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Inner Council
Unknown, possibly Venice
Terrorist group

Talon is a terrorist organization.

Talon is comprised of a variety of individuals, each with their own goals and ideas.[1] Through its leader Doomfist,[1] its current manifesto is that humanity is made stronger through conflict. Consequently, Talon seeks to sow turmoil across the globe to strengthen the human race.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

The group's insignia

Talon was operating as early as the years following the end of the Omnic Crisis. At the time, Talon was facing internal power struggles, though was still committed to its goal of strengthening humanity through conflict.[2] Overwatch carried out operations against Talon, spearheaded by Gérard Lacroix.[3] In this early period, it gained a new recruit in the form of Akande Ogundimu, whose Darwinian philosophy aligned with Talon's. Talon saw great potential in Ogundimu, with his intelligence and ability to inspire as a commander. Ogundimu killed his mentor, Akinjide Adeyemi, and took on the moniker of Doomfist. As the new Doomfist, Ogundimu rose high in Talon and helped to orchestrate a conflict that the organization hoped would someday engulf the world. However, before their plan came to fruition, Ogundimu was defeated and captured by an Overwatch strike team.[2]

After Ogundimu's incarceration, Vialli began to steer Talon into a more profit-orientated direction.[4]

Assassinating Lacroix[edit | edit source]

Talon made several attempts to assassinate Gerard Lacroix, but failed. They settled on a different approach by kidnapping Lacroix's wife, and subjecting her to neural conditioning. Overwatch agents eventually recovered her, but she ended up killing her husband in his sleep two weeks later.[3] At some point afterwards, Overwatch launched an operation to rescue a number of scientists who had been kidnapped by Talon, held hostage in an urban area. The scientists were successfully extracted, with both sides losing agents in the firefight.[5]

The Train Job[edit | edit source]

Talon raids the hypertrain

At some point after Overwatch's disbandment, Talon operatives raided a hypertrain on its way to Houston. Jesse McCree, who was on the train at the time, noted that their method of insertion appeared to be taken from the tactics used by Blackwatch. Regardless, McCree eliminated every Talon operative that made its way onto the train, but dumped their target off the train so that Talon would get what they came for and stop putting civilian lives in danger.[6]

Recall[edit | edit source]

At some point afterwards, Talon operatives accompanied by Reaper entered Watchpoint: Gibraltar to retrieve a list of all Overwatch operatives. They encountered resistance from Winston, but were able to incapacitate him long enough for Reaper to gain access to the Overwatch agents database. However, Winston was able to overpower the operatives and defeat Reaper before proceeding to interrupt the hack. As a result of the failed operation, Winston initiated the Overwatch recall, bringing all former agents back onto active duty.[7]

Alive[edit | edit source]

A Talon aircraft

A few hours after the botched Gibraltar operation,[8] Talon had more success in King's Row, as Widowmaker was assigned to assassinate Shambali leader Tekhartha Mondatta. Despite running into resistance from security forces and Tracer, Widowmaker successfully eliminated her target. She was subsequently picked up in a Talon aircraft.[9] Talon's involvement remained unknown within the press.[10]

Ilios[edit | edit source]

Talon tried to steal artifacts unearthed in Ilios. Athena brought in Overwatch agents to protect the relics.[11]

Volskaya Industries[edit | edit source]

Vialli dispatched Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra to Volskaya Industries in an attempt to assassinate its CEO, Katya Volskaya, as he was tired of how intractable she was.[4] Sombra was able to deactivate the site's security, giving Reaper and Widowmaker access to the base. Widowmaker lined up her shot, but an alarm sounded, alerting security, and sending Katya to her panic room. Widowmaker and Reaper failed to take her out, and Sombra engaged in pursuit. She reached Katya, but made her own deal, revealing that she had been the one to set off the alarm. Leaving the safe room, she reported that Katya had escaped. The operatives returned to their ship.[12]

Doomfist's Return[edit | edit source]

We have a war to start.
~ Doomfist's declaration to the council.
Vialli's loyalists are eliminated

After the failed Russian operation,[4] Talon agent Reaper assaulted a maximum security prison to rescue Doomfist, a member of the Talon inner council and former mastermind of a plot to sow chaos across the globe that was cut short years before by Winston, Tracer, and Genji.[2] The relative ease of the operation led some to believe that Talon had moles within Helix Security International. It would be three months before news of the incident became public.[13] Doomfist's return wasn't greeted well by Vialli, who sent his men to assassinate him in Monaco. The attempted failed, and Doomfist, Sombra, Reaper, and Widowmaker, headed for Venice. The three agents eliminated Vialli's men, while Doomfist met with Vialli himself. Vialli's profit-orientated goals differed from Doomfist's Darwinian ideology, and Doomfist killed Vialli. Alongside Reaper, he met with what remained of Talon's inner council, declaring his intent to start a war.[4]

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Leadership[edit | edit source]

The inner council (some members absent)

Talon is overseen by an inner council of at least fifteen members,[4] of which six are currently known:

Agents[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Michael Chu has noted that from a story perspective, Talon can be considered to be the inverse of Overwatch. Like Overwatch, it is comprised of "soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities," albeit ones with opposing goals to Overwatch.[1]

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References[edit | edit source]

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