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Phrasing in Strategy: "Orisa's primary fire has travel time and is programmed like a projectile, meaning it is not subject to damage falloff. "

Orisa doesn't but projectiles can absolutely have falloff damage see: Mei.


Currently, there is no damage falloff for Orisa's Fusion Driver. It can finish the 200-drone within 17 shots like closer range even if I stay far away for 55 meters. The damage test in all ranges (50m+, 75m+ with Pharah and 100m+), nothing change as it stills does 12 damage per hit. So it doesn't suffer to damage falloff like Mei's.


That wasn't the point. The phrasing is wrong, it implies it has no falloff because it is a projectile. Projectiles aren't "programmed" to have no falloff. Just get rid of meaning. Also the general sentence structure has grown more and more awkward.

So whatever you want to help us; so you can do. I'm not a professional in English, as it isn't my native language, but I want to improve this wiki. We are talking about constructive content which everyone can accept to help us. I know that you want a right detail, correct sentences and everything should be perfect. However, we don't have much free time to do it ourselves. Whatever looks awkward will be fixed once some editor who use English as their native-language or are well in it have a free time to do. You can feel free to help or to guide what is a wrong detail or false information, you can point it here or directly edit the page.

Reload speed[edit source]

Fusion Cannon's reload speed is still the same as when she had 200 bullets instead of 150? I think that the change resulted in a shorter reload time compared to when she had 200 in her Cannon. TheGamer765 (talk) 23:21, 15 March 2017 (UTC)


Yes, they haven't changed reload speed or anything. She will reload within 2.5 seconds as the same, nothing change from 150 magazine size.

Suggestion for a possible change and reporting a typo[edit source]

A line in general strategies section reads like this "*Protect your Supercharger with a Barrier and by bullet blocking with Fortify." I assume it should say 'by body blocking' instead of "by bullet blocking"

Also on the last line in strategies section it suggest to use fortify when "... a Roadhog activates his Ultimate ...". Which is most often than not a horrible idea since you will not be pushed back by Whole Hogs knockback, which will most likely than not lead to your death as Roadhog closes the distance and shreds you(Whole hog deals 5000 damage total, Fortify gives you ~800 effective health when fully healed, you will not survive - even with a healer). I would either remove the roadhog advice, or change to where it also suggests for the Orisa to turn around and retreat(with fortify) instead of fighting the Hog/doing any shooting in general

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