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| ability_details =
*Despite its description, Recall does not return Tracers ammo to what it was a few seconds earlier, but instead fully reloads her weapons.
*Despite its description, Recall does not return Tracer's ammo to what it was a few seconds earlier, but instead fully reloads her weapons.
*If Recalling to a position on a platform (or the payload) that has moved during the last few seconds, Tracer will not be Recalled to a position in the air, but instead she will be returned to the platform, wherever the platform is now.
*If Recalling to a position on a platform (or the payload) that has moved during the last few seconds, Tracer will not be Recalled to a position in the air, but instead she will be returned to the platform, wherever the platform is now.
*Recall also records where Tracer was looking three seconds prior.
*Recall also records where Tracer was looking three seconds prior.

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"Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!"

Real Name
Lena Oxton
United KingdomEnglish
Pilot (Formerly)
Overwatch Agent (Formerly)
London, England
Overwatch (formerly)
Emily (girlfriend)
Cara Theobold [1][2] (English)

Dorothee Pousseo (French)
Luisa Wietzorek (German)
Gea Riva (Italian)
Emiri Kato (Japanese)
Luiza Palomanes (Brazilian Portuguese)
Analiz Sanchez (American Spanish)
Ana de Castro (European Spanish)

Cosmetic page
Quotation page
Character Video

Tracer is an Offense hero in Overwatch.


Toting twin pulse pistols, energy-based time bombs, and rapid-fire banter, Tracer is able to "blink" through space and rewind her personal timeline as she battles to right wrongs the world over.


Pulse Pistols
Key mouse 1.png
Aim Type
Rapid fire hitscan
Tracer rapid-fires both of her pistols.
3 - 12 per shot
1.5 - 6 per bullet
Falloff range:
11 to 30 meters
Num. of pellets:
2 bullets per shot
Rate of fire:
20 shots per second
Ammo usage:
2 rounds per shot
Reload time:
1.25 second
Example Video

3 seconds per charge
9 seconds for all three charges
Tracer zips horizontally through space in the direction she’s moving, and reappears several yards away. She stores up to three charges of the blink ability and generates more every few seconds.
Max. range:
7.5 meters
3 charges
3 seconds per charge
9 seconds for all three charges
  • For practical purposes, Blink can be considered a burst of movement, similar to Genji's Swift Strike.
    • Tracer will be caught by Junkrat's Steel Trap if she attempts to Blink over it, and cannot Blink out of one that she has already triggered.
    • Tracer will activate Widow's Venom Mine if she Blinks past it.
  • Blink will not remove debuffs.
Example Video

12 seconds
Tracer bounds backward in time, returning her health, ammo and position on the map to precisely where they were a few seconds before.
Changed to the value
3 seconds earlier
(Unless lower than value before activating)
1.25 seconds rewinding
Rewinds 3 seconds back
12 seconds
  • Despite its description, Recall does not return Tracer's ammo to what it was a few seconds earlier, but instead fully reloads her weapons.
  • If Recalling to a position on a platform (or the payload) that has moved during the last few seconds, Tracer will not be Recalled to a position in the air, but instead she will be returned to the platform, wherever the platform is now.
  • Recall also records where Tracer was looking three seconds prior.
  • Tracer is immune to all damage during the 1.25 seconds.
Example Video

Pulse Bomb
1125 points
Ultimate Ability
Aim Type
Arcing projectile
(initial cast)
Area-of-effect (ability)
Tracer lobs a large bomb that adheres to any surface or unfortunate opponent it lands on. After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing high damage to all enemies within its blast radius.
400 explosion damage
5 impact damage
Area of effect:
3 meters radius
Casting time:
1 second fuse after stick
Ultimate cost:
1125 points
  • Tracer passively generates 1% Ult Charge every 2.50 seconds.
  • Tracer's Pulse Bomb does damage when stuck to someone and when it explodes
Example Video


Tracer is a close-range skirmishing hero who specializes in speed and single target damage. Her mobility and high single target damage makes her excellent at picking key targets with very low risk. Tracer can quickly traverse a map with the use of Blink to outflank her enemies, deal damage to them, and then retreat before they have a chance to respond. Her low base Health and lack of regenerating shields means that she must make good use of Blink and Recall to avoid or reverse damage.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Pulse Pistols: Tracer's primary weapon. Her primary fire rapidly shoots both pistols, dealing heavy damage. These pistols have a large cone of fire and heavy damage falloff, making them ineffective beyond short range engagements.
    • The shots from Pulse Pistols need to have a good aiming. The large spreading and very fast fire-rate mean that she has to get close to the enemy as much as possible to track their movement.
    • With the fast fire-rate, it is recommended not to stop mid-use even if it will recover the weapons's spreading. Try to land non-stop shots onto the enemy.
    • The fast fire-rate means that she has to quickly react upon a moment she has to stop her firing; such as when Genji activates Deflect or Zarya uses the Barrier.
  • Blink: Tracer's most important ability. Blink teleports Tracer a short distance in the direction she's currently moving. She can gather 3 charges as the maximum.
    • This allows Tracer to move unpredictably: she can Blink past an enemy to attack their back, or Blink to the side to dodge an enemy's attacks.
    • Multiple Blinks can be chained back-to-back, allowing Tracer to travel across gaps that normally can't be reached with just her jump
    • Blink stills has a limit, she needs to wait around 3 seconds to gain 1 charge for it. Use the Blink in combination with Recall and not waste all charges without backup plan.
  • Recall: When activated, Tracer will "rewind" to three seconds in the past, setting her health and position to whatever they were at that time, unless her health value is lower than it was before activating the ability. It will also reload her gun and remove all debuffs from her.
    • Recall is mainly used to restore Health, but it can also be useful for escaping: jump off a ledge, wait for an enemy to follow you, and then Recall back up the ledge.
    • Recall has a short animation that plays when activated, during which time Tracer is invulnerable and invisible.
  • Pulse Bomb (Ultimate): Tracer's Ultimate ability. When activated, Tracer tosses her bomb forwards a short distance. If it impacts an enemy, it will stick to that enemy. Otherwise, the bomb will stick to the first solid surface it lands on. After a short delay, the bomb explodes, dealing a heavy amount of damage to enemies in a small area around the bomb. Note that this explosion will also damage Tracer.
    • Pulse Bomb is devastating on clustered groups or static defenses like Bastion under Sentry mode.
    • A common ability combination to safely bomb a target is to use Blink to get in close, toss the bomb on them, and then Recall to get back out of danger.
    • Pulse Bomb synergizes very well with abilities such as Zarya's Graviton Surge. The combination of these ultimates will usually wipe out the majority of an enemies team and severely damage their tanks.
    • Avoid being killed from your own ultimate by activate Recall or Blink to escape from the blast.
    • Tracer's Pulse Bomb can eliminate a target just by being stuck if they're at extremely low health, though this is not an effective strategy.

General strategies

  • When playing Tracer, do your best to avoid fighting your opponents head on. Tracer can only deal good damage when close to her enemies, as opposed to other Assault heroes like Soldier: 76, and she lacks durability.
  • Take advantage of her speed to travel rapidly through side routes so that you can get behind your opponents before attacking.
  • Your top priorities should be support-heroes, her high mobility and powerful gunfire make her a very strong counter to most supports and defense heroes that have low mobility. If you manage to fight the dps-heroes, you have to Blink to their blind spot to fight or flank them from behind when they are unaware that you are coming.
  • Tracer mobility isn't unlimited; if she doesn't spare her Blink uses, she can put herself on the line.
  • Try to find single targets that are separated from their team and take them out. Be wary of diving into large groups to try and kill a target, unless you have Pulse Bomb ready, as a full enemy team can quickly turn and kill you before you can Recall or Blink to safety.
  • If you're starting to lose a fight and are low on Health, don't be afraid to retreat, as Tracer's speed can let her get to Health Packs well before her opponents can. This gives her an advantage in dueling single targets, as she can simply outlast them through good use of Recall and retreating to grab Health Packs before returning to battle.
  • Tracer is considered most effective in King of the Hill maps. Her horizontal mobility is unparalleled, making her ideal to flank enemy lines and to patrol flanks. Her lack of vertical mobility can be problematic on Payload or Control Point maps where other heroes can give Tracer a difficult time to traverse the map safely.
  • Her Pulse Bomb can also be very effective with heroes that have medium health pools that are in Zenyatta's Transcendence. You cannot kill the Zenyatta during Transcendence, but you can take out heroes with less than 400 health as Transcendence provides invulnerability only to Zenyatta, not the heroes around him.
  • Due to the slow travel time of her Pulse Bomb; throwing from some further range will likely not stick to any of the enemy and kill no one. Practice your aim and get close to the enemy with Blink as much as possible.
  • Keep in mind that Tracer has lowest base health of all heroes; just a headshot from some heroes can quickly kill her even.


"Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!"

The former Overwatch agent known as Tracer is a time-jumping adventurer and an irrepressible force for good.[3] She hails from London,[4] and has traveled all over the world.[5]

She was a great admirer of Tekhartha Mondatta,[6] and was inspired by Mei, an Overwatch scientist.[7]


The Slipstream

So, you want to hear my story. It all started a few years ago. Overwatch was looking for a hotshot pilot to test their next-generation teleporting fighter: The Slipstream. Enter: Lena Oxton (call sign: “Tracer”). [giggles] That’s me! It was the opportunity I had trained for my whole life. But on my first flight, the teleportion matrix malfunctioned; and I disappeared.
~ Tracer
Tracer by the Slipstream

Lena Oxton (call sign: "Tracer") was the youngest person ever inducted into Overwatch's experimental flight program. Known for her fearless piloting skills, she was handpicked to test the prototype of a teleporting fighter, the Slipstream. But during its first flight, the aircraft's teleportation matrix malfunctioned, and it disappeared. Lena was presumed dead.

Tracer, suffering from chronal disassociation

She reappeared months later, but her ordeal had greatly changed her: her molecules had been desynchronized from the flow of time. Suffering from "chronal disassociation," she was a living ghost, disappearing for hours and days at a time. Even for the brief moments she was present, she was unable to maintain physical form.[3] Sometimes she had strange dreams about the past, including being a kitchen maid at a large house in the country.[5]

Overwatch's doctors and scientists were stumped, and Tracer's case seemed hopeless until a scientist named Winston designed the chronal accelerator, a device capable of keeping Tracer anchored in the present. In addition, it gave Tracer the ability to control her own time, allowing her to speed it up and slow it down at will.[3] The effects of the accident also gave Tracer unique ageing properties.[8]


Sir, do you want to know why I stuck with this? Why I decided to leave the flight test program and begin training as an Overwatch agent? It's because I believed that if I could figure this out, I could be an asset. I could make this world a better place. I fought to survive, and I'm willing to fight for the world, too.
~ Tracer, to Jack Morrison
Cadet Lena Oxton

Seven years before the present day, after the incident, Tracer underwent training to become an Overwatch agent, and trained under the supervision of Winston and Dr. Ziegler at the Overwatch Headquarters' Training and Evaluation facility, where she sparred against Blackwatch agent Genji. Under supervision, Dr. Ziegler commented on how if no setbacks occurred, she was fit for active duty; a sentiment Winston agreed with. On the 27th day of the King's Row Uprising, Strike Commander Jack Morrison was impressed by Lena's skills with her chronal accelerator. Summoning her to his office, Morrison stated how he was impressed by her determination to stay with Overwatch despite her recent accident. Noticing images of London burning on a viewscreen in Jack's office, Lena commented on her belief in Overwatch's mission. After confiding in Lena his motivations in joining Overwatch, Jack dismissed Lena with the implied knowledge that he approved her request to be promoted to active duty.[9]

Lena Oxton then appeared at an Overwatch aircraft where Dr. Ziegler, Torbjörn, and Reinhardt Wilhelm were preparing to embark on an unsanctioned Overwatch mission authorized by Jack Morrision, who was moved by Lena's words to end the Kings Row Uprising in London. Ziegler told Lena how the team was invested in her career, and how Jack was fond of her. Reinhardt welcomed her to the team, and Torbjörn grudgingly referred to her arrival by saying, "look's like the cavalry's here." A phrase which Lena took a liking to.[9] The team fought their way through the streets, even as hordes of Null Sector omnics tried to bar their way.[10] Null Sector was defeated, but the events that transpired were classified within Overwatch's archives.[11]

Post Uprising

With her newfound skills, Tracer became one of Overwatch's most effective agents.[3] At some point she was stationed at Watchpoint: Gibraltar.[7]


Tracer in Numbani

Alongside Winston and Genji, Tracer battled Doomfist. Her agility and speed couldn't be matched by Doomfist, but her pulse pistols had little effect on the man, either being deflected by his gauntlet, or bouncing off some kind of shield. She was caught off-guard when Doomfist suddenly grabbed her chronal accelerator in mid-air and crushed it in his hand, causing Tracer to blink rapidly, and vanish. Following her disappearance, Winston became enraged and defeated Doomfist in a close quarters clash. Tracer's chronal accelerator was repaired or replaced sometime after.

The End of Overwatch

After Overwatch's dissolution, Tracer continued to right wrongs and fight the good fight wherever the opportunity presented itself. [3]


Winston? Is that you, love? It's been too long.
~ Tracer

Years after Overwatch's disbandment, Tracer was contacted by Winston as he issued a recall order for Overwatch agents. She commented that they'd been out of touch for too long; an assessment that Winston agreed with. Tracer was in East England at the time. [12]


Trying to crash another party, love?
~ Tracer
Tracer confronts Widowmaker

A few hours after her talk with Winston,[13] Tracer was present in King's Row, as Shambali leader Tekhartha Mondatta addressed a joint human-omnic crowd. She came to suspect there would be an assassination attempt, which would be correct and she confronted Widowmaker among the rooftops. The two carried out a run and gun battle, but despite her efforts, Widowmaker successfully assassinated the omnic. Enraged, Tracer tackled Widowmaker, demanding to know why she had done this. Chuckling, Widowmaker easily incapacitated her and departed in a Talon aircraft.[14]

Day at the Museum

You know, the world could always use more heroes.
~ Tracer
Tracer fights in Numbani

Widowmaker and Reaper attacked a museum dedicated to Overwatch, trying to steal Doomfist's gauntlet. Tracer fought them alongside Winston and the villains were forced to retreat. Tracer complimented two young boys that had helped her in the aftermath, commenting that the world could always use more heroes.[15]


During the winter holiday season, Tracer sought to pick up a gift for her girlfriend, Emily in King's Row. After blinking to numerous stores, Tracer was unable to find a gift owing to stores either being closed, or in one instance allowing another patron to keep a scarf that they were about to purchase. Ultimately, a small girl gave Tracer a gift and thanked her after she retrieved her family's stolen gifts from a thief earlier that night. Arriving home, Tracer gave the gift to Emily, which to her surprise was the scarf she sought to purchase earlier. Emily loved the gift, and the two kissed. Later, Tracer and Emily went to visit Winston for dinner at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, who was about to spend the holidays alone with Athena. Tracer then reminisced about the events of the past year, and had a good feeling about the next one.[16]

Blizzard World

I can't wait to get on some rides.
~ Tracer after seeing the ad
Tracer and company see a Blizzard World ad

Alongside Winston, Bastion, and Torbjörn, Tracer saw an ad for Blizzard World. Declaring that she couldn't wait to get on some of the rides, she zipped off.[17]


Name Icon Description Reward
Total Recall
Ability-tracer3.png Recover 400 health using Tracer's Recall without dying in Quick or Competitive play. Spray Tracer Pixel.png
Special Delivery
Ability-tracer4.png Stick 4 of Tracer's Pulse Bombs onto enemies in a single Quick or Competitive play game. Spray Tracer Cute.png


Tracer statue
  • Tracer is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm. Her visage can also be found on a color variant of Tychus's armor in the game. She was playable before the release of Overwatch itself.
  • A Tracer statue will go on sale at some point in the future.[18]
  • A Funko Pop Tracer figurine was released in June, 2016.[20]
  • A life-sized statue of Tracer is present on Blizzard's campus.[21]
  • A giant action figure of Tracer was displayed on the Hollywood Boulevard as part of the leadup to Overwatch's release.[22]
  • She is the first character to be confirmed as LGBT. Specifically, she is a lesbian.[23]
  • Tracer's signature line "Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!" was actually inspired by Torbjörn before her first mission during the King's Row Uprising.


The Jumper class

Tracer originated from the playable Jumper class in the cancelled Project Titan. During the initial pitch for the project that would become Overwatch, the Jumper was invisioned as wielding machine pistols and time bombs, and had the Blink and Recall abilities.[25] Most of the concept work on the Jumper was male. This signaled a shift in game design, as while the classes of Titan were player characters, the characters of Overwatch were intended to be distinct individuals. The Jumper was thus made female and given a backstory.[26]

Tracer conceptually began with the idea of a hero that blinked across the map.[27] She was one of the first three heroes developed for the game, alongside Reaper and Widowmaker.[28] According to Chris Metzen, Tracer "was one of the first characters we really got to know." While not created for a starring role, the development team warmed up to her. Metzen has likened her to Spider-Man.[29]

Currently, Tracer is the 'mascot character' of Overwatch,[30] and its centerpiece hero. She has been called the "Rosetta Stone" of the game. Her design used to include a jacket.[31]

Jeff Kaplan stated that the decision to announce Tracer as a lesbian in the holiday comic was considered carefully by the Blizzard team. Kaplan stated that the team wanted to portray Tracer's sexuality in a realistic and non-pandering way that was respectful of the character and tied into her story; not just "checking a checkbox on a list." Kaplan also stated how the team was aware of the negative backlash the announcement was bound to receive owing to Overwatch's global popularity, and how the subject was difficult to talk about and could bring up legal troubles in some countries. Russia banned the comic from appearing on Overwatch's Russian website in accordance with federal law.[32]





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