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Standing[edit source]

Can we change their standing from being "disbanded" to "reinstated and criminalized"? It's no longer disbanded. Winston reinstated Overwatch at the end of Recall and their return has been alluded to several times. Granted, we don't know who all are members besides Winston and Tracer (and Athena), but Genji, McCree, Mercy, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt were among the agents recalled and I think it should be noted. - Strangethoughts1 (talk)

That's fair. I think we didn't because Winston attempting to start it up again doesn't necessarily mean he succeeded, but it seems likely that at least Genji and Tracer have returned. I haven't been following Overwatch news for a while so I don't know what a good source would be. Do you know of any in-world news articles etc. that refer to Overwatch being active? - Fuzzlepuzzle (talk)
Overwatch is Back: Uncertainty and Hope after UN Confirms Vigilante Activity. This article is the big one, released at the same time of the game, confirming that yes, Overwatch has indeed been reinstated. Outside of that, it's been alluded to several times. Such as an in-game interaction between Winston and Soldier: 76, the former saying "Someone's going to put a stop to your illegal activities." and the latter saying "You're one to talk! You and your friends are breaking the law, same as me.". Genji also mentioned that the "world is changing once again" in Dragons, though that's a little more vague it seems like a good allusion. Also, Doomfist is mentioned to want to exact revenge on Overwatch for imprisoning him. The only real problem is that we don't know who all are members, because it's been taking forever for Blizzard to actually tell the story of Overwatch and we've barely scratched the beginning of the current events, but it's safe to say that Overwatch is no longer disbanded, technically speaking. -Strangethoughts1 (talk)
Hmm, that article is just in-universe speculation. I'll leave off a citation for now, then. It'd be nice if we could eventually get a clear-cut source, but as you say, Blizzard's slow-moving with current events. :) - Fuzzlepuzzle (talk)
Just wondering, should we note on the character profiles of the recalled agents that say "Overwatch (formerly)" with an asterisk or something that sort, and highlight that they were part of the recall? While we don't know if they accepted or not, I'd like it if it were noted that they were contacted and are potentially members once again. Also, I believe Winston and Tracer are confirmed official members of Overwatch so we should remove the "formerly" tag from them. Besides them, the other members that were recalled are Genji, McCree, Mercy, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt. - Strangethoughts1 (talk)
Tracer and Winston sure, but the others seem to be doing their own thing.--Hawki (talk) 07:10, 20 July 2017 (UTC)
Well, the details a scarce and I think it's being left vague as to whether they did rejoin. They could have, but are operating in different areas. We'll have to find out for sure later, but I don't see them just "doing their own thing" otherwise there wouldn't be a plot. I just would like to note they've been contacted by the recall. - Strangethoughts1 (talk)
Can we start noting the recall more now that it's finally playing a role in the story? Both Mei and Reinhardt answered it on top of Winston and Tracer, so at this point we can assume in the future that the crew will be assembled. I made a section stating "Recalled Members" with an asterisk for the confirmed four. Feel free to remove it if anyone thinks there's a better way, but I feel like the current way of referring to the agents of Overwatch as "former" is outdated, because Overwatch is back and it's becoming more apparent that they're going to be the center once the plot kicks off. I don't think they're "doing their own thing" because as I said there would be no plot. - Strangethoughts1 (talk)