the correct values in based on an extensive reddit analysis, as well as some other tidbits. It is linked in the page. I should've checked before reverting it, but now it's fine so whatever. --Scarrken (talk) 23:07, 8 June 2018 (UTC)

Hanzo's Storm Bow Charge Time[edit source]

For maximum damage (125) Hanzo needs to charge his shot for 0.7 seconds, not 0.5. I tested this using macros, and charging for 0.5 seconds won't even do enough damage to kill a 200 HP hero with a headshot. The minimum damage can be done by releasing the fire button immediately, and I feel like that should be mentioned as well.