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There are things you cannot understand until you fly. Flight had opened new perspectives for all of us on the strike team. Lena had been a pilot, and Winston had even traveled from the moon in his spaceship. I remembered how astronauts would say that their entire view of life changed when they saw the earth from space. But none of them had flown like I had.
~ Angela Ziegler while using the Valkyrie suit
The Valkyrie suit

The Valkyrie swift-response suit is the personal armor of Dr. Angela Ziegler.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

The form-fitting suit was created by Ziegler while she was a member of Overwatch, as she sought to leverage her work for healing in frontline crises. The suit's armor components were crafted by Torbjörn Lindholm The suit remained in her possession even after leaving Overwatch.

The suit is equipped with biometric locks, a breastplate, a communications and scanning visor (its functions include the ability to monitor vital signs of other humans), a handheld scanning module (able to check for broken bones in a patient), biotic charges, and a propulsion system. Each component can be separated, making the suit easy to transport. It is quite heavy to wear, but also boosts Ziegler's strength.[1]

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