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PTR shield generator measurements[edit source]

Here are the numbers I found for PTR Symmetra shield generator ult.

Shield Generator Distance: ~50m

Shield disappears ~5.5s after you exit the range of the generator.

Video code on YouTube for source: _Mjd98E7wLg (can't post link) — Preceding unsigned comment added by Sonicthenanobot (talkcontribs)

I reached the same conclusions exactly. I put the new PTR info in a hidden comment so anyone editing the source can drop the info in as soon as it goes live. —ProtonZero[talk] 05:53, 23 November 2016 (UTC)

Opinion about Match-ups[edit source]

I think that the Match-ups part needs a rework. For instance, she appears as strong against Sombra, and I disagree. My reason: Although she will never win a fight at close range against Symmetra, she is really a threat if she is prepared. Most of the time, before going in, Sombra will keep her Translocator in a safe point, and teleport there as soon as she detects a Sentry nest. After healing with a hacker health pack, she just need to get invisible to go behind them and destroy them from afar. Also, she is the best to find and destroy an unprotected teleporter/shield generator. (Actually, first time I play as Sombra with a Symmetra the other way, I get the destroy 3 TP achievement.) Also, she just needs to use a single ammo clip to destroy them, so it's quite fast. And without mentioning the fact her ultimate can be a threat to Symmetra. Honestly, a "fair" match up seems more suited. Also, I would say she is Strong against heroes like Zenyatta and 76. The simple reason is that she can at least force them to retreat if she uses her Photon Barrier while running at them (according to the fact their allies aren't around..). While at close range, she actually can force them to NOT retreat if you manage to place a Photon Barrier between you and them while attacking them with the Photon Projector. I edit nothing in the page, but I still make the suggestion...

Answer-1: Currently, there is some arguments about Sombra vs Symmetra as we rarely see this match-up. Sombra is strong against Symmetra's devices, not to Symmetra herself. Symmetra will mostly win over Sombra due to her auto-target and Sombra's weapon has very large spreading, so inaccurate. In case of destroying sentry nest, most heroes are the same; destroying them once survive from the nest. EMP is strong against Symmetra's shield and her devices, but we can't just use the ultimate to classify that one is weaker or stronger than another one. If Symmetra stills have an upper hand in direct combat against Sombra, so it is hard to say that Sombra actually does a fair or strong againt her. It is hard for both of them to kill each other, but since it is Sombra's disadvantage; so I will keep it as weak to Symmetra at the time until we can get more details about this match-up.

Answer-2: As long as Zenyatta and 76 can kite Symmetra from further range, there is no way for her to approach that easily. If she only win once approach to their close-range, just "Particular Win" doesn't mean that she is stronger in all terms. For example, if 76 just runs through her sentry nest; yes, she is stronger. BUT if... 76 is standing on high ground and attack her from further range, how will she respond to that? No... just Photon Barrier to buy time doesn't enough for her to be stronger and kill 76 over there. Keep in mind that Symmetra has low mobility like Zenyatta and unable to attack from longer range, her Energy Ball is easily evaded. Most heroes will retreat and return fire at the same time. Symmetra's Photon Barrier only moves forward in one direct way; unchangeable object. If 76 retreat to a side path while return fire, without Photon Barrier to protect you; he will beat you with good aiming. Much like how 76 falls over Mei at close-range, Mei always has a trouble when fighting at long-range due to her projectile delay, unlike him who has hitscan type which can kite Mei more effective. So for what your suggestion about 76 or Zenyatta being weaker is, denied.


no changes[edit source]

vs. Tracer - Definitely weak, a beyond weak matchup. Tracer is strongest at close range, sure, but she's no slouch mid-range either. There is absolutely nothing significant Symmetra can do versus a good Tracer. Tracer just sits outside of Symmetra's left click range and she wails at her with her bullets. Symmetra either sits there, takes it and dies, or she runs away. Tracer can clear turret nests by just double dashing past them, and clearing them easily. And even if she falls into a turret nest, she can just recall out of it and find another entrance to go through. Tracer's mobility also allows her to find and kill Symmetra's ultimates easily. The only thing Symmetra has on Tracer is the fact that she can Photon Barrier Tracer's ultimate.

vs. Mei - I would consider this weak for Symmetra. Unless Mei is damaged before the 1v1, Mei should win this. They both have a similar left click, but Mei can freeze Symmetra before Symmetra can kill her, and when she does, Symmetra just dies. There are a lot of wonky scenarios that can play out between players inexperienced with the matchup which skews this, however. If Mei preemptively Cryo-freezes in the middle of the fight, she might lose. Symmetra can just set up turrets at her feet and at that point Symmetra has a big advantage. Another scenario is if Mei places a wall before the fight starts. Symmetra can charge her left click on the wall, so a fully charged Symmetra should be able to win the straight up 1v1. However, at the same time, a Mei can place a wall near the two of them, but not blocking Mei's vision of Symmetra, and Symmetra's left click might swap targets from Mei to the wall, and at that point Mei has the advantage of completing the freeze and killing her. The last scenario I can think of is that Symmetra can Photon Barrier Mei's left click which will delay the freeze, and hopefully give Symmetra enough time to finish the kill. There is math to see what distance the barrier should be so it maximizes the block and maybe even reset the freeze build up, but I haven't done it and in my experience this varies. However, overall, a good Mei should beat a good Symmetra.

vs. Roadhog - At the very least a fair match-up, but I wouldn't be mad if you said it's strong. The only reason you think it's weak is because he can hook her, but she can Photon Barrier the hook very easily and at that point she just uses his body as an ult battery. If you jump around and avoid his left click, you should be able to get him very low, and if you force him to use his heal, then you've already gained at least 40-50% ult charge just from that fight. The only problem is that his hook comes up before your Photon Barrier does, so he can hook you again and get the kill, but at the same time it's a debate of whether or not gaining 50% ult charge for your death was worth it. And my answer is: yes.

Answer-1: I quite agree with that. In the high level play, Tracer is actually strong against Symmetra as long as she keep firing out of Symmetra's tracking range. Her mobility is far exceed than Symmetra, and Pulse Pistols can easily destroy the whole Sentry. Tracer can just run pass through the Sentry and fire upon get an outside of the attack range as well. Well, I might convince the one who created this article to talk about this later.

Answer-2: I also think about this match-up a little. With the slow of Mei's weapon, she can do an initial freeze on Symmetra to slow her down. Since being slowed at the start, Mei can continually freeze Symmetra until she is frozen, icicle and die. However, we can't just talk about the direct fight between each other, we should see all scenarios and how Mei can handle Symmetra in all skirmishes. Not being a flanker, Mei can't easily deal with her Sentry nest and Symmetra's devices like Tracer without being noticed, that is one of her major weakness. Mei's combo can kill Symmetra who has 200-health, but not 275 when there is a Shield Generator nearby. Shield-provided also proved to be very frustrated to Mei, since she will have a more difficult time to kill Symmetra's allies. Since she will have more difficult time than Tracer, to destroy all turrets, to destroy Symmetra's ultimate and kill hero with 275-health, we keep it as fair.

Answer-3: Direct fight between Roadhog and Symmetra is hard to be in Symmetra's favor for various reasons. Roadhog's effective range is close-range where Symmetra also excel. Even is without a Hook, Roadhog can withstand Symmetra's Photon Projector with ease. It depends on Roadhog's accuracy; but since in PTR (that's going to hit the main client soon), his Scrap Gun is even more powerful as it reduce the spread, fighting Symmetra isn't that hard. Unlike Tracer, Roadhog is much like Mei who isn't a flanker, he has a hard time to locate and destroy the device by himself. However, Sentry nest works less against his high health and his Scrap Gun can easily destroy a whole nest within some shots. While 275-health heroes will mostly survive from Roadhog's combo, but since they are badly wounded, combine with his high health and high firepower, he can fight in subsequent matches easier than Mei does her combo. At the high level, Symmetra can't do much against good Roadhog no matter his Hook is on cooldown or not, direct fight is rarely in her favor. That's so, we will keep it as strong against her in direct fight term, but not for device seeker.


Tracer - Tracer can harass Symmetra and go for her Teleporter, yes. But well-placed Turrets will heavily mess with her, making the matchup fair.

Sombra - I can see the argument for it being fair, but I still consider it to be in Symmetra's favor. If Symmetra places turrets around the Teleporter, Sombra can't take it out in one clip due to the turrets being in the way, and once the Symmetra is tipped off, she can usually make it back in time to kill Sombra before she can take out the Teleporter (and unlike D.Va, she can't withstand Symmetra's attacks until destroying the Teleporter). I say keep as is.

Roadhog - Roadhog can just waltz around the Photon Barrier. Turrets tickle him. Completely in his favor.

Mei - Like the matchup tips suggests, a smart Symmetra won't walk up to Mei and fight her, but rather lure her into a sentry nest where she's dogfood. Unlike, say, Tracer, Mei can't easily flank Symmetra or her turrets, and it's easy to predict her movement and path. Fight's even.

Soldier 76: At close range, Symmetra dominates. At long range, Photon Barrier easily blocks most of his fire. It's an even fight overall.

Zenyatta: If Symmetra closes the gap, she wins. But unless she can sneak up on him, Zenyatta can Discord her and pelt her to death. Fight's even.

Hikarigami (talk) 18:22, 28 February 2017 (UTC)

  • Lasts an extra 0.5 seconds on an enemy that is turning a corner or jumping as long as they are in disengage range.

Change to...

  • Lasts an extra 0.5 seconds on an enemy that is turning a corner, jumping, or behind a shield as long as they are in disengage range.