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Mercy ult on PTR[edit source]

Should we change the ability before it goes live? Or just wait?

Until it becomes live, anything on PTR shouldn't go onto the official pages (unless it's a new hero, in which everything should be written asap). Things could be tweaked last minute or not go live at all. --Gills97 (talk) 21:27, 24 August 2017 (UTC)

Edit: On second thought, since these are so drastic of changes, maybe they should be added? I am not sure. I think there are PTR pages for each character that we can add this info to.

== Reply and noticed an Tracers ult is incorrectly worded. Or rather missing a key part of info. Basically on this page it doesn't tell people the pulse bomb will kill her if she's in range. I clicked the like to missing there, seems that bit of info only exist below the main entry. I suggest moving the small bit of text into bother this page and then links entry to avoid confusion.

As to the question above, I have no say so about this website though I'd imagine it being a wiki, that you simply update patch by patch. It's tedious but last I heard the overwatch playerbase was around 25mill. For example i'm a player and i'm just an idiot in alabama who was studying up on ults and stuff. That being said sadly I didn't find all the answers I was looking for about the game here. I wasn't looking for tips or tricks but rather the base game information. Info on damage and on skins if they change hit boxes or not. Had to post on the blizard forms to get an answer gonna give it a few days before i Believe anything. Also couldn't find the base move speed for each charater in overwatch to see if some were naturally faster than others. Because I desided to make a hero pool of hero's without damage fall off. Right now I'm practicing zen ana and mercy due to that and I had to add zen and anna to the wiki's list after alot of research into the matter.